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The ENDEAVOR News Magazine is filled with interesting columns such as The Police Beat, Roads & Rage, The Historical Retrospective, Tax Talk, From Capitol Hill to the Chairman's Corner, View on Nature, Business Today, The School Bell, Annandale Real Estate, and Chamber Chat.

Parking Rates Adjusted Downward
To Accommodate Modern Retail Industry Trends

Tysons GalleriaThe Board of Supervisors has approved a new minimum parking rate for large shopping malls.  This has been a highly controversial issue receiving much debate within the Planning Commission.  The changes give Fairfax County’s largest commercial retail centers additional flexibility to adapt to a changing retail marketplace as residents increasingly shop online.

The minimum parking requirement for malls of 800,000 net square feet or more is being reduced from four spaces per 1,000 square feet to a rate of 2.5 spaces per 1,000 square feet.

This approved change comes after a parking analysis conducted by Nelson/Nygaard revealed that no more than 70% of available spaces were occupied during peak holiday shopping seasons at Fair Oaks Mall and Springfield Town Center.  That number has been disputed since the survey was not taken on the peak shopping day of the holiday season.   It also occurs after analysis by the county’s Department of Planning and Development of parking regulations for all regional malls in the county including current abilities to reduce parking at these retail centers.


Here,There, and Everywhere
Illegal Commercial Parking Floods Annandale Once Again

No Parking Sign on Access Road

When will active and ongoing enforcement be enacted to rid Annandale of this motorized invasion?  Commercial vehicles are again flooding the  streets of Annandale, perhaps worse than ever before.  Now that many of the residential main drags have been lined with a parking lane, illegal commercial vehicles have taken to parking there, as if their own personal parking lots.  Dump trucks, food trucks, flat bed trucks, landscaping trailers, company branded vehicles, moving trucks, and car carriers can be regularly found on Hummer Road, Gallows, Ravensworth, Sleepy Hollow, Daniels Avenue and Annandale Road, not to mention some of the narrower neighborhood streets.   Peaceful neighborhoods, some with tight existing parking issues for their residents, are swamped with these huge unsightly vehicles. Residential living has been turned into a nightmare with a scarred visual landscape leading to dangerous pedestrian conditions. 

At the foot of the closed Kmart store along the Little River access road has become an ongoing parking spot for one or more car carrier trucks who can be seen multiple times each month in spite of the clearly displayed NO PARKING signs posted all along that access road.  It is amazing that they have not already been ticketed for such blatant violations with clearly posted signage.  This abusive behavior has been occurring multiple times each month for all of 2019. Yes for more than 12 months without consequence.  How can the police turn a blind eye to such an obvious violation? 


Saturday, February 8
Stuff the BusYou can help fill our local food bank by donating items from 9:30-4:00 PM to which will be parked in front of the Annandale Giant Food Store ,7137 Columbia Pike, and will benefit the Annandale Christian Community for Action (ACCA). For more information about the "Stuff the Bus" program and a list of donation sites, collection dates, and times, call 703-222-9764

Wednesday, February 12, 2020
Taste of Chocolate and Wine by Cooper Hawk

The Renaissance of Annandale
Celebrate Valentine's Day with fellow Chamber members and other local business professionals from 4-6:00 pm.  Bring your business cards and marketing materials to exchange in this convenient and relaxed setting.

Where:  Renaissance of Annandale, 7112 Braddock Road, Annandale, VA  22003
             (two blocks west of Braddock and Backlick intersection)
Time:     4:00 - 6:00 pm


Your Vote Counts
Democratic Presidential Primary Election, March 3, 2020

Fairfax County Office of Election

The Annandale Chamber of Commerce does not endorse individual candidates or political parties, but does urge everyone to exercise their democratic right to vote.   The primary will take place on Tuesday, March 3, 2020 from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm.  REMEMBER to bring a valid photo ID.  You must be registered in order to vote.  See below for details. To confirm that you are eligible to vote in this election, please visit the Virginia State Board of Elections website.

Democrats are the only party holding a Presidential Primary in Virginia on March 3, 2020. Republicans chose to select Delegates to their National Convention at a State Convention to be held at a later date. Because Virginia doesn't require voters to state their party when registering, any registered Virginia voter can cast a ballot in the March 3, 2020 Virginia Democratic Presidential Primary Election.

