You Can Help Virginians with Intellectual Disabilities
Support KOVAR and help individuals in an independent living home right here in Annandale.

Richard Owen, President of the Annandale Knights of Columbus

In 1971, The Knights of Columbus in the Commonwealth of Virginia sought a means to accomplish the charitable goals  of the Order throughout Virginia.  The result was the forming of a corporation dedicated to providing financial support to organizations assisting Virginia citizens with intellectual disabilities, regardless of race, creed or ethnic background.  This organization was chartered as KOVAR.  The primary fund raising activity for KOVAR became solicitation of contributions at public facilities throughout Virginia by the individual Knights of Columbus and their Councils.  Using this and other approaches, the Virginia Knights have raised more than $12 million since 1971 for this expanding program of charitable service.

The Chamber has teamed with KOVAR in joint support of the Hospital Bed Race which takes place each May in Annandale.  If you are a business, you can gather a team of 5 to take part in this whacky race while helping to support residents, right here in Annandale, that benefit from KOVAR

HOW KOVAR FUNDS ARE USED:  KOVAR assists Virginians with Intellectual Disabilities by:

Funding of employment and training opportunities, including the purchase of equipment and devices that support employment opportunities, such as those machines designed to be operated by Persons with Intellectual Disabilities.

Funding of furniture and fixtures for groups homes, built to last and constructed to meet the needs of Special People

Funding of health assistance, including significant dental work, providing Virginians with improved oral hygiene and restoration for better health and ability to eat normally.

Funding of transportation, for vehicles designed with wheel chair lifts, and safety equipment to assist Virginias with ID to get to and from work and social events.

Funding of group homes, in the form of more than $2.8 million in home loans to assist in the purchase and financing of group homes.  One of these independent living homes is located here in Annandale.

Funding of reKInights of Columbus, Daniels Ave, Annandalespite care, allowing care providers time for themselves—to go to doctor’s appointme3nts, shopping, or jut quiet time to recharge.

KOVAR has been recognized as one of “American’s Best” charities by the Independent Charities of America, and funds its low administrative expenses solely from interest on funds awaiting disbursement, donating and loaning nearly 100% of all funds collected.  KOVAR is a 100% volunteer effort of the Virginia Knights of Columbus and has no employees.  Their Board of Directors take no salaries.   Contributions to this 501 © 3 tax exempt Charity are tax deductible as permitted by law and are most welcome by individuals and corporations.  If you would like to donate funds that will help Annandale residents, give to KOVAR. For more information contact Richard Owen, president of the Annandale Knights of Columbus Council located on Daniels Avenue in Annandale.  Donations are eligible for most employer matching donation programs.





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