The Annandale Dreadnaughts
Baseball Comes to Annandale

By:  M. Callahan

The Annandale Dreadnaughts, founded in 1940, played teams from around the Northern Virginia region, attracting a loyal crowd of fans.  When hosting a game in Annandale, fans brought blankets and folding chairs along with picnic gear for a full afternoon of entertainment.  A field was established off Daniels Ave. close to the site of what would become the school & Little League field behind the Annandale Elementary School.  The team would "pass the hat" after each game to help pay for uniforms and equipment.  Many of these players went onto coach Annandale Little League Teams when the Northern Virginia Little League was formed in the mid 1950’s. (Photos courtesy of ACC Photographic Archive, with all rights for use reserved.


Teams in the Early Seasons of the Annandale Little League

1. Suburban Savings and Loan

2. Annandale Sports and Hobby

3. Deavers Appliance

4. Turnpike Press

5. Smith’s Center (Service Station)

6. Annandale Hardware

7. Bill’s Café

8. Roy’s Grill

9. Star Supply

One game played at the Woodburn School field between Suburban Savings and Bill’s Café ended with the highest run score discrepancy remembered.  Suburban Savings 52 / Bill’s Café 2

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