In Virginia you must bring a photo ID to your polling place.  Acceptable forms of photo ID are:   


Thursday March 19, 2020
Midday Marketing Reception

Annandale Chamber of Commerce, VAThis reception offers you an opportunity to meet chamber members and business owners.  Lasting only one hour, you can improve your contact list quickly and effectively while distributing your marketing materials directly to members.  Coffee and sweets will be served.  Chamber Networking is about building relationships with new business contacts, identifying potential new customers, while providing an opportunity to meet fellow members in a congenial relaxed setting.  Expand your professional address book along with your business base.

Chamber office:  4127 Meadow Court, Annandale, VA  22003 (parking on the street, entrance is on the right side of building)

When:  Thursday, March 19, 2020
Time:  3:00-4:00 pm
What to bring:  Marketing materials and business card
RSVP: As soon as possible but before March 16th to
Cost:  Chamber members and their guests only.  No Cost.

VIEW ON NATURE:  Wily Invaders

Wily InvaderJust like the rest of the country, every county in Virginia has a relatively new, unwelcome wildlife resident…coyotes.  Hailing from the southern and Midwestern plains states, coyotes are not native to Virginia. State biologists say they were first spotted west of the Blue Ridge in the 1950s and slowly infiltrated over the mountains across the entire commonwealth, including highly populated places like Hampton Roads and NOVA.  I was doubtful coyotes had made it to my neighborhood until I caught a large male twice at dawn on a trail camera behind my house.  These medium-sized, mostly nocturnal predators are smart at staying out of sight while clearly amongst us.  

Coyotes in Virginia weigh between 30 and 45 pounds, although their full coats make them look larger.  Their fluffy fur is often sandy brown but can vary from blondish to reddish-brown, grey or even black.  Their bellies and throats are light colored; their bushy tails have a black tip and are held downward when running. Don’t confuse them with foxes or domestic dogs, they’re much larger than a fox and proportionally have longer legs than most dogs. 


ROADS & RAGE: Deficient Pavement throughout NOVA Funding for Transportation Projects Won’t Cover the Wish List

Roads and Rage
The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is responsible for more than128,000 lane miles of roadway.   A report that is available on the VDOT website describes the pavement condition on roads in various regions of Virginia. 

Although the Interstate Roads are rated  in good condition, the state of the pavement on the secondary system is highly deficient in Northern Virginia.  You are not imagining how bumpy your ride is throughout the area.  It is not only the endless pot holes experienced region wide, but also the poor ride quality due to pavement roughness.  Pavement roughness is generally defined as an expression of the aggregation of irregularities in the pavement surface, per linear mile, that adversely affects the ride quality of a vehicle (and thus the user). Roughness is an important pavement characteristic because it affects not only ride quality but also vehicle delay costs, fuel consumption and maintenance costs

The 2020 repaving schedule for the secondary system has not been announced.   All the neighborhood roads in Mason District had been given the worst condition rating possible.  Only a miniscule number have been repaved in the past two years.   Overall, even with the minimum neighborhood repaving completed, the secondary road pavement in the Northern Virginia Region has been rated 59.09% deficient. 

The roads are as bad as you thought with little hope for a near term remedy.


Shared Mobility Devices in Fairfax County
That’s not the Road Runner beeping behind you!

ScootersThe Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved a Shared Mobility Device (SMD) ordinance on Nov. 19 that will govern devices such as e-scooters in Fairfax County effective Jan. 1, 2020. In February of this year, the General Assembly passed a law permitting shared mobility devices in Virginia and gave local governments authority to establish regulations or a pilot program for these new devices.  Fairfax County’s Department of Cable and Consumer Services will regulate the e-scooter and other SMD operators through a permitting process. Operators will be required to maintain certain fleet sizes with an initial maximum fleet of 300 devices per operator permit that can be increased to 600 devices per operator based on usage.

Rules of the Road
Like bicycles, e-scooters can be used on a highway, sidewalk, shared-use path, roadway, or crosswalk.   E-scooters in Fairfax County cannot be operated above 10 mph. Once riders reach their destination, they should leave the device parked in an area that does not impede normal car or foot traffic. If residents notice an e-scooter parked in an inappropriate place or left on private property, they can contact the device operator listed on the e-scooter and the operator must remove it.


Annandale Real Estate
Brighter days and greater opportunities for Annandale

Affordable HousingAlthough I normally write about either commercial or residential real estate with an eye toward maximizing owners’ investments, I believe it is also important to keep an eye on the issue of affordable housing in the Annandale area.  The issue of affordable housing has been on the front page of nearly every newspaper in America and on the lips of many politicians, but how many people actually understand the economic impact of the affordable housing shortage?

