Having Difficulty with your Private Waste Hauler?

In most Annandale neighborhoods, you will need to contract with one of the waste disposal companies for trash removal. However, the County’s Department of Public Works and Environmental Services, Division of Solid Waste Management has the authority to regulate these businesses.

Consumers who have issues with private waste haulers should reach out to their individual private hauling company, but you can also report concerns to the County here or by emailing dpwesswmptrashmail@fairfaxcounty.govUpon receipt of the email, the team logs the complaints and sends an investigator to look into the situation. The investigator then logs their findings into the County system and works with the vendor to remedy the situation. 

From December 26. 2021 to March 1, 2022, most private companies dispensed with collecting yard waste which meant that holiday trees left by the curb were not being collected.  If you have had this problem, call your private waste hauler first, and if you receive no satisfaction, report them to Fairfax County as detailed above.

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