Quick Facts

Fairfax County

Population:  1,081,72

Household Income:  $118,279

Median Home Price:  $630,000

Metro Lines:  Blue, Orange
and Silver Lines

Sales Tax:  6%

County Seat:  Fairfax:  703-324-7329

Town Status: Not incorporated:  S
ervices come from Fairfax County

Local Annandale Population:  74,135

Greater Annandale Population (within 5 miles of the village center): 342,076

Household Income:  $123,999     
(The median household income in Annandale is 65.3% greater than the Virginia average and 91.4% greater than the national average.

Median Price of Home: 

Ave. Monthly Rent:  $1,288.00

Unemployment Rate:  2.9%

Ave. Yearly Rainfall:  45.12"

Lowest Recorded Temp:  -11 degrees in 1985

Ave. Low:  In the mid 40's from December through February

Highest Recorded Temp:  105 degrees in 1997

Ave. High:  July with average maximum temperature of 89.10

Metro Lines:  Blue and Orange

Closest Metro Station:  Dunn Loring

Bus Service:  Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority, 202-962-1234,






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