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Toll House Park, Annandale, VA.  (Photo is courtesy of the Annandale Chamber of Commerce photographic archive with all rights of use reserved.)Annandale is centrally situated at The Crossroads of Northern Virginia TM. Located only minutes from every major highway; it is the heart of Fairfax County.  Annandale’s prime location, just inside the Capital Beltway, and with a choice transportation network puts Annandale in a thriving key commercial corridor. Locating a business in Annandale provides a strong strategic advantage.

According to the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority, Greater Annandale is a family oriented community which offers a variety of home styles, convenient shopping, extensive parks and hiking trails, playgrounds, tennis courts, a Nature Center and the only Horticulture Center in the County along with a plethora of wonderful restaurants and schools.

Annandale’s history can be traced to 1685 when Col. William H. Fitzhugh purchased a tract of 24,000 acres known as Ravensworth. From that pre-Revolutionary time to now, Annandale has been known for her hospitality and celebration of diversity. Annandale has a proven rich past. Today the Chamber is working with businesses and developers to build an even stronger future.  

Annandale has more than 1.8 million square feet of office space, almost 2.4 million square feet of retail, and more than 91,000 square feet of industrial or flex real estate employing over forty thousand people. Greater Annandale (within a 5 mile radius of the village center) enjoys a population in excess of 342,076 residents and proven comFootpath at Green Spring Gardens, photo courtesy of the Fairfax County Park Authoritypetitive advantages that will help increase demand for office space.  First is reasonable pricing with an affordable commercial rental rate.  Second, is a location advantage with close proximity to both Washington and Tyson's Corner.  Third, are the improvements to Annandale’s infrastructure including streetscape enhancements. With the projected mixed use developments creating additional retail and dining options, office employees will be given an opportunity to live near their work.

For the past several years, the Annandale Chamber of Commerce, Annandale’s Revitalization Committee, Fairfax County, and the State of Virginia have been working with Annandale’s civic and business community to improve the area known as the Annandale Central Business District (CBD).  Tasteful entryway signs surrounded by seasonal plantings mark the boundaries of the Central Business District. Streetscape improvements to include stylish and functional benches, bus shelters, trash receptacles, and lighting, combine with colorful shrub and tree plantings to create a distinctive image for the CBD.    

Another enhancement is Annandale's Toll House Park, designed by the Fairfax County Park Authority.  Located prominently at the intersection of Annandale Road and Little River Turnpike, it is nestled in the heart of theThe Annandale Flag was developed by the Annandale Chamber of Commerce and the image is owned by the chamber.  If you are interested in using the Annandale Flag, write the Chamber for written permission. - photo by Pat Sawhney original business district. The park site is also near the location of one of the first toll houses along this early turnpike and the site of the Holiday Lighting Ceremony.  

A key element in the development of Annandale’s new image has been the creation of the Annandale Flag. Flown regularly in historic Cannon Park and displayed in numerous businesses, schools, and shops, it serves as a visible symbol of our identity. Since Annandale is not an incorporated township, government services are provided by Fairfax County.  Supervisors from the Mason and Braddock Districts represent Annandale on the County Board of Supervisors.

Annandale has a healthy and diverse business base, joined with strong consumer demographics and a high quality of life.  This all makes Annandale a rich investment. Service industries dominate the area’s businesses accounting for nearly 45% of the market.  Retail trade businesses are the second most prevalent industry type representing 24%.  Finance, insurance, and real estate businesses come in third at slightly over 15%.   Annandale, where excellent development opportunities exist,  promotes an urban concept to support her continued revitalization as a mixed use town center. Please see the Annandale Demonstration Project and other articles about Revitalization under the Community/Revitalization pull down on this website.

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