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A Field Guide to Fairfax County's Plants and Wildlife

Fairfax County Park Authority

FCPA Plant and Wildlife Guide

Many species of plants and animals call Fairfax County home. A Field Guide to Fairfax County's Plants and Wildlife helps readers identify common species found in typical neighborhoods, schoolyards, parks and other areas.

Each species page contains:

  • scientific illustration of the organism
  • descriptions of its physical appearance
  • life history
  • habitat
  • roles it plays in the food web
  • its distribution across Fairfax County and the Commonwealth

Fun activities explore how organisms fit into the ecosystem and encourage awareness of how human influences affect the environment.

The Field Guide is a useful resource for any resident who wants to know more about the local environment where they live, work and play. The Field Guide was also voted a winner of the 2014 NACO Achievement Award in the category of Environmental Protection and Energy.

Download this guide at:


Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Warn of
Impersonation Scam Involving
Credentials and Badges

Impersonation Scam

New reports show that scammers are reviving an old tactic to gain trust. Scammers are emailing and texting pictures of real and doctored law enforcement credentials and badges to prove they are legitimate and scam people out of money. Scammers may change the picture or use a different name, agency, or badge number, but the basic scam is the same.

Federal law enforcement agencies are warning the public to be skeptical of email and text messages claiming to be someone from a government or law enforcement agency. No one in federal law enforcement will send photographs of credentials or badges to demand any kind of payment, and neither will government employees.

Social Security Administration Office of the Inspector General (OIG), Department of Labor OIG, NASA OIG, the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee (PRAC), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) joined forces to issue this scam alert.


These scams primarily use telephone to contact you, but scammers may also use email, text message, social media, or U.S. mail. Scammers pretend to be from an agency or organization you know to gain your trust. Scammers say there is a problem or a prize. Scammers pressure you to act immediately. Scammers tell you to pay in a specific way.

Snowballs in Summer

Ice Scoops

Ice has long been used in different ways to help folks cool down in the summer. People have been harvesting ice in the winter and storing it in specialized structures for use in the warmer months since at least 400 BC.

The Machens who lived at Walney, which is now part of Ellanor C. Lawrence Park, had one such structure. In a letter dated February 13, 1854, Emmeline Machen wrote extolling the virtues of her new ice house, “…what think you of the Ice house? Is it not a grand thing that we have one and have it filled? I can now, with a better conscience, ask our city friends to come visit us.”

Besides the obvious benefits of food preservation and ice for drinks, this stored ice has often been used to make frozen treats, and that tradition continues today. One of the most popular of these is shave ice.

Cultures around the globe have variations of this treat, where blocks of ice are shaved and mixed with syrup and/or other sweet ingredients. Shave ice should never be confused with snow cones, however, which are coarser and crunchier, as they are made from crushed ice instead of shaved.

UnCovered:  A Virginia Civil Rights Hero
From:  Sen. Mark Warner

Moton High School (on the left,  for black students) and Farmville High School (for white students)  (4)Moton High School (on the left,  for black students)
Farmville High School (for white students) 

This Year marks the 68th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education – the seminal case that ended institutionalized school segregation in America. But did you know that this case partially came from a Virginia native?

Prior to Brown v. Board, during the Jim Crow era, many Virginia schools remained segregated, including the R.R. Moton High School in Prince Edward County, where sixteen-year-old Barbara Johns was a student. After experiencing many years of substandard school conditions, (plywood and tar paper structures that lacked heating and plumbing) she felt called to action against the injustice of segregation. On April 23, 1951, she led her classmates in a walkout to draw attention to the issue. 
The strike attracted local and national attention, and two lawyers from the NAACP filed a lawsuit against the school district as a result. This case would eventually go on to be filed jointly with four other cases and argued in front of the Supreme Court under the name Brown v. Board of Education. I’m guessing you know the rest from here – the Court ruled that there was no legal basis for “separate but equal” and school segregation was officially outlawed.

Is the Housing Market Slowing Down?

Summer Cone Flowers Thrive in AnnandaleAs we all know, Supply and Demand is a major factor in the housing market.  Starting in January 2022 there was a huge disparity between supply and demand with many buyers coming out of the woodwork due to lower interest rates and because it was a new year!  But, not many sellers were ready to market their homes. 

However, the demand then pushed up prices to historically high levels.  This continued into April.  But when interest rates started to rise, the buyer's ability was affected with their inability to qualify.  As a result, sales started to slow, more people decided to rent or continue to rent.  A leveling off started to occur and has continued.

Now, we see prices decreasing.  On searches that I have saved I’ve seen a big jump in the # of “price decreased” notices and an increase in inventory (supply).  Then there’s the factor of inflation rearing its ugly head!  Gas prices, shrinkflation, and more affecting our pocketbooks! 

Buyers who are still in the game are taking their time, looking at more properties before making a decision, and being cautious.  How long will this last?  In recent months, the total number of new homes sold has started to decrease, dropping an estimated 16.6% from March to April, according to census data.. The decrease may indicate that surging demand is finally starting to slow down.


Meet the Artisan:  Susan Yindra, Ceramicist

Artisan United Susan YindraAfter practicing dental hygiene for more than thirty years, I thought about retiring and wanted to find an artistic outlet that would be challenging and fun. Over the years, I had collected glass bottles, paperweights, and stained glass. So I thought it might be fun to try and signed up for a beginner level stained glass class.  In class, I learned how to score  glass, work with a soldering iron, solder and copper foil to create sun catchers and glass panels.  I especially liked working with the different glass colors and textures.  After a year or so, I progressed to making three dimensional pieces such as jewelry boxes and Tiffany style lamp shades. I  especially enjoyed  designing lamp shades for small table lamps and gave them as gifts to family at Christmas.  I continued working with stained glass, fused glass and even glass blowing for several years, but when my favorite instructor retired I decided to make a change.

