Finally, Some Annandale Roads to be Repaved, Others to receive Bike Lanes


Street PavingSecondary roads in Northern Virginia have been given the worst condition rating possible, which includes the abysmal state found in Annandale.   After more than a decade in wait, there is reason for hope.

Following a presentation at the Mason District Government Center in March the Virginia Department of Transportation announced that it will repave dozens of roads in Mason District during 2020, in conjunction with the Fairfax County Department of Transportation who will paint bike lanes on a few of those roads.  Repaving takes place April to November usually between 9 am and 3 pm. Cars, basketball hoops or garbage cans may need to be temporarily relocated while work is under way.

The three bike lane projects for Annandale include the following:

Maple Place between Columbia Pike and Annandale Road in Annandale – Bike lanes will be added in both directions where space allows. Existing legal on-street parking will be maintained.

Markham Street between Annandale Road and Little River Turnpike in Annandale – Bike lanes will be added in both directions.

Lafayette Village Drive between Trammel Road and Hirst Drive in Annandale – Bike lanes will be added in both directions. Existing on-street parking and the existing median will be maintained.

These Annandale roads are scheduled for repaving:

Alpha Place, Antiopi Street, Arnheim Street, Aston Street, Beta Place, Beverly Manor Drive, Brenda Lane, Brookcrest Place, Bruce Lane, Championship Drive, Charleson Street, Chatelain Road, Dade Drive, Daniels Avenue, Delta Place, Dolce Drive, Estabrook Drive, Gamma Place, Hamilton Street, Hessney Drive, Hirst Drive, Horseshoe Drive, Howard Street, Justine Drive, Keith Place, Kenneth Drive, Krysla Court, Lafayette Village Drive, Larchmont Drive, Largo Lane, Lillie Mae Way, Lincolnshire Street, Linda Lane, Little River Turnpike (between the beltway and Picket Road), Lockwood Lane, Longstreet Court, Maple Place, Marguerite Court, Markham Street, Martin Avenue, Martin Taylor Court, McGregor Court/Epsilon Place, Merrimac Trail, Murray Lane, Oliver Avenue, Patricia Street, Pence Court, Pickett Court, Pleasant Ridge Road, Pleasant Way, Putnam Street, Quiet Cove, Rainbow Glen Court, Raleigh Road, Ramblewood Court, Rebel Drive, Richard Place, Ridge Road, Ridgewood Drive, Rodeo Court, Rodes Court, Rose Lane, Royce Court, Rust Road, Sanford Court, Sprucedale Drive, Stuart Court, Terrace Drive, Thor Drive, Thornton Court, Thornton Street, Trammell Road, Travis Parkway, Village Drive, Walton Drive, Walton Lane, Wendy Ridge Lane, Woodland Road


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