Annandale, VABusiness Services:  Opening a business?  These agencies on the county, state, and federal level will be helpful in your registration process.  Most of these services are available online.  Also, plan to consult a CPA and an attorney early in your development process.


Fairfax County Level

Circuit Court - Trade Name Registration

Economic Development Authority
Classes and a published comprehensive guide to starting, financing, and growing a business in Fairfax County.

Dept of Tax Administration
Consult the County website to review which taxes you are required to pay, and to obtain the necessary forms.
Business Personal Property Tax
Real Property Tax
Sales and Use Tax
Business Professional & Occupational License
Information for New Businesses

All businesses, including home-based enterprises and self-employed individuals, that are located or operating in Fairfax County, and have annual gross receipts greater than $10,000, must file a BPOL application within 75 days of the date the business began in Fairfax County.  BPOL renewal applications and taxes must be filed and paid annually by March 1.
12000 Government Center Parkway, Suite 223
Fairfax, VA  22035


Office for Women

Convention & Visitors Corp.

Center for Innovative Technology

General Fairfax County Information


VA Office of Consumer Affairs

Virginia Economic Development Partnership

Virginia Employment Commission
Register with this agency if you are an employer.  Generally, you will pay unemployment insurance tax if you employ one or more persons for 20 or more weeks during a calendar year, or if you pay wages of $1,500 or more during a calendar quarter.  Only the first $8,000 of wages earned by each employee during a calendar year is taxed.  The employer pays the entire cost.
Consult their website for forms and details, or your CPA.
703 East Main Street
Richmond, VA  23219

Virginia Dept. of Minority Business Enterprise

Virginia Dept of Taxation
Sales and Use Tax  
(If you are selling products, you will be required to collect sales tax and pay it to the Commonwealth of Virginia)
3610 West Broad Street
Richmond, VA  23230

Virginia Tourism Corporation

Virginia State Corporation Commission
Franchise Registration

804-371-9051 or 1-800-552-7945

Virginia State Corporation Commission - Clerk of the Commission
Incorporation in the Commonwealth of VA
(Consult an accountant or lawyer to determine if you wish to register as a Sole Proprietor, Partnership, LLC, S-Corporation, or Corporation. You will need to have made this determination prior to registering your business with the State Corporation Commission.)
804-371-9733 or 1-866-722-2551



Better Business Bureau

US Small Business Administration
202-272-0345 or 1-800-827-5722

US Dept of Labor
202-663-4264 or 1-800-669-4000

US Internal Revenue Service
Employer ID Number
An EIN is a nine-digit number used by the IRS to identify taxpayers required to file various business tax returns.  To apply for an EIN, an SS-4 form must be submitted to the IRS.  No fee is required.  More information is available in the IRS Publication 1635 on their website.  Obtain this number first when opening a business, as it will be needed to register your business with the VA State Corp. Commission.

5205 Leesburg Pike, Suite 200
Falls Church, VA  22041


This information is provided as a courtesy, and should not be construed as all the information you will necessarily need when setting-up a business. If you are opening a business, plan to consult with a CPA, and an attorney, very early in the process.  New regulations and laws may need to be reviewed, as well as a full explanation of existing regulations and laws.


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