Annandale Retrospective
The Year was 1990

By:  M. Callahan

Germany Reunites after 43 Years
The USSR Crumbles 



US President:  George Bush (R)
Vice President:  Dan Quayle (R)
VA Governor:  Douglas Wilder (D)
US Senators from VA: Charles S. Robb (D) & John W. Warner (R)
Chief Justice US Supreme Court:  William Rehnquist
Speaker of the House:  Thomas S. Foley (D)


East and West Germany are reunited.
Nelson Mandela was released from a South African prison after 28 years.
The US turns over control of the Panama Canal to Panama.
The Soviet Union dissolves into dozens of new nations and political parties.
Iraqi military forces invade Kuwait
The US enters into a major recession after an 8 year boom.
Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher is forced to resign after 11.5 years in office.
Mayor Marion Barry (DC) is indicted on drug charges.
Space shuttle Discovery is launched carrying the Hubble Space Telescope.
Manuel Noriega surrenders to US for trial.
Poland holds first free election since WWII.
The Americans with Disabilities Act is signed into law.
Washington’s National Cathedral is completed after 80 years of construction.
Maine fishermen trap 28 million pounds of lobster.  Previous record set in 1885 with 24 million pounds.


Nobel Peace Prize:  Mikhail S. Gorbachev
Pulitzer Prize for Fiction:  The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love
Miss America:  Debbye Turner (Columbia, MO)
Best Picture of the Year:  Dances with Wolves
Best Actor:    Jeremy Irons, Reversal of Fortune
Best Actress: Kathy Bates, Misery


NCAA Basketball Champion:  UNLV
NBA Championship:  Chicago Bulls over Los Angeles Lakers 4:1 
College Football Champion:  Colorado and Georgia Tech
Heisman Trophy Winner:  Ty Detmer QB from Brigham Young
US Open Winner:  Hale Irwin
Stanley Cup:  Edmonton Oilers
Super Bowl XXVIII:  San Francisco 49ers over Denver Broncos 17-2
World Series Champion:  Cincinnati Reds
Heavy Weight Boxing Title:  Evander Holyfield
Indianapolis 500 Winner:  Arie Luyendyk/185.984 mph.
Wimbledon Singles Champions:  Stefan Edberg and Martina Navratilova
Jill Trenary becomes the 1990 Ladies World Figure Skating Champion.


70% of all Americans live in Cities.

Panasonic develops a 6 pound portable word processor that holds files on 3.5” floppy discs

Federal Minimum Wage: $3.80 per hour.

Dow Jones Ave. closes Dec. 31st at 2633.66 down from 2763.20 at the end of 1989.

Gold prices range from $399 to 385.

World Population: 5.2 billion

US Population:  248,709,873 – up 9.8% since 1980

Cost of a new house:  $123,000.00

Average Income:  $28,906.00/year

New Car:  $16,000

Average Rent:  $465.00 per month

Tuition to Harvard U.:  $13,545

Movie ticket:  $4.00 each

Gasoline:   $1.34 per gallon

US Postage Stamp:  $.25

Gallon of milk:  $2.78

Sugar:  $1.15/5 pounds

Eggs:  $.80 per dozen

Ground Hamburger:  $1.30 per pound

Bread:  $.70 per loaf

Bacon:  $1.90 per pound

Coffee:  $3.89 per pound

Life Expectancy:  75.2 years


Dances with Wolves, Goodfellas, Hunt for Red October, Pretty Woman, Ghost, Edward Scissorhands, Misery, Reversal of Fortune


Murphy Brown, Empty Nest, Bay Watch, Cheers, MacGyver

Princess Eugenie of York, Jake Thomas, Emma Watson

Sammy Davis Jr., Jim Henson, Leonard Bernstein, Ava Gardner, Malcolm Forbes


Annandale in 1990
Fairfax County Population:  818,584

 Annandale Retail Establishments Special offers...

Giant and Safeway offer the following:

Turkey                           $ .99/lb

Top Sirloin Roast          $2.39 lb

Chicken                         $ .69/lb

Ground Round             $1.99/lb

Complete Rib dinner at HI Ribsters:  $9.95.

Clyde’s Brunch:  $8.95

Real Estate Sales in Annandale:

4307 Wynwood Ct.                         $440,000

4414 Weyburn Dr.                           $180,000

5118 Cliffhaven Dr.                        $163,000

8411 Queen Eliz. Blvd.                   $299,000

3374 Woodburn Rd.                       $102,000

7817 Killebrew                                 $190,000

Home sales decline.  Mortgage rate climbs to 10%.

1990 Businesses that are NO MORE

Black Orchid                                    Roozens Nursery

Squire Rockwell’s                            McCrory’s

Omar’s Place                                  Crown Books                                  

Dave Pyles Lincoln Mercury            LaMirage Hair Salon 

Tuthill Stationary                             Fritzbees                                           

Prime Care                                      Video 99                                           

LaJarna Restaurant                        Generous Georges                           

Hallmark Bank and Trust                


LOCAL NEWS:  1990-1995:

1990:  The boundaries of the Annandale District are changed and renamed Braddock District.

1990:  Fairfax County Real Estate Tax Rate is $1.19 per $100 of Assessed Value.

Jan. 1990:  NV Transportation Commission announces that $ .72 of every transportation dollar comes from taxes.  $10 billion will be needed to meet the transportation needs over the next 20 years.  Since the roads fill up as quickly as they are built, they recommended that a 36 mile Monorail circuit from Dulles to Rt 495 to Rt. 66 (Centreville) to Sully Road be built.  It would cost half of a metro system and just as efficient.  (Nothing came of it.)

Jan. 1990:  Fairfax County Libraries celebrate 50 years of service with 22 branches.

March 1990:  The roof of Horn & Horn Smorgasborg  Restaurant (7203 Little river Turnpike) caught fire when roofers using a torch set it ablaze.  Shakey’s (now Magill’s) was not damaged.

March 1990:  Seventeen people including a family of seven were displaced when fire swept through four townhouses on Perry Penney Dr.

October 27, 1990:  Toll House Park is dedicated.

June 22, 1992:  Virginia Railway Express opened from Manassas to DC.

July 4, 1992:  Official opening of the Fairfax Museum and Visitors Center.

January 1, 1994:  Kiwanis Club of Annandale celebrate their 40th anniversary.

Fall 1994:  Annandale Atoms have a perfect 10-0 regular season; become the State Champs; and are ranked 16th in nation.

Dec. 1994:  Horticulture Center at Green Spring Gardens opens.

Crime Statistics in Fairfax County 1990:

Rape                                   100
Manslaughter/Murder          27
Robbery                              490
Aggravated/Assault             391
Burglary                              2,725
Larceny Theft                     21,426
Vehicle Theft                      2,054
Total Crime                         27,213


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