Amazon is contributing $20 million to Arlington County’s affordable housing fund because it understands the effect that HQ2 will have on the local housing market.  Fairfax County, and in particular the Annandale area due to its proximity, will also be affected by Amazon’s effect on the housing market.  It will  likely cause housing prices to spike, thereby exacerbating the affordable housing shortage.

What this does is delay market entrance by young buyers seeking their first home.  It pushes rents up to a point that many  families simply cannot reasonably afford to occupy apartments in our area.  Consider that the rent for a one-bedroom apartment is often more than many people’s mortgage payment and may represent over 50% of a couples disposable income.  And there are many seniors who are making the decision between paying the rent and obtaining prescription drugs.


A Unique Gift:

For the Animal Lover Who has Everything

Fairfax County Animal ShelterThe Friends of the Fairfax County Animal Shelter (FFCAS) is constructing a tribute garden at the entrance to the Fairfax County Animal Shelter, located at 4500 West Ox Road in Fairfax.  Upon completion, the garden will consist of a patio with plantings and benches, where visitors may enjoy, rest and reflect, as well as a tangible "thank you" for all who contribute, donate, and support our Animal Shelter.  Give an animal lover you know a special gift, while supporting the FFCAS and commemorating a beloved pet.  For information about this special and limited opportunity, and to learn more about the tribute garden, visit   or call  571-212-9858.

UnCovered:  Grange Halls
Remain a favorite gathering spot especially in rural communities.   

The former Annandale Grange HallIn 1860, Oliver Hudson Kelley was an employee of the Department of Agriculture.  After witnessing an astounding lack of good agricultural practices in the South, he formed in 1876 the National Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry.  Early in the movement, educational and social events were promoted by the Grange.

Other than shopping for supplies and attending church, farmers of that era were especially isolated. Social gatherings were a welcome relief and well attended.  The Grange quickly increased in popularity throughout the farm belt and by 1877 reached a national membership of 1.5 million.  

In the early 1870’s farmers were plagued by low prices (due to overproduction) growing indebtedness (due to the industrial age and production of treasured farm machinery) and discriminatory treatment by the railroads who charged more for hauling products short distances than long.  Most farmers lived short distances from markets. 


EARLY 3D Entertainment  

SteroviewerEarly 3D entertainment came in the form of a Stereo Viewer which could be found in countless homes.  

Stereoview Cards became popular in the early 1900s. It was an early attempt to create 3-dimensional photographs. A stereoscope viewer was used to view two side-by-side photos mounted on a card. Viewing an image in this fashion gave the illusion of depth. Stereoscopes were once a popular form of entertainment for the whole family, an early form of virtual reality producing highly detailed images that when viewed, produced a highly intense experience.  With a stereoscope your entire field of vision is engaged.  The result became the strongest persuasive power of any medium of the time. 


What a Difference a Century Makes:  1920  

Election Night crowd at White House in November 1920. Ready for a change from Wilson to Warren Harding. ELECTION NIGHT CROWD


  • The League of Nations was established in Paris, an international organization, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, created after the First World War to provide a forum for resolving international disputes. At its height, it had 58 member states. The US never joined in spite of urging and organizing by President Woodrow Wilson

  • Following his attendance at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, Woodrow Wilson returned to the United States to campaign for Senate approval of the peace treaty and the League of Nations Covenant. However, he suffered a stroke in October 1919 which left him bedridden and partially paralyzed. For the remainder of her husband's presidency, she acted as a de facto steward and determined which communications and matters of state were important enough to bring to the attention of the bedridden president.

  • On September 16, 1920, an explosion at the corner of Wall and Broad Streets in downtown Manhattan killed 39 people and wounded hundreds more. It would be the deadliest terror attack on American soil until the Oklahoma City bombing 75 years later. This served as a violent protest against the nation’s wealth being centered around the very few at the expense of laborers and their unions resonated with many Americans, leading to terrorism by anarchists and assassins. 

  • The Eighteenth Amendment prohibiting alcohol in the United States was passed. This was largely a victory for Yankee moral values over those of immigrants, but now many of the great cities practically ignored the measure.  Many Americans just hid their liquor stores in underground bunkers and frequented bars/clubs known as Speakeasies where a password had to be given at the entrance to screen out informers and police moles.  Result of Prohibition: drunk and disorderly arrests increased 41 percent; drunk driving increased 81 percent; violent crime and murder went up 13 percent; the federal prison population swelled by 366%.