With extra time on my hands, I began searching for a creative hobby to replace stained glass. In the 80's, I had enrolled in a beginner pottery class. I was introduced to hand building and using a coil technique I created a large bowl. My memories of the fun I had working with clay inspired me to  look for another  beginner  pottery class.  I discovered that Audrey Moore Rec Center offered pottery classes and I signed up for a level one wheel class.  In class, I learned the basics of throwing pots on the wheel, starting with the preparation of the clay or wedging and moving on to centering the clay on the wheel.  Centering clay is one of the greatest challenges for a beginning potter but it is an important step in producing a pot with uniform wall thickness.  Once the clay is centered, you open the pot outward to achieve the desired diameter.  Using both hands and the wheel speed, you begin raising the walls to the height you want.  Learning to make a basic cylinder, allows even a novice potter to create small pots and enjoy a sense of accomplishment.


VIEW ON NATURE:  After the Downpour
                                                                                            Dawn in the Spring Forest Valley by SL Wendt

There’s nothing like a walk in the forest after a long rain to refresh your mind and soul.  Early in the pandemic I shared in Endeavor the meditative, restorable feeling of walking in the forest popularized in Japan as shinrin-yoku (forest bathing), and by famous naturalists David Thoreau and John Muir (see Wash Your Mind, 2020).

Walking along a rain-soaked trail stimulates the senses.  The crisp air, fresh forest scent, dappling sunlight through the overhead canopy, and muted bird songs speak to me. The forest comes alive after a downpour.  All the plants and wildflowers perk up with little dapples of yellow, pink and blue near and far. Enveloped below a thick tree canopy formed mostly by blends of red, white and chestnut oaks, hickory, maples, and ash, I am one with the forest.  

And as I quietly pad up the spongy, verdant mossy trail I spy life stirring from storm sanctuary beds.  A whitetail deer browsing, a chipmunk foraging seeds, an upside down squirrel eating a mushroom, and a curious ruby-throated hummingbird hovering eye-eye merely three feet away!  A shiny box turtle seeking earthworms, a camouflaged toad cocking its head at a ladybug, a packrat grooming, a sleek ribbon of a black and pink ring-necked snake sunning, and numerous forest birds and butterflies flitted about.  Wonderful butterflies– forest cloak, painted lady, white cabbage, silver spotted skipper – come in view and to mind.  Even the notorious – the stinging buck moth caterpillar and gorgeous cyanide-emitting cherry millipede in all its glory of variegated papaya and yellow joints in its black segmented body -- actively ply the woodland floor for food and mates.    

Renting a Car for Vacation
Will Your Current Policy Cover You?

Kinneman InsuranceYou are looking forward to a well-deserved vacation.  After planning your flight and hotel, the next task is renting a car. Rental cars are a fun time to try out driving something a little different than your normal vehicle, but as you go through the questions with the representative or online, the question of insurance comes up; would you like to buy their insurance or does your insurance cover the rental? Depending on where you are renting a car, the type of vehicle along with your current automobile coverages can determine if your coverage will extend to the rental vehicle.

Most auto insurance companies provide extensions to rental cars if the vehicle is rented in the United States or US Territories. If the vehicle being rented is a commercial vehicle (a moving truck is one of the most common non-personal vehicles) then coverage generally does not extend. Any exotic or high-end vehicles are generally not included in this extension of coverage either, because the value of these vehicles is generally much different then the value of a vehicle in line with your personal coverage.


The Garden Path 
Five Summer Landscaping Projects

Paved Walk
Do you sometimes wish that you could comfortably enjoy your outdoor living spaces this summer? Or is your family may be growing, and you need to make the backyard more functional for birthday parties and getting together with friends. 

Alternately, you may have poor yard drainage in one part of your property, but you don’t want to put in a French drain and a swale. Instead, you want something more rustic like a babbling brook when it rains.

Whatever the reason, right now is the best time to expand your patio space, add an outdoor kitchen, add a water feature, put in outdoor lighting, and build a dry creek bed before the next big rainstorm.

Here are five backyard designs that will meet your outdoor living needs this summer:

Dry Creek Beds: If you have poor drainage areas around your home or in one spot of your property, then a dry creek bed may be the answer for you. A dry creek bed moves the water that ponds in your yard to a collection point, such as a rain garden.

The dry creek bed includes river rocks, boulders, and stones. You can plant native flowers, such as garden phlox, coneflowers, hostas, ornamental grasses, and shrubs. Add mulch to protect plant roots and add a touch of tidiness.

You can add a rain garden to the water collection area where water can percolate through the soil. Include perennials in your rain garden, such as wild blue indigo, coneflowers, hardy hibiscus, black-eyed Susans, Joe Pye weed, hardy geraniums, and sedges.


The Fairfax Medical Reserve Corps
MRC Volunteers Support the Daily Operations of the Fairfax County Health Department       

MRC volunteers with the Fairfax County CareVan at a vaccine eventThe COVID-19 pandemic solidified just how important Fairfax Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) volunteers are to local public health when they stepped-up to provide testing, vaccines, and vital health and safety information. The residents of Fairfax County owe them a debt of gratitude. 

     MRC volunteers with the Fairfax County CareVan at a vaccine event

Since February of 2020, over 1,400 MRC members volunteered more than 65,000 hours at vaccination clinics and testing events, and assisting with outreach, isolation and quarantine efforts, logistical support, and so much more. 

It was their tireless work during the COVID-19 pandemic that earned the Fairfax MRC program the Volunteer Fairfax award for Improving Quality of Life in Fairfax. "The impact of the Fairfax MRC is best represented by the countless lives that volunteers have positively impacted over the past two years and their hard work that continues to keep our friends, family, and neighbors healthy and safe!" wrote Paula Rosca, Fairfax MRC Program Coordinator. 

