How Do You Select a Mobile Carrier?
No Contest...Just go see Walfred at the Bradlick Shopping Center-an authorized AT&T Retailer

Walfred Osorio an AT&T Authorized Dealer

MobiFonic is much more than an authorized AT&T Retailer for products and services. It is a group of highly dedicated and knowledgeable wireless consultants providing you with an extraordinary customer experience, no pressure, just information and service. AT&T is the second largest carrier in the United States with the largest coverage area and the fastest wireless internet.

Conveniently located in the Bradlick Shopping Center (corner of Braddock and Backlick Roads, Annandale) the owner, Walfred Osorio opened this business 15 years ago.  Walfred has thousands of customers who have honored him with repeat business, many now on their third wireless phone.  

Purchasing a new wireless phone can be just as confusing the fifth time around as it was the first.  Digital technology has exploded with advances at a speed unfathomable twenty years ago.  Indeed, any device you possessed twenty years ago has become obsolete four to five times over.  To take the pressure off, just visit this store and select from their comprehensive state-of-the-art stock.  The staff will ascertain your needs and walk you through your choices.  No need to race from one wireless carrier to another, store to store, you won’t do better than here.

Businesses are eligible for various promotional offers when you switch from another carrier.  Currently you are given a $200 and up bonus depending on the number of lines required. They also offer a dedicated Business Account Executive who will come to your business to tailor fit the service your business will require.  Walfred understands that the wireless phone today is the lifeline of business.  If you lose your phone, Walfred will provide a temporary loaner to regular business clients so you need not miss a sale.  Talk about great Customer Service! 

Besides wireless phones, iPads, Tablets, & Smart Watches,  Walfred offers the most comprehensive home security system.  The Home Automation System, known as AT&T Digital Life, brings you one step closer to a safe, smart life.  Help protect and manage your home from virtually anywhere. 

The Touchscreen Door Lock
is a palm-touch activated keypad that provides keyless entry with the use of a unique PIN code. It can be locked and unlocked remotely with the Digital Life App.

Window Sensors monitor the opening and closing of doors, windows, and  other entry points. 

In Wall Light Switch allows you to control individual lights or ceiling fans. 

Dual Electric Light Plug that lets you power and control a small appliance or lamp

Garage Door Controller detects if garage door is open and allows you to operate it remotely.

WideView Interior Cameras provide a 180 degree view of a room inside your home.  They record activity and monitor your home remotely with small and sleek cameras allowing more placement options.

Entrance Cameras provide a wide angle view of your entrance way so you can see who is at your door, or prowling at your door from where ever you might be….at home or away, you can view what is happening at your home.

Temp and Water Sensors detect if there is a leak, (washing machine, hot water heater, or tub)  helping you to avoid water damage. It will also tell you the ambient temperature in the room.

Energy Saving Devices allow you to remotely control the temperature in your home. You can also create a program to adjust the thermostat automatically on a set schedule.

This Digital Life System will help protect your property from burglary, as well as your own man-made disasters and energy losses. 

And if that is not enough, Walfred can arrange DIRECTV for your home.  When you have AT&T wireless, you can lock in a 2-year DIRECTV deal including all monthly fees for HD DVR service in up to two rooms. You’re also eligible for the AT&T Unlimited Plan. That means you can stream buzz-worthy shows and On Demand movies, chat with friends, watch videos online, listen to music, and more.

You will also find an entire wall of accessories and the latest Smart Watches...keep them in mind for special Holiday Gifts.


Bradlick Shopping Center, Annandale, VA

AT&T Authorized Retailer
Mobifonic Concepts LLC
Bradlick Shopping Center (Corner of Braddock and Backlick Roads)
6920 Braddock Road
Annandale, VA  22003


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