  • Women gain the right to vote with ratification of the 19th Amendment.



The Washington Senators 1920In 1911, the Senators' wooden ballpark burned to the ground, and they replaced it with a modern concrete-and-steel structure on the same location reported to cost $100,000.  First called National Park, it later was renamed Griffith Stadium, after the man who was named Washington manager in 1912, Clark Griffith.  The 1920 Washington Senators won 68 games, lost 84, and finished in sixth place in the American League. The stadium had a natural grass surface and seating for 27,000.  Griffith Stadium was a beloved sporting home to Washington Fans until 1965 when it was demolished.  It sat on what is now Howard University Hospital. 

The longtime competitive struggles of the team were fictionalized in the book The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant, which became the legendary Broadway musical and movie Damn Yankees (starring  leading-man, Tab Hunter).


Plow Into Winter 
Watch the Progress of the Plows

Plowing into Winter in AnnandaleVDOT requests that before a storm, residents put all cars in their driveway, leaving the street clear for plowing, especially on cul-de-sacs.  If that is not possible, park on the odd number side of the street.

VDOT’s winter resources:  Status of plowing in NOVA neighborhoods:

Visit to access all of VDOT's online information, including important messages and updates, news releases, and links to the customer service center or see for road conditions  or or (1-800-367-7623) to report issues.

    • Public Safety Non-Emergency: 703-691-2131
    • Fairfax County Emergency Information Line: 703-817-7771
    • Washington Gas: 1-800-752-7520
    • Fairfax Water: 703-698-5800
    • Cox Customer Service: 703-378-8422
    • Fairfax County Stormwater Mgt. 703-877-2800
  • Fairfax County Wastewater Collection -Trouble Response Center: 703-323-1211 or

  • Hotline to VDOT Plowing Central:  800-367-7623

  • Another local VDOT number:  703-383-8368

  • Maintenance requests, such as snow removal or pothole repair via e-mail at

  • Note: if your road is not plowed, & you have an emergency, VDOT will coordinate with emergency personnel.  

Army Antiaircraft Base 1951
Gallows Road in Annandale                                                     

Colonel Galloway is briefed on AAA gun operation by Battery C. 14th AAAFollowing the initial pattern of forts established for the defense of Washington during the American Civil War, Antiaircraft bases were established surrounding DC for the defense of the city during the Cold War.

Annandale folklore includes the story that a NIKE missile defense base was located in Annandale during the 1950’s.  According to research, Project Nike was a U.S. Army project, proposed in May 1945 by Bell Laboratories.  Bell had been charged to develop a line-of-sight anti-aircraft missile system. The project delivered the first US operational anti-aircraft missile system in 1953 known as the Nike Ajax.  A great number of the technologies and rocket systems used for developing the Nike Ajax were re-used for other programs functions, many of which were given the Nike name (after Nike, the Greek goddess of victory). The missile's first-stage solid rocket booster became the basis for many types of rockets including the Nike Hercules missile and NASA's Nike Smoke rocket, used for upper-atmosphere research. (1)



The History of Little River Turnpike 

The Annandale TollhouseDid you ever wonder why a road through the heart of Annandale is named for a river nearly 30 miles west in Aldie, Virginia? A wonderful aspect of this story illustrates how some situations several hundred years ago have remained the same or have exact parallels today! 

Three major wagon roads were evolving for agricultural trade and migration in the mid-eighteenth century in northern Virginia: the Potomac Path, (today part of Rt. 1 to Fredericksburg); the nascent Leesburg Pike, (now Route 7 from Alexandria to Leesburg); and the Philadelphia Wagon Road, tying German-speaking western Pennsylvania and Maryland families migrating into the fertile Shenandoah Valley, (now seen as routes 11 and 81).