"The most poignant moment as a volunteer came after I had been vaccinating for several months, first at the Herndon District Office, then at the Government Center and finally at Inova Stonebridge. I was on duty at Stonebridge when the announcement came out that teenagers could be vaccinated. The very next day, one mother came in with her three teenagers in tow.  I took the mother and we distributed the kids out to nearby tables. I gave her the usual counseling, then completed the injection. As I was filling out her vaccination card, I commended her on bringing in her three teens. She looked at me and said simply, 'They lost their father to Covid last year.' We both has tears in our eyes. As I handed her the completed card, I felt a great sense of purpose as to why I had joined MRC," Phil Beauchene, Vaccinator, MRC.


The Golden Years

 Five Tips to Help Minimize Late-Day Confusion           

Avoid the triggers. Several types of items can trigger Confusion including fatigue, low lighting or bold lighting, noise, increased shadows, disruption of the body’s “internal clock,” difficulty separating reality from dreams, and the presence of an illness such as a urinary tract infection. Triggers vary from person to person, so it is a good idea to check with your loved one’s doctor to ensure there are no underlying health conditions or triggers. Keeping a journal of when they occur with Location, Time of day, and Activity, is helpful for identifying the reason for the Trigger(s).

Maintain a regular schedule. Experts say any disruption in schedule can lead to late-day confusion. Try to keep a regular schedule for meals, bedtime, trips outside the home and other daily activities.  A daily routine is essential with those affected by dementia.

Reduce noise and distractions. Any type of noise or outside distraction can create anxiety for an older adult with dementia. Try to minimize loud sounds or other disruptions that could cause stress for the senior in your life. Find out their favorite music genre and have it on hand.  It is always helpful to play gentle background music.

Adjust lighting. Like sound, lighting can be a problem for those with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia. Try to keep lighting in the home consistent by drawing blinds or adjusting shades. Bright light, as well as not enough light can aggravate late-day confusion.

The Fishing Season is Finally Back

Dust off your tackle box and take the tags off that brand-new fishing pole you got during the holidays because warmer weather is on the horizon and with it comes the early spring fishing season!

Here’s what you need to know on what to do before your first fishing trip this year, as well as tips and information on the fish you can expect to catch. If you have any specific questions about fishing in the area or fishing in general, please do not hesitate to reach out to our FCPA Fishing Coordinator Dan Grulke at Also, be sure to go online and check out some of the fishing classes we will be offering this year at some of your favorite local parks!

Maintaining your equipment is incredibly important when it comes to fishing, and it can save you a lot of money if done properly and in a timely manner.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to prepare for the upcoming fishing season.

The ENDEAVOR News Magazine is the Chamber's quarterly online publication and the must read magazine in Annandale.  Acquaint yourself with local businesses, community history, revitalization efforts, and issues that concern Annandale: The Crossroads of Northern Virginia TM.  


Several new laws are in effect in Virginia and in Fairfax County beginning July 1. We’ve highlighted a few for you to be aware of (with Virginia House or Senate bill numbers in parentheses if you want to look up more details).


School Threat Assessment Teams:  School resources offices (SRO) are now required to be part of a threat assessment team for any public school that employs an SRO. If a school does not have an SRO, the chief local law enforcement officer must designate an officer to receive state school safety training and serve as liaison for the school administrator. (HB 873)


Virtual Net Metering:  Updates have been made to the municipal net energy metering pilot program, expanding the program’s duration and capabilities. This bill is the direct result of a Fairfax County initiative. (HB 396)

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations:  Park authorities created by a locality are now authorized to locate, operate, regulate the use of and install signage relating to EV charging stations on property under their jurisdiction. This bill is the direct result of a Fairfax County initiative. (HB 443)

Energy Efficiency:  Roof replacements are now able to be included in energy performance-based contracts, increasing local authority in the field of energy improvements. (HB 1225/SB 13)

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) Financing Programs 

Local governments will now have new options for financing and managing payments for clean energy, resiliency and stormwater management programs. (HB 1325)


Parking at Electric Vehicle Charging Stations:  Parking vehicles not capable of receiving an electric charge in a space clearly marked for charging electric vehicles is now prohibited, and subject to a civil penalty of nor more than $25. (HB 450)

Loud Vehicle Exhaust Systems:  This new law changes some offenses related to loud vehicle exhaust systems to primary offenses, and provides changes to previous language that prohibited law enforcement officers from stopping vehicles that violated local ordinances unless it was a jailable offense. Learn more from our Police Department. (HB 632) 

New Lights for Traffic Incident Management Vehicles:  Traffic incident management vehicles may now be equipped with flashing red or red and white secondary warning lights. (HB 793/SB 450)


Property Tax Exemptions for Military Spouses:  Beginning with tax year 2022, localities may provide tax exemptions or separate tax rates for any real property owned by a surviving spouse of a member of the armed forces who died in the line of duty. The spouse must occupy that property as a principal place of residence and may not remarry to receive the potential exemption/benefit. (HB 957)


Community Engagement:  Localities may now request that the state conduct at least one public meeting in a location to solicit public input during the planning phase of a project, providing additional options for improved public participation. (HB 437)

Early Capital Fund for Startup Companies in Fairfax County
FFF Logo

Fairfax Founders Fund will provide early capital to startup companies in Fairfax County.   The fund will target early-stage technology companies with technical assistance grants of up to $50,000 to help them prepare for later stage investments.
Fairfax County expects the fund will bolster economic development by growing local innovation-based businesses. It will also foster the startup ecosystem by connecting young businesses with funding, local programs, and partners. Recipients will be able to use the resources for commercialization and market entry, including but not limited to prototype development, market intelligence, or technology validation.  The county will allocate $1,000,000 from its Economic Opportunity Reserve Fund to capitalize the pilot program

Potential funding recipients include companies located in Fairfax County who market an early stage, high growth product or service that has potential for future institutional investment.  Applicants must provide a 50% match, which can be in capital or ‘sweat equity’, and provide progress reports over a 5-year timeframe. “Fairfax County is the premier location in Virginia and the nation to start a business, and we have further established ourselves as a hub of innovation. The Founders Fund builds on this, with a firm eye on equity, by financially supporting and promoting the incubation of incredible ideas that will turn into extraordinary products and services. I am truly excited to see what emerges from the entrepreneurs who take advantage of all our county has to offer”, said Board Chairman Jeffrey C. McKay. 

