The First Choice of Our Adult Lives

By:  Grace Molinaro FCHS

 Grace Molinaro, FCHS

Due to the hysteria in the current political climate, Americans are pressing for change in the upcoming elections. High school voters are facing tremendous pressure. Not only is it their first election, but as the up-and-coming generation, their votes will impact the future.

So, how do high schoolers feel about facing the first choice of their adult life? The general consensus is divided.

Many, like scores of Americans, feel propelled to vote out of a deep dissatisfaction with the current state of politics. Others vote because is their civic duty--every vote counts. In the past few years alone there has been a greater push in the schools to register students. However, some still lack the interest.

For those who are not voting, reasons boil down to three. Many already have enough responsibilities, and voting seems a tedious one to add. Others claim political platforms do not always stress issues that are important to them and wait for topics they feel strongly about, such as gun control, to appear on the ballot. The rest are simply unwilling to involve themselves in politics.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, students who are politically motivated are revved up in eager anticipation. At the forefront are members of the Young Democrats and Young Republicans clubs, who are excited to vote for their respective candidates.

Still, it is one thing to harbor a political opinion-- it is another to stake the future of a nation on it. For many students, the burden of voting is a harsh wake-up call. Sometimes students hesitate to vote, fearing they are not well-informed or mature enough. But only through voting can they learn to trust their judgement.

Facing the future is scary, but it is also exciting. As more and more students start voting, they are becoming part of the process that will write the next page of the American saga.

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