In 1772, Virginians in our area petitioned the House of Burgesses for funds for a Fredericksburg Road. The House rejected the proposal and recommended that local counties take over responsibility. Does this battle sound familiar? But something was changing in Virginia. By 1775, of the twenty listed mercantile firms in Alexandria – the wealthy regional trade center and river port – only three were exclusively dealing with tobacco. This agricultural shift meant changes in the Virginia landscape as well. Plantations needed rivers for tobacco.  However, “inner” plantations – soon-to-be-smaller farms – had discovered that tobacco was very hard on the soil, and they began the switch to wheat and other grains, which required roads to mills and central shipping areas, rather than to the larger plantations’ river routes.   READ MORE

On the Energy Front: 
Winterize Your Home this Winter to Save Energy

Andy Farmer, Annandale EnergyVirginia Energy Sense conducts survey research each year to capture the latest data about where Virginians stand on saving energy at home. In this year’s research findings, highlighted in our infographic available on our website, we were excited to see that the percentage of Virginians who want to be more energy efficient rose from 22% in 2017 to 30% in 2019!

We hope to see that number continue to climb through 2020 as we seek to help Virginia reach its goal of reducing electric energy consumption by 10 percent below 2006 levels by 2022. That being said, there’s still much to be done. For instance, survey results highlighted that only 23 percent of respondents were aware of incentive programs their utilities and co-ops offer.

As we head into the colder months and the chances of snow and other inclement weather increase, there are things you can do to prepare your home so that energy is not wasted. While your home might feel cozier when the heat is cranked high, doing so may contribute to a higher energy bill. Virginia Energy Sense has compiled a list of easy, cost-effective tips you can implement to reduce your home energy use this winter.


The School Bell:   Zombies 

Natalie Ingalls, FCHS

Zombies are real and they’re living in your home. Every morning, they wake up to the sound of their dreaded alarm clock, eat breakfast (or don’t), and make the journey to school. It’s not uncommon to see hordes of them lumbering down the halls as they stumble to their first class, devoid of life. Instead of craving brains, they clamor for caffeine. Zombies are real and they are your sleep deprived children. It has become the norm for teenagers to not get enough sleep, but it shouldn’t be. 

Much of the problem can be attributed to the amount of homework that high schoolers receive. When taking AP classes or other challenging courses, students can be faced with two hours of homework every night for a single subject. With four classes a day, this homework can quickly add up and become the focus of a student’s afternoon, evening, and night. 

But the issue is not as simple as it would appear. Dedication to school varies from student to student. Even if teachers were to assign a reasonable amount of homework, some students wouldn’t care enough to put in the effort. On the other hand, there are students who would like to do well, but simply can’t because they don’t have the motivation.


Trust Properties

Greg McGillicuddy, VP at Trust Properties,Commercial Real EstateTrust Properties was founded in 1994 and is committed to providing a broad range of Commercial Real Estate Services throughout the Greater Washington Metropolitan area.  Staffed by knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated career professionals, Trust Properties takes pride in delivering impeccable levels of service and exceptional results to their clients and customers.

Greg McGillicuddy is a Vice President and Principal Broker at Trust Properties.  Greg grew up in Arlington and returned here after completing his studies at Harvard and Hopkins.  Greg is one of the most knowledgeable brokers in local real estate, with more than 27 years of experience in the sales and leasing of office, retail and industrial properties and has managed more than two million square feet of properties in the Greater Metro area, including numerous properties here in Annandale.        READ MORE

Trust Properties, Commercial Real Estate


Lambros Fine Jewelry in Annandale, VASparkling, even inspiring are the jewelry designs exhibited in abundance at this charming retailer. Lambros and Jayne Magiafas, goldsmith and geologist, are a team made in Jewelers Heaven. Lambros began his goldsmith apprenticeship at the age of 12 in his native Greece while Jayne started her career in the US at the age of 16.

Lambros Goldsmiths is a family owned and operated, full service Fine Jewelry retailer.  Founded in 1987, Lambros Goldsmiths has been serving the Fine Jewelry needs of people from around the country. Nestled in our friendly town of Annandale, Lambros Goldsmiths offers uniquely handcrafted Fine Jewelry at competitive prices. READ MORE

 Year Round Farmers Markets

NOVA Central Farm Market 
OPENS April 7, 2019

(formerly the Mosaic District at Merrifield)
George C. Marshall High School
2910 District Ave, Fairfax, VA 22031
Sundays 8:30 am to 1:00 pm

NOVA Central Farm Market, formerly Mosaic Central Farm Market, is a year-round farmers market located on Leesburg Pike, between Tysons Corner and the city of Falls Church, at Marshall High School in Falls Church, Virginia.

The market features fresh local pork, chicken, fish, cheeses, produce, dairy, baked goods, prepared foods to go, eggs, flowers, and ice cream. 