Targeted outreach will focus on recruiting women, people of color, veterans, and other underrepresented groups in the technology-based business community. Studies by the Kaufman Foundation have shown that although diverse teams create more profitable companies, women, Latinx, and Black populations are underrepresented as start-up executives. As part of its commitment to “One Fairfax” the county is focused on promoting this program to diverse groups. 

Fairfax County has instituted multiple initiatives to help businesses grow and recover. Programs including the Microloan Program, RISE Small Business Grant Program, PIVOT Recovery Grant Program and the Economic Recovery Framework, all spearheaded by the county’s Department of Economic Initiatives, have been foundational building blocks for the county’s economic recovery. Since 2020 the county has targeted more than $70 million in funding for community business support. 

By the numbers – small business support snapshot:
Small Business Support Grants (and Microloan):

 Total $70.4 million 

Rollout is expected in 3rd quarter and more information, including how to apply, will be posted at that time.

Kenwood Summer Day Camp

Kenwood Summer Day Camp, Annandale, VA

At Kenwood Summer Day Camp the children not only go on exciting trips everyday but also have a wide variety of activities to keep them entertained while they are at camp. When the campers arrive in the morning they are greeted by our friendly camp counselors and immediately go join their friends on our large, wooded playground. Our playground equipment is top notch but you will likely say goodbye to your child as they are running to join the basketball or kickball game in progress on the blacktop. As the day warms up the campers go in groups to one of our 5 themed rooms to cool off and play.

  • Game Room - board games, air hockey and foosball tables, and a Wii with a projector
  • Art Room - weekly arts & crafts projects to make and take home
  • Lounge - bean bag chairs, oversized pillows to relax on, books and magazines to read
  • Video Game Room - jam packed with televisions with playstations and lots of games to choose from
  • Gym - basketball, volleyball, or relay races are played in a nice, air conditioned environment

The campers can also participate in camp-wide games such as flag football, outdoor laser tag, capture the flag, and karaoke contests. In the afternoons free sports clinics are held in a variety of sports from baseball to football and soccer in our open meadow or gym.

Looking for Summer Fun?  

    • Extended Day at no additional charge
      (7 am to 6 pm)
    • Week by Week Sign-Up
    • Weekly Tuition covers all activity fees
    • Sibling Discounts
    • Family Registration

Kenwood Summer Day Camp
4955 Sunset Lane
Annandale, VA  22003
703-256-4711   . 

Route 236/Little River Turnpike Plan HORRIFIC for the Residents and Merchants of Annandale

The proposed plan to expand Little River Turnpike has one and only one goal, to accommodate more and more cross county commuter traffic and move it through the LIttle River corridor as quickly and as unencumbered as possible.  There is NO consideration shown for the residents and businesses of Annandale.  This proposal will greatly hinder the people of Annandale while killing off easy access to Annandale merchants.

Just imagine driving from Fairfax to Annandale on your way home.  You wish to take a left on Hummer Road  or to access roadways to Falls Church?  Under this new plan, you will be driving many more minutes while all but circumnavigating the western banks of Annandale traveling through one traffic circle to another.  THIS PROPOSAL IS NUTS and we can only hope that the leadership in Mason District will stand up and fight for the rights of our citizens.

Many NO left turns off of Little River will be blocked causing more inconvenience and time burden to our residents.  Other detour type routes and traffic circles are proposed taking you further from your destination every single day.  Yet, the commuter traffic will race through our community unfettered while eliminating the much needed access roads that provide easy entrance and inter-parcel access to the merchants on which you depend.

These access roads also provide a calmer direct route for the local residents keeping them off Little River.  Without them, we will be forced to join what will become a Freeway.  Designers of this plan intentionally market a massive misdirect by calling the expanded Little River a Boulevard.  Sounds nice but this is not Paris.  Have no doubt, this will be a Freeway and one that is far harder for pedestrians to cross no matter how many cross walks are striped. 

The breadth of Little River does not allow anyone to cross all lanes in one go.  Waiting on the median for another round of changing lights is necessary and dangerous.  Pedestrian accessibility in Annandale is all but non existent right now.  The most dangerous spots have always been when attempting to cross both Columbia Pike and Little River.  Recently we have also experienced such distracted and high volume driving that fatalities have occurred on sidewalks.  The next victim, and there will be more, could be you!  This new road plan does not improve pedestrian accessibility although there are lofty claims that it is one of the goals.  If in fact that is more than lip service, that goal deserves a grade of (F) Failure. 

As to Roundabouts the research shows serious concerns about safety, so much so that in England where Roundabouts have existed in plenty for more than 100 years, they are now disappearing because of serious safety concerns. 

They are not as safe as traditional crossings for either pedestrians or bicyclists and they are not meant for higher speed roadways since entry speeds on each leg of the intersection should not exceed 15-18 mph.  Roundabouts are also not designed for multilane road intersections which all of the roadways displayed for inclusion in this proposal are multilane.  Raises even more questions about creating safe road conditions.

