The Clark House

By:  M. Callahan


The Clark House was built in 1902 by William Lee Clark and served as the family homestead, of this 400 acre dairy farm, for over 50 years. The builder, Henry Manchester, was a long time local resident. His remuneration came in the form of dinner plus two dollars a day. One of the first telephones in the area was installed here in 1918 and electricity was added around 1935. The family consisted of William, his wife Minnie Howdershell Clark and their children, Wilbur, Lillian and Madeline.

In 1953, Wilbur Burnley Clark (son of William) retired from farming and sold all his land except the house and 6.1 acres. Here he established W.B. Clark and Sons Inc. which sold top soil, sawdust, gravel, wood mulch, fertilizer, firewood, and railroad ties. His sons Larry and Wayne ran the business, in an office next to the kitchen and employed over 20 people.

Progress was not to favor the Clark family. In 1972 Fairfax County went in search of a building site for the Mason District Government Center and the Clark property became a prime contender. Unfortunately, Wilbur Clark had no desire to sell. By this time four Clark generations had lived on the homestead, built decades of memories and a thriving business. The issue was resolved when another site was deemed more appropriate, but that was not the end of Wilbur’s problems. The Fairfax County Park Authority was in need of 8.1 acres in Mason District to meet the 8.5 acres of community parkland for every 1,000 people goal. A long fight ensued, and the Clarks were ultimately forced to sell the house and remaining land to the Park Authority in 1986. The house was moved down the road in 1990 (originally located at 6337 Columbia Pike); townhouses built around it; and, a saddened Mr. Clark died two years later at age 92.

The house features a spacious six bay wrap around veranda, center hall entrance, prominent dormer windows and even a crow's nest with views of the Washington Monument. The four square architecture, common in farmhouses of that era, featured four public rooms on the first floor with bed chambers upstairs. The Park Authority has added air conditioning, carpeting, and a spacious modern kitchen in order to rent the home for private and corporate events.

The Clarke House is located at 6332 Barcroft Mews, Falls Church (near Harris Teeter).  703-827-0609

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