Parking:  Plenty of free parking surrounds the market

Mosaic District FreshFarm Market  (Mosaic District at Merrifield)
2910 District Ave, Fairfax, VA 22031
Sundays 9:30 am-2 pm 

A year-round farmers market located in the heart of the vibrant Mosaic District in Fairfax, Virginia.  Mosaic District’s FreshFarm market will feature more than 50 regional farmers, producers, and concessionaires selling fresh produce, meats, eggs, bread, cheese, baked goods, prepared foods, flowers, and more, says Sara Beckstead, communications manager at Edens, the owner of the Mosaic District.

Some of the vendors include Angelic Beef, Chase Your Tail Bakery, Foggy Mountain Pasta, King Mushrooms, Liberty Delight Farms, Rita’s Crepes, and Zeke’s Coffee.

FreshFarm, a D.C.-based nonprofit has 16 markets in the region, including Ballston, Crystal City, and Rosslyn.

FreshFarm has a producers-only requirement, meaning all products sold are grown, raised, or produced by the business selling them. Its markets prioritize local sourcing and support local agriculture.
Parking:  There are 4 large parking garages with plenty of free parking located around the market. Look for the parking garage signs!

Falls Church Farmers Market 
Saturdays 9 am - noon Jan. - March
Saturdays 9 am - Noon April-Dec.

Located just minutes from Annandale and Metro accessible from the east and west Falls Church Metro stations, Falls Church City's Farmers Market boasts more than 50 vendors during peak season and more than 40 during the winter monthsThe market strives to support local farmers while also helping protect the environment by reducing packaging and transportation demands. 

City Hall Parking Lot

300 Park Ave.
Falls Church, VA 22046 

Home Instead Senior Care
Making Annandale a Better Place for Seniors

Home Instead Senior CaregiverFamily caregivers whether a spouse, son, daughter, sister, brother or friend often find themselves stressed out when helping a person near and dear to their heart.  How do you figure out where to turn when that situation arises?  Who can help take some of this pressure from you and respectfully care for your loved one?  The answer…Home Instead Senior Care.

Home Instead Senior Care, located at 7058 Columbia Pike here in Annandale, serves seniors wherever they call home.  Opening in early 2006, Home Instead Senior Care has sought to help support individuals and families remain in their home for as long as they wish.  Owned by Jason Sager, Annandale was selected due to its welcoming nature and location in Fairfax County.  Over the years Home Instead Senior Care has developed itself to be one of best senior serving organizations in the area.  Located next to Silverado’s Restaurant, the retail location gives the public the opportunity to walk in and see what we do for the community.

As a state licensed home care agency, we provide services such as companionship, to those that are lonely, light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, medication reminders, and organization for all those who struggle with day to day tasks.  In addition to these services, Home Instead Senior Care also supports those who need help with activities of daily living by providing personal care services.  This includes bathing, grooming, dressing and eating for anyone dealing with limitations.  In addition, Home Instead Senior Care can also provide transportation to doctor’s appointments, trips to the salon/barber, or just to get out and about on a beautiful day.   READ MORE

Annandale Elder Care
A Broad Range of Care Options are available to Serve the Greatest Generation

Residential Senior Care at Brightview WoodburnThe senior population of the US, and in Annandale, has rapidly increased demand for personal care in an unprecedented fashion.   Caring for an aging loved one requires some adaptation, often taking the elderly from a modicum of assistance to enrollment as a resident in a care community.   If you are preparing to provide an elderly loved one with some level of assisted care or move them into a senior care community, you will  have questions—many questions. The world of senior care can be somewhat confusing to the uninitiated, but be assured, there will be a fit for your loved one.  

Annandale is blessed with a variety of excellent elder care providers who are members of the Annandale Chamber of Commerce Healthcare Consortium.

Starting with daily care assistance from companies such as Home Instead Senior Care, your loved one will receive warmhearted dependable attention while remaining in their own home.  Home Instead will tailor a home care arrangement to fit your family's lifestyle and budget.



Cell Phone Cover from Gini MooreGini Moore is a photo artist who loves playing with apps. She grew up in Hawaii, but currently lives in Falls Church.  For years Gini was an elementary classroom teacher and School Based Technology Specialist for Fairfax County Public Schools. She served as president of the Virginia Macintosh Users Group and Vice President, photographer, and ‘ukulele performer for the Hawaii State Society of Washington, D.C.

