Emil Ranakusuma, ownSUBWAY next to the Fire House on Columbia Pike.  Photo courtesy of the ACC photographic files, with all rights for use of the Subway on Columbia Pike next to the Firehouse has opened a second location at Heritage Shopping Mall near Annandale High School.  Emil, raised in Indonesia, moved to Cleveland to study at the University.  Upon completion of his MBA in Marketing, he opened his first Subway franchise in Annandale.  Why Annandale?  Emil first appreciated Annandale’s history, deeply rooted for 317 years in the country’s history. Second, he enjoyed the broad diversity of the community and has eagerly embraced his new home. 

Always a good sport, Emil dons a submarine sandwich costume to join the Chamber’s Annual Parade and is involved in efforts to revitalize the community.Emil at the Annandale Parade as the SUBWAY sandwich. Photo courtesy of the ACC photographic files, with all rights for use reserved.

It is not widely known that Subway offers free wireless internet access to their customers, many fundraising programs for athletic teams, lunch programs for private schools and companies, online ordering, and has VIP rewards and discounts for members.

Drop into either location.  You will be warmly welcomed.

7120 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA  22003

7857-A Heritage Drive, Annandale, VA  22003






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