Ten years ago when a less dramatic version of this plan was first proposed, a compromise was reached to create an inner loop for the residents of Annandale so we would be able to avoid much of the commuter traffic and easily access our neighborhoods and merchants.  That Inner-Annandale Loop has been abandoned.  Do not be deceived, there is NOTHING in this plan that will benefit the people of Annandale.

Annandale Road to Backlick

We will forever be going around in circles.  Have you seen the shockingly ugly Roundabout on Ravensworth Road that VDOT installed?  If they can not install even one attractive “roundabout” what horror awaits with these circles littering every roadway?

DOT Extends Route 236/Little River Turnpike STARS Study Comment Period
By public request, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is extending the comment period for the Route 236/Little River Turnpike STARS Study from May 31 through Sunday, June 12, 2022. This STARS (Strategically Targeted Affordable Roadway Solutions) Study is assessing potential cost-effective measures to improve safety and reduce congestion during morning and evening peak periods for approximately four miles of Route 236/Little River Turnpike, between I-495 in Annandale and I-395 in Alexandria.  For more information, and to access the survey in English, Korean, and Spanish, visit  Make certain to add a note in the comment area that neither proposal is acceptable!

For more photos of other intersections, go to the VDOT Northern Virginia page or the Route 236 STARS Study.

Summer Entertainment Series
                               Features Arts in the Parks

Grab your sunscreen, favorite snacks and the kids for family fun in the parks this summer! Every Saturday and Wednesday morning, Arts in the Parks will be hosting several performances perfect for the whole family. Not only will they be entertained with live performances, but they’ll also connect with parks and the joy of time spent outdoors.

To kick off the Summer Entertainment Series, classically trained singer/songwriter Nicole “Ms. Niki” Addison will bring what she calls “edutainment” to the stage. Her unique brand of entertaining youth through education is a product of her extensive background in music. As a cross between Mary Poppins and Ms. Frizzle, her songs are interactive and teach children things, such as the alphabet and colors in Spanish and other languages, all in a fresh and exciting way.

Admission is free, and the concert will be held June 18, 2022 from 10 to 10:45 a.m. at the Burke Lake Park Amphitheater.

Concerts are held outdoor and will be canceled due to inclement weather. Call 703-324-SHOW (7469) for inclement weather updates. For details regarding each series, go to the Summer Entertainment Series website.

Burke Lake Park is located at 7315 Ox Road, Fairfax Station, Virginia. For more information, visit Burke Lake Park; or call 703-323-6600

Celebrating our Amazing Nurses

Home Instead Senior Care has been honored and inspired by the 14 year leadership of Laura McKay, their VP of Nursing here at the Home Instead/Annandale office.  Laura and her nursing team have expanded their services, detailed below, to accommodate older adults without family nearby.

Home Instead/Annandale Celebrates Our Amazing Nurses!  Thank you to Laura McKay, Vice President of Nursing, along with Anabelle Ong-Hay, Catherine Pence, Paul Yeboah and Kristen Snellings.  We are fortunate to have you all on our Team! 

Our Owner Jason Sager (pictured) was pleased to present gifts of appreciation.  Catherine Pence and Laura McKay are also pictured. 

7058 Columbia Pike (In the Annandale Shopping Center next to Silverado's)
Annandale, VA  22003
703-750-6644  (24/7)


Gardening, Fine Art, Fitness and Special Request Programs are scheduled year round.  Register online at or call Green Spring Gardens at 703-642-5173. 



 Tea Treats at Green Spring Gardens-Photo by Annandale Chamber of Commerce
A traditional English afternoon tea served in the 1784 Historic House follows each program. Full tea includes finger sandwiches,pastries, and scone with cream and jam. Specially prepared tea boxes to go are also available with advance purchase.

Programs are by reservation only. Call Historic Green Spring at (703) 941-7987


Uptick in COVID-19 Cases Prompts Fairfax Health District to Urge Continued Vigilance
Fairfax County Health Dept.

Over the past two weeks in the Fairfax Health District, cases of COVID-19 have risen by 62%; and since a low on March 21, the daily number of cases has about tripled. Although not as high as the peak in cases seen in January, this change is concerning.  Just during the past week, there have been 15 new outbreaks (clusters of three or more connected cases of illness) reported in the county with 12 occurring in schools and daycares. Despite this surge in cases, hospitalizations continue to be low, and the community level remains at “low.”The BA.2 variant now is causing most COVID-19 infections in the United States. While there is no evidence that BA.2 results in more severe disease compared to other variants, it is more transmissible as shown by the increase in cases and outbreaks in recent weeks. Additionally, the virus that causes COVID-19 continues to mutate with subvariant BA.2.12 identified first in New York state and now seen nationwide.


Meet the Artisan: Jean Vasconcellos

Jean Vasconcellos Cherry Blossoms

The journey of my creative expressions began in the tropics of beautiful rural Guyana where I was raised. Surrounded by the abundance of flora and fauna, varieties of beads growing on trees and clay from the many rivers; my imagination would go wild about what to do with the things I could see, reach and touch. When indoors, my Mom who was the village seamstress taught me to make dolls and their clothing from left-over fabrics and she taught me to do hand-embroidery and smocking, to crochet, to weave and to make lovely paper flowers, as well. I totally enjoyed the opportunity to create gift items with the variety of my ‘country-girl’ skills I could share and bring some added happiness to people around me and also enabled me to save money. 

In the midst of this, I took the opportunity to attend Teachers’ Training College where I majored in ‘The Principles and Methods of Teaching’ and the topic of my thesis was ‘The Benefits of Creativity in the Classroom’. After graduation I was assigned to a Pilot School for Vocational Studies where I was responsible for teaching Crafts with the use of local, sustainable materials only.

A few years later, I moved to Barbados and taught at an all-boys Catholic High School. Fine Crafts was then added to the school’s curriculum and those who opted to take the classes created wonderful, hand-built/free-form items of clay and fabulous 3D wall pictures of textiles and yarn with my guidance.


