Annandale of OldThe Year was 1960

By:  M . Callahan



US President:  Dwight Eisenhower/John F. Kennedy
Vice President:  Richard Nixon/Lyndon B. Johnson

President Kennedy’s Inauguration Parade, 1961.  Photo is from a private collection, on loan to the ACC for their private use.  No reproduction or use of this photo is permitted.VA Governor:  James Lindsay Almond, Jr.
US Senators from VA:  Harry Flood Byrd & Absalom W. Robertson
Chief Justice US Supreme Court:  Earl Warren
Speaker of the House:  Sam T. Rayburn


  • Israel captures Adolf Eichmann.
  • The first US weather satellite is launched.
  • Fidel Castro nationalizes all American property in Cuba.
  • Soviet missiles shoot down U-2 spy plane capturing Francis Gary Powers.

    • Belgian Congo gains independence.
  • Brasilia becomes the capital of Brazil.
  • Pres. Eisenhower signs Civil Rights Act of 1960.
  • Nigeria becomes a member of the British Commonwealth.
  • John F. Kennedy wins the 1960 Presidential election by 113,057 votes, defeating Vice-President Richard Nixon.

Pulitzer Prize:  “Advise and Consent” by Allen Drury
Nobel Peace Prize Winner:  Albert John LutuliMiss America:  Lynda Mead (Natchez, MS)
Best Picture of the Year:  Ben Hur
Best Actor:  Charlton Heston, Ben Hur
Best Actress:  Simon Signoret, Room at the Top

NCAA Basketball Champion:  Ohio State
Stanley Cup Winner:  Montreal Canadians
College Football Champion:  Minnesota & Mississippi
Heisman Trophy Winner:  Joe Bellino from Navy

US Open Winner:  Arnold Palmer
World Series Champion:  Pittisburgh Pirates

The Hon. J. Lindsay Almond, Jr., Governor of Virginia at the opening of George Mason HS in Falls ChurchAluminum cans are used for the first time.
Xerox introduces the first commercial documents repro machine.

The Andy Griffith Show, The Real McCoys, Rawhide, and the Flintstones air on TV for the first time.
Cassius Clay wins gold boxing medal at Summer Olympics

World Population:  3,021,475,000
Cost of a new house:  $12,675.00
Average Income:  $5,199.00 per year
New Car:  $2,610.00
Average Rent:  $98.00 per month
Tuition to Harvard U.:  $1,250.00 per year
Movie ticket:  $1.00 each
US Postage Stamp:  $.04

Gallon of milk:  $1.04
Eggs:  $.30 per dozen
Ground Hamburger:  $.58 per pound
Coffee:  $.97 per pound
Life Expectancy 69.7 years


  • Jennifer Gray
  • Sean Penn
  • Daryl Hannah
  • John F. Kennedy, Jr.


    • Clark Gable

    • Oscar Hammerstein II

    • J.D. Rockefeller, Jr.

  • Boris Pasternak

Annandale in 1960
Retail Establishments Special offers...

Safeway:  Columbia Pike
1 lb. pkg. ground beef:       $0.45
ground beef:                      $1.65
Chuck Roast:                    $0.35/lb.

Villa Marie Restaurant:  Annandale Shopping Center, Columbia Pike offers Banquet Facilities and Home Catering

Tuthill Stationary, Columbia Pike
Contest to win as a first prize a free Olivitti Underwood Lettera 18 portable typewriter and as second and third prizes a Rubber Stamp Outfit

Lucie’s Beauty Salon, McWhorter Place
Permanents for $12.50 to include a free shampoo and set 1 week after perm appointment

Arcade Electronics:  Annandale Shopping Center, Columbia Pike
40% off TV Receiving Tubes and free check on all TV, Radio, or Hi-Fi Tubes

Suburban Savings & Loan Association, Columbia Pike
Two new Silver Dollars free when a savings account of $50or more was opened paying 4% interest compounded quarterly. Accounts insured up to $10,000 by the Federal Savings & Loan Insurance Corp.

Town and Country Properties, Columbia Pike
“Story-Book” Rambler in Annandale with large private yard, flagstone patio, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Full Baths, GE Kitchen, Large Recreation Room, Sewing Room, Wall to Wall Carpet:  $23,950.00

Original Annandale Safeway on Columbia Pike across from Cannon Park

Stan Paris runs for Mason District Supervisor

A Saturday night Hootenanny was held in the ACME parking lot (grocery chain) with professional Folk Artist Allen Damron, Carol Hedin, and David & Jonathan plus a number of Annandale hopefuls.  Two thousand people attended this concert.  Safeway on Columbia Pike held a pancake breakfast with an estimated 3000 people in attendance.

Bradlick Shopping Center, a 1.5 million-12 acre project with 900 parking places announced that Grand Union and Dart Drug would be the first two stores to open.

Homes built in Sleepy Hollow Woods were beginning to be occupied.

Political slogan for John Scott (D) running for the House of Delegates:  “We have gotten the farmer out of theRush Hour on the Beltway:  1960 mud; now let’s get the commuter out of the traffic jam.”

Wednesday, September 28, 1960:  19 black students enroll at 8 previously all white Fairfax County Schools.

Monday, February 6, 1961 Fairfax Hospital opens 30 minutes early due to the early arrival of a baby.

Monday, November 19, 1962:  Dulles International Airport opens

Monday, August 17, 1964:  Last section of Capital Beltway formally opened.

Annandale Little League Team, Turnpike Press, in the annual parade 1960










Bozo the Clown at St. Michael's Catholic School Fall Festival

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3 Chefs Restaurant was located at the Triangle on Columbia Pike.  Seen in the background is the original Safeway store.

The original Safeway Store on Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA


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