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Annandale, VA

Freestanding Accessory Structure Locations

Report Street Light Outages

Report Construction Concerns

Having Difficulty with your Private Waste Hauler?

Parking Reimagined

Five Key Findings of the Fairfax County Climate Projections Report

Mixed-Use Community and State-of-the-Art Medical Campus at Landmark

Updated Zoning Ordinances

Land Mis-Use in Annandale

New Townhomes coming to McWhorter

Electric Car Recharging Stations-Annandale

High Rolling Cement

Shared Mobility Devices

Parking Rates Adjusted Downward

New Sign Regulations

Fairfax County Budget & Real Estate Assessments

Annandale Demographics

Fairfax County Land Use Policy

Barbara Byron to lead Fairfax County's consolidated planning and zoning agency.

What is Happening in Other Revitalization Districts?

Made in Fairfax County

Banquet Hall and Elder Care Center coming to Ravensworth Road

Annandale's Commercial Core

Innovation Housing for the Homeless

Updated Zoning Rules for Commercial Vehicles

Columbia Crossroads Development Will Help to Revitalize Bailey's Crossroads

Beautify Annandale---New Regulations and Restrictions on Donation Drop Boxes

Proposed Changes to Braddock RoadLambros Fine Jewelry, Annandale, VA

Commercial Vehicle Parking Ban

Can Annandale Become a Walkable Community?

Report Street Light Outages

Northern Virginia's Diversified Economy

Heritage Mall Redevelopment

A Green Community: Why Small Streams Matter

A Green Community: The State of Our Streams

It Takes a Community to Build a Business

Annandale Ranked 4th Best Town in Virginia

Quiet Citizens Can Define Community

Virginia's Infrastructure Report Card

VA Population Slows to Decades' Low

Donation Boxes Swamp Annandale

New Residential Parking Restrictions

Food Trucks May Take the Landscape by Storm

The Annandale Comprehensive Plan:  Not Always So Comprehensive

Future Housing Needs for Fairfax County

For more on Revitalization

Map of the CRD in Annandale, VA
Map of the Commercial Revitalization District, Annandale, VA

The Annandale Chamber of Commerce
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Annandale Central Business District Planning Committee (ACBDPC)

ACBDPC’s mission is to combat neighborhood and commercial deterioration and to enhance the quality of life in central Annandale for residents and the business community. The Committee consists of business owners & managers, commercial property owners, Annandale residents, and the Annandale Chamber of Commerce. Membership runs $25 annually. All members are assigned to working committees. See brochure and membership application below.

ACBDPC meets the second Tuesday of each odd numbered month (January, March, May, July, September, and November) at 1:00 PM. If you wish to be placed on the schedule, please contact the chairman below ahead of time.

ACBDPC Chairman: Gregory McGillicuddy

Annandale Revitalization Committee

Banquet Hall on Ravensworth Road

Elder Care Center on Ravensworth Road

Markham Place in abeyance after county became too greedy with proffers.

 Located behind the Little River Center on Markham, the far right box is marked SAINT JUDE, and in very small print underneath, CLOTHING COMPANY.  Clearly, the intent is to deceive.


Parks and Open Space Concept in Annandale's Central Business District

New residential parking restriction will prohibit watercraft, boat trailers, motor homes, camping trailers, and any other trailer or semi-trailer, regardless of whether such trailer or semi-trailer is attached to another vehicle.  Violations are subject to a $75 fine and towing at owner's expense.

The Annandale Shopping Center on Columbia Pike at Gallows Road

The New Heritage Mall in Annandale, VA

Real Estate Assessment Info

Land Development System

Transportation Dept.

Public Works

Planning and Development

Economic Development Authority

File Complaint w. Code Compliance

Report Construction Concerns Online

Freestanding Accessory Structure Locations Regulations

Report Street Light Outages

Having Difficulty with your Private Waste Hauler?

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