The Golden Years:
Pets Fill Our Hearts with Joy                   

The warmth and unconditional love of a pet is a therapy for us all – priceless and unmatched..  As we age, that beloved pet becomes even more of a focus to our daily lives – and to our health and emotions. The tactile and constant love of a pet offers a replacement that so many seniors need when little or no family remains regular in their lives.

Did you know that a strong attachment to a pet is associated with less depression among seniors? It is often coupled with less fatigue, tension and confusion as well. There is a strong connection between heart health and pet ownership which is also why animal-assisted therapy has become so popular. Senior pet owners are more likely to get more exercise leading to lower blood pressure and stress levels. And these furry companions can help individuals feel more focused and positive in their daily living.

Our pets provide a wonderful source to channel a sense of responsibility and our affection. To many, they can literally be that reason for being; that heart string connection with a mutual need and devotion. When family and even friends are scarce, a warm furry friend can be that comfort and unconditional love that we all need.  Our beloved pets don’t ask–they don’t wait – they just fill our hearts with joy!!

    Home Instead Senior Care
    7058 Columbia Pike  (In the Annandale Shopping Center at Gallows Road)
    Annandale, VA  22003
    703-750-6644  (24/7)

    Freestanding Accessory Structure Locations
    To Know about the Location Regulations for Freestanding Accessory Structures on Residential Lots in Fairfax County
    Click the Image Below.

    On the Energy Front
    Spring into Savings with Virginia Energy Sense
                                                                                         For many, springtime means spring cleaning. As you get ready to deep clean your home, consider adding a few energy-saving — and money-saving — home improvements to your to-do list this season.

    Breathe Easy With Clean Air Filters
    Did you know a dirty air filter can cost you money? When an air filter is clogged, your cooling system has to work harder to distribute air, which increases your energy bill.

    Change your air filters once a month to keep your cooling system at peak performance. Another benefit is that you can be sure you’re breathing fresh air — essential for combating seasonal allergies this spring. For added efficiency, consider upgrading to a reusable air filter, which can be washed and lasts up to 10 years.

    Break Out the Caulk To Plug Air Leaks
    Springtime means warmer weather. If you turn on your air conditioner this season, you’ll want to make sure cool air isn’t escaping through leaks. Inspect your doors, baseboards, and walls for cracks or holes. Then, fill in any leaks with caulk or sealant, which costs less than $10. A little effort now can result in big savings later!


    Annandale REAL ESTATE

    First, we have the Internet allowing us to work on our desktops, iPads and iPhones.  Over the years workers have transitioned from working 1 day a week from home, to full time at home.  The benefits have included less travel time, ability to spend more time with family, time to enjoy our surroundings, not having to dress up (except maybe for Zoom calls), ability to spend time with newly acquired pets, and more. 

    Then, there is the new factor of viewing our surroundings in a new light leading to home expansion and renovations; also, to deciding to move to a larger home or farther out for a larger home and more land.  Statistically, more people are moving to western Loudoun County, for instance. 

    So, if Covid hadn’t reared its ugly head would people have returned to their offices?  After working from home for a couple years not going back to the office is a new trend that may be here to stay.  And among those who have a workplace outside of their homes, the majority (61%) said they are choosing to work from home, while the remainder said they're remote because their workplace is closed or unavailable to them.  This is up from 54%. 

    Among people who rarely if ever worked from home before the pandemic and are choosing to do so now, 64% said working from home has improved their work-life balance. In terms of productivity, 44% say remote work has made it easier for them to get work done and meet deadlines. One common downside, however, is feeling less connected to colleagues, which 60% cited.


    The Police Beat: 
    Spring Baby Boom-Keep Young Wildlife Healthy and Wild

    The ENDEAVOR News Magazine

    Springtime is here, and with the warming temperatures, we see a boom in baby wildlife. Our Animal Protection Police Officers and Wildlife Management office receive many calls this time of year from residents who are seeking help for young wildlife that appear to be orphaned or abandoned.
    While these actions are well-intended, it is important to realize intervention may be unnecessary and can be detrimental to wildlife. Many baby animals that are brought to wildlife professionals are in no need of help from humans. Baby animals left alone are not necessarily orphaned or abandoned; many species of wildlife will hide their young for safety, leaving them alone for extended periods of time. 

    Common wildlife frequently found and “rescued” in Fairfax County include squirrels, red foxes, raccoons, rabbits, skunks, opossums, and songbirds. If you come across a baby animal and feel the need to intervene, we offer guidelines below to determine if the animal needs help. If an animal is displaying these signs, contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, veterinarian or our Animal Protection Police for further assistance and instruction.


    Annandale Area Swimming Pools
    Splash Your Way through Summer

    Splash Your Way through SummerAnnandale Swim and Tennis Club
    7530 Little River Turnpike, Annandale 22003
    Membership contact: 703-354-4272
    Swim team: Red Tide
    Social activities: Family dinners, movie nights, family campout and sleepover, annual pig roast, dog swim, ladies’ night party, men’s Texas hold ‘em party,
    Special features: Dive team and tennis team, pool slides.

    Audrey Moore Recreational Center at Wakefield Park
    8100 Braddock Road, Annandale, VA  22003

    Fully equipped recreational center located within Wakefield Park with a 50m x 25yd pool, one 3m and two 1m diving boards, and super slide.  The natatorium also contains spectator seating, doors that lead to a spacious outdoor sundeck, and locker rooms containing saunas and showers.  In addition to the various racquetball/wallyball and squash courts, the center has a large gymnasium with six basketball hoops, and volleyball nets.  The center also contains a cycle studio, a dance room, a pottery lab and kiln, an arts and crafts room, a photography lab, three multi-purpose activity rooms, and a senior center. Over 40 fitness classes each week are offered for all ages.

