You Can Get There from Here

By:  Scott Pearson, Pearson Realty
April 2019, ENDEAVOR  News Magazine

Spring in Annandale, VAThe one feature that most distinguishes Annandale from the remainder of Northern Virginia is accessibility.  I was thinking about this as I typed in an address into the GPS on my phone to show a property.  Up popped the map and messages that said that my destination was a mere 22 minutes away with most of it a straight shot out Braddock Road.

Annandale is literally the Crossroad of Northern Virginia TM with quick access to anywhere in Fairfax County (and beyond).  Location has always been important to real estate value but it is increasingly more important to the residential lifestyles.  As our roads become more congested and commute time continues to creep upward, having a home located in Annandale is a true advantage.  Recently Washington was rated the second worst traffic region in the nation...only second to Boston.

You can get to work at the Pentagon using 395 or Columbia Pike.  Gallows Road leads to Tysons Corner.  Sleepy Hollow sweeps you to Seven Corners.  Want to make your way  to Arlington Boulevard?  Zip-zing you are there from Annandale Road.  Jump on Backlick and you are headed quickly to Springfield and beyond.  Want to eat in Old Town?  Easy-peasy on Little River Turnpike and then Duke Street, with simple access to Landmark and the new planned town center.  I could go on.

And though Annandale doesn’t have a Metro stop, the public buses run constantly to the Van Dorn station and Dunn Loring taking you to key locations throughout Northern Virginia and the region.  Said simply, if you want to get there from here, Annandale is the here.

A recently released report  showed Annandale home prices on the climb with a median price around $571,000.  However, you can find a condo for well under $200,000 and high-end residences for over a million bucks.  So a home buyer isn’t locked into one price range when looking to move.  The diversity of neighborhoods that reflect density of one house per acre up to twelve townhomes on the same tract means that whatever one can afford or however one wants to live, you can find it in Annandale. 

Annandale’s excellent geographic position and quick access to all the major roadways sets Annandale apart from every other Northern Virginia location.  Certainly folks who will be working at the new Amazon facility will note Annandale on any map and its proximity to Crystal City and D.C. without the high price tags of similar homes in Arlington.  Said directly to them, “add five minutes to your commute and save $200,000.”

Although we fully expect home prices in Annandale to be on the rise due to redevelopment and other factors, Annandale homes continue to be a comparative bargain.  Bang for the buck is what we have to sell and Pearson Realty is proud to sell homes in its home town.

So at a time of increasing opportunity for Annandale representing the ultimate redevelopment of Landmark and the K-Mart property, the Amazon addition, and smaller efforts throughout the region, it is no wonder that people who come to live here, stay here for a lifetime.  Sure they could go somewhere else, but if they live in Annandale, it won’t be hard to get there.

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Median Home Price in Annandale
2010     $507,800
2015     $539,900
2019     $615,533
2021     $667,500

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