Moore bought her first SLR camera prior to going to Liberia, Ghana, Kenya, and Egypt in 1975, with radio personalities Harden and Weaver. That trip presented the opportunity to photograph animals and she has never stopped. 


Artisans United Craft Gallery
4022 Hummer Road 
(in the Annandale Community Park)
Annandale, VA  22003 
10 am-4 pm Mon-Sat.
Nov. & Dec:  Sun. 1-4 pm

robynblair Now Available at AnnSandra

Talent and the Entrepreneurial Spirit Transcends the Generations in this Family.

Wall Art with whimsical, even cheeky verbal sentiments by robynblair.

A talented New York artist, Robyn Blair Davidson has deeper roots in Annandale than one might think.  Her grandfather built the  shopping center on John Marr Drive and opened the anchor store, Juvenile Toys  to the delight of every Annandale child.  His daughter, Sandi Davidson, created the exquisite retail favorite, AnnSandra.  Now her daughter, Robyn, has added an especially blissful display to their shelves of fine gifts just in time for AnnSandra’s 39th Anniversary celebrations.

by robynblair was born when Robyn decided to turn her candy obsession into literal works of art. Her candy dish is a customizable vessel designed to display your sweetest desires.  Each piece of art is a cheeky nod to self-control, how and when we indulge, and the idea that life should be filled with sweet things. There is a joyful embrace of life through the colorful and playful expression in Roby’s work. 

Davidson currently resides in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood, amongst some of the best galleries in the world. With inspiration on the doorstep Davidson noted that gum drops and gummy bears were pouring out of jars on her kitchen counter, and lollipops and licorice were stashed in drawers and consoles. With so much color infused into the surface décor of her apartment, Davidson decided her walls were in need of some sugary goodness as well.


Chamber Membership is an Effective Business Strategy

According to a recent study conducted by the Shapiro Group: 

“When consumers know a small business is a member of the chamber of commerce, they are 49% more likely to think favorably of that business, and 80% more likely to purchase goods or services from the company in the future.” 
  For more information on benefits when joining the Annandale Chamber of Commerce please see......

Membership Information.

More News and Local Issues


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Lambros Fine Jewelry, Annandale, VA

Pat Sawhney, ReMax 100

Kenwood School

Trust Commercial Properties

Magill's Restaurant, 7201 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, VA

Annandale Shopping Center

Artisans United


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ENDEAVOR News Magazine

 The ENDEAVOR News Magazine

The ENDEAVOR News Magazine is the Chamber's quarterly online publication and the must read magazine in Annandale.  Acquaint yourself with local businesses, community history, revitalization efforts, and issues that concern Annandale: The Crossroads of Northern Virginia TM.

The Annandale American Legion
Post 1976
is recruiting new members.  Veterans and family members welcome to join.  Party hall rental is free for The American Legionall members.  Call 703-408-9123 and ask for Diane Ramsey.

4206 Daniels Ave, Annandale, VA 22003
(behind the Bank of America building
on Columbia Pike)

Mondays and Thursdays
The Annandale Volunteer Fire Dept. BINGO 

Annandale Volunteer Fire Dept. BINGO

Doors opening at 4:30pm – Early Birds start at 6:45pm – Regular Sessions starts 7:45pm

  • 42” LCD TV monitors display next ball to be called.
  • Must be 14 yrs of age to play bingo at AVFD.
  • ATM machine available.
  • Bingo Hotline is 703-941-1328
  •  Non-smoking inside format

 7128 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA  22003
Ample parking on site.

Wednesdays at 6 PM
Annandale Boys & Girls Club BINGO
This weekely event is held at Annandale's

American Legion Bicentennial Post 1976
4206 Daniels Ave.   .   Annandale, VA 22003
located directly behind the Bank of America on Columbia Pike.


Youth Sports in Annandale
is best represented by:

Annandale Boys & Girls Club

Lee's Hapmudo Martial Arts Studio

Annandale Boys & Girls Club Youth Sports

Hapmudo Summer Camp

Homeless & Hypothermia Shelters
in Northern Virginia
through Fredericksburg (Fairfax, Loudoun, Culpepper, Arlington, Alexandria,  and Prince William Counties, plus Manassas & Manassas Park,  can be found at:

Office to Prevent and End Homelessness: 703-324-9492

Families with children who need shelter must contact Coordinated Services Planning at (703) 222-0880 between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm to gain access. After business hours, families with children in need of shelter should go directly to the nearest family shelter.

Bailey's Homeless Shelter



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