    Wakefield Park has miles of outdoor trails including the Cross County Trail which is utilized by cyclists, runners and nature lovers.  There are well lit outdoor basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, baseball & softball diamonds, a newly expanded skate board park, and soccer fields.  An extensive summer camp program is held each year along with the Braddock Farmer's Market on Wednesdays during early May to late October from 2-6pm.

    Broyhill Crest Recreation Club
    7212 Early St., Annandale 22003
    Membership contact: 703-560-1282, 703-914-9608 (front desk)
    Swim team: Barracudas
    Social activities: Weekly float night, Friday evening happy hours, Sunday night dinners, annual pig roast and silent auction, Fourth of July festivities, Christmas in July, Oktoberfest. Special features: Snack bar, party pavilion available for rental, playground, swim lessons, volleyball, basketball, tennis courts.


    The Bomb that Did Not Burst in Air

    As Americans battled the British in the War of 1812, militiamen stationed near what is now Fort Belvoir caught a lucky break when one bomb did not perform as expected.

    This 13-inch mortar shell was found at the US Army Engineer Research and Development Laboratories Pontoon Basin at Fort Belvoir in October 1959. Sometime between September 3 and 5 of 1814, the Royal Navy bomb vessel Aetna or Meteor likely fired this 194-pound bomb at an American gun battery that had been erected at a small building known as the White House, located at the Belvoir manor ruins.  

    This hollow bomb was filled with 10 to 15 pounds of gunpowder and plugged with a fuse. The fuse should have burned for 27 seconds before the bomb exploded, projecting two-inch-thick shrapnel at its target. Fortunately for the Americans at Belvoir, this bomb did not burst. The diffused bomb is now preserved with many other artifacts associated with the British attack in September of 1814.

    Just a month earlier, Royal Navy commander Vice Admiral Sir Alexander Cochrane had begun assembling a large task force off the Maryland coast and assigned Rear Admiral George Cockburn to strike Washington in an effort to demoralize Americans and suppress local resistance. Admiral Cockburn ordered Captain James Gordon’s squadron to sail up the Potomac to Washington to destroy fortifications along the river. On August 24, British soldiers and marines defeated Americans at Bladensburg, Maryland. They entered Washington that evening and set fire to the Presidential Mansion, the U.S. Capitol, and other government buildings. The British left Washington the next day and occupied Alexandria.


     Meet the Artisan:  Jeanette Bieber
    Pottery with a Flair

    Pottery by Jeanette Bieber at Artisans United, Annandale, VaJeanette Bieber is a new member of Artisans United. While working as an accountant, Jeanette never gave up her love for art. She has worked in painting including sumi-e, knitting, needlepoint, sewing, embroidery and other handcrafts. When she discovered pottery, she found her passion. “Pottery for me is a wonderful way to express my creative abilities. The technical skills and use of color in glazing a piece of pottery is very satisfying.” Although she is primarily a functional potter, Jeanette has branched out into some decorative work as well. Her pieces include fish vases, pumpkins for Halloween, gnomes and Christmas ornaments for the holiday season.

    Pottery is a process that is time consuming and exacting. It includes three stages. The first stage includes creating the piece either by wheel throwing or hand building. Hand building can include the use of templates, molds or other devices to create a shape or object. After the piece is created it needs to dry to what is known as a leather hard consistency.


    WISA Solutions

            Is Your Home in Need of a Makeover?   WISA Solutions, Home Improvement Inside and Out

                              Exterior Improvements include Roofing & Siding     

    The Chamber would like to introduce Waris Mojaddidi and WISA Solutions, his family run business to the Annandale Community.  Waris was born and raised in Springfield attending West Springfield High School.  He went onto Coastal Carolina University playing Division 1 Soccer and graduating with a Business Management Degree in 2010.  A year later he and his father drew together a business plan and opened WISA Solutions.

    WISA is a full service home improvement company that specializes in mid to major interior design build renovations (kitchens, bathrooms, basements, additions) along with roof, siding and gutter replacement.  They can make your home renovations easier by hiring one contractor to take care of your many needs.

    Need more space?  Have your basement renovated into a home theatre, home office, playroom, and study space.

    Need a new roof?   WISA can provide an accurate view of your roof with drone technology and then show you a range of roofing materials including the longest wearing materials on the market today.

    Want to reduce your home insurance premiums?  Replacing your roof, especially before the harsh winds and heavy winter storms, may be the single best home investment you can make. 


    Jake’s Ice Cream
    Made With Pride by Loving Hands

    Jake's Ice Cream

    Jake’s Ice Cream has opened at Barcroft Plaza off Columbia Pike.  This especially delicious ice cream is handcrafted of fourteen percent butterfat in twenty-four flavors plus four non-dairy/began coconut-based flavors. They also produce house-made waffle cones, sundaes, shakes, floats and many other confections. Each week their assortment of cocoa bombs, cake pops, and ice cream changes making it fun to stop in frequently to taste the latest offering. 

    Jake’s is owned by Robin Rinearson who worked as a pediatric and developmental optometrist for more than forty-four years.  Later she became a geriatric eye care specialist at the NOVA Vision Center in Bailey’s Crossroads.  Most recently she envisioned a career in the ice cream business where she could employee individuals with special needs.  The shop is named for her nephew Jake, an adult with special needs who lost his job due to the pandemic.  Job prospects became dim during this pandemic but even more so for those with special needs since job opportunities were far more limited even in the best of times.

    Shop Locally and Support Annandale Merchants

    Artisans United Gallery of Gifts Artisans United Gallery of Gifts, Annandale, VA
    When you shop at the gallery, you will find a wide variety of reasonably priced hand-crafted items by local artisans. Socially distanced shopping at the Gallery is easy. Or, if you can’t visit in person, call to arrange for a virtual tour and shopping. Staff can take payments over the phone and provide curbside pickup. Mailing or delivery to your home may be available.

    Visit us at the Packard Center (Annandale Community Park), 4022 Hummer Road, Annandale, VA 22003. We are open Tuesday-Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  

    READ MORE ABOUT ARTISANS UNITED Call us at 703-941-0202 to check on current hours. You may also arrange a Sunday, Monday, or evening visit.
    (703)941-0202    .   .
    Golf Gifts and Gift Cards
    Pinecrest Golf Course
    Corner of Braddock and Little River
    6600 Little River Turnpike, Alexandria, VA 22312
    (703) 941-1061   .

    Coffee Gifts
    Beanetics Coffee Roasters
    Annandale Shopping Center
    7028 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA 22003
    (703) 941-4506

    Tea Gifts, Nature & Garden Gifts

    Green Spring Gardens

    Off Braddock Rd. behind Pinecrest Shopping Center-Braddock and Little River
    6600 Little River Turnpike, Alexandria, VA 22312

    (703) 642-5173

    Comics, Collector's Cards and Sports Memorabilia
    Collector's World
    7030 Columbia Pike (current location),  Annandale, VA 22003
    703-256-8408   .
    Call for current hours of operation. 

    Chamber Membership is an Effective Business Strategy

    According to a recent study conducted by the Shapiro Group: 

    “When consumers know a small business is a member of the chamber of commerce, they are 49% more likely to think favorably of that business, and 80% more likely to purchase goods or services from the company in the future.” 
      For more information on benefits when joining the Annandale Chamber of Commerce please see......

    Membership Information.

    More News and Local Issues



    Lambros Fine Jewelry in Annandale, VASparkling, even inspiring are the jewelry designs exhibited in abundance at this charming retailer. Lambros and Jayne Magiafas, goldsmith and geologist, are a team made in Jewelers Heaven. Lambros began his goldsmith apprenticeship at the age of 12 in his native Greece while Jayne started her career in the US at the age of 16.

    Lambros Goldsmiths is a family owned and operated, full service Fine Jewelry retailer.  

    Founded in 1987, Lambros Goldsmiths has been serving the Fine Jewelry needs of people from around the country. Nestled in our friendly town of Annandale, Lambros Goldsmiths offers uniquely handcrafted Fine Jewelry at competitive prices. READ MORE



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    Youth Sports & Summer Camps
    in Annandale
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    Annandale Boys & Girls Club

    Lee's Hapmudo Martial Arts Studio

    Kenwood School Summer Day Camp

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    Read the Latest
    ENDEAVOR News Magazine

    The ENDEAVOR News Magazine is the Chamber's quarterly online publication and the must read magazine in Annandale.  Acquaint yourself with local businesses, community history, revitalization efforts, and issues that concern Annandale: The Crossroads of Northern Virginia TM.  

    The Annandale American Legion
    Post 1
    The American Legion976 is recruiting new members.  Veterans and family members welcome to join.  Party hall rental is free for all members.  Call 703-408-9123 and ask for Diane Ramsey.

    4206 Daniels Ave, Annandale, VA 22003
    (behind the Bank of America building
    on Columbia Pike. 

    Mondays and Thursdays
    The Annandale Volunteer Fire Dept. BINGO 
    Temporarily Halted due to Covid

    Annandale Volunteer Fire Dept. BINGO

    Doors opening at 4:30pm – Early Birds start at 6:45pm – Regular Sessions starts 7:45pm

    • 42” LCD TV monitors display next ball to be called.
    • Must be 14 yrs of age to play bingo at AVFD.
    • ATM machine available.
    • Bingo Hotline is 703-941-1328
    •  Non-smoking inside format

     7128 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA  22003
    Ample parking on site.

    Wednesdays at 6 PM
    Annandale Boys & Girls Club BINGO
    This weekly event is held at Annandale's

    American Legion Bicentennial Post 1976
    4206 Daniels Ave.   .   Annandale, VA 22003
    located directly behind the Bank of America on Columbia Pike.

    Homeless & Hypothermia Shelters
    in Northern Virginia
    through Fredericksburg (Fairfax, Loudoun, Culpepper, Arlington, Alexandria,  and Prince William Counties, plus Manassas & Manassas Park,  can be found at:

    Office to Prevent and End Homelessness: 703-324-9492

    Families with children who need shelter must contact Coordinated Services Planning at (703) 222-0880 between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm to gain access. After business hours, families with children in need of shelter should go directly to the nearest family shelter.

    Bailey's Homeless Shelter

    As the weather gets colder, Bailey's Shelter and Supportive Housing (BSSH) is getting ready to begin its Hypothermia Prevention Program, which provides shelter to 50+ additional individuals during the coldest months of the year.  The shelter currently needs donations of new sweatpants, sweatshirts, T-shirts, and underwear to support increased outreach for our homeless neighbors. 

    To schedule a donation, volunteer, or just learn more about shelter needs, contact Bianca Clark at, or call 703-578-8852.  If you or someone you know needs shelter, please call BSSH at 703-820-7621.  If you see someone who may need shelter, call the Fairfax County Police non-emergency number at 703-691-2131.  


    Help Fill the Needs of Your Neighbors here in Annandale

    Food Bank at ACCA

    The need for food donations is greater than ever before. Your support will go a long way in helping to bring relief to our most vulnerable neighbors. For more information or, to donate now, click HERE.

    ACCA collects food donations on weekdays with the exception of County Holidays and other scheduled closings from 1 – 5 pm at the food pantry across from Giant Food on Columbia Pike (trailer separate from the day care center) in Annandale. See their website for Saturday donation schedule.

    Annandale Christian Community for Action
    7200 Columbia Pike Annandale, VA 22003


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