The Annandale Dreadnaughts & the Beginning of the Annandale Little League


The Annandale Dreadnaughts late 1940’s   (Photos courtesy of ACC Photographic Archive, with all rights for use reserved.

The Annandale Dreadnaughts, founded in 1940, played teams from around the Northern Virginia region, attracting a loyal crowd of fans.  When hosting a game in Annandale, fans brought blankets and folding chairs along with picnic gear for a full afternoon of entertainment.  A field was established off Daniels Ave. close to the site of what would become the school & Little League field behind the Annandale Elementary School.  The team would "pass the hat" after each game to help pay for uniforms and equipment.  Many of these players went onto coach Annandale Little League Teams when the Annandale Little League was formed in the mid 1950’s. 

In the late 1950's Annandale formed a Little League bringing the National sport and enjoyment to the boys and families in our community.  Much later, it joined with neighboring teams to form the Mason District Little League which brings today the same spirit of teamwork,  comradeship and sportsmanship to the next generation while providing them with a formative athletic experience.

How did the Annandale Little League start?  First a trip to Williamsport, PA to consult with the National Little League including a lengthy seminar about starting a Little League.  Back in Annandale, a committee was formed including many former Dreadnaught players.  A few fields were available but more would be necessary to form a larger league.  Fundraising ensued to purchase bases, balls, bats and umpire equipment. More funds were eventually raised to build dugouts and backstops, but for the early days, a few parents would drag along their picnic benches.

These exhaustive early efforts were made by a group of father, most all WWII / Korean War Veterans who wanted their sons to experience the “National Sport” here in rural-turning-suburban Annandale.

Teams in the Early Seasons of the Annandale Little League

  1. Suburban Savings and Loan
  2. Annandale Sports and Hobby
  3. Deavers Appliance
  4. Turnpike Press
  5. Smith’s Center (Service Station)
  6. Annandale Hardware
  7. Bill’s Café
  8. Roy’s Grill
  9. Star Supply

    One game played at the Woodburn School field between Suburban Savings and Bill’s Café ended with the highest run score discrepancy remembered.  Suburban Savings 52 / Bill’s Café 2

The Mason District Little League is currently seeking sponsorship from Annandale businesses and organizations.  Donations and Sponsorships are used to help keep the league operating by helping to buy equipment, making field improvements, covering scholarships to help families afford to have their kids play in the league, and more!

Mason District Little League is completely run by volunteers. Show your support for the volunteers and families by sponsoring the league and show your brand to the community.  Great benefits and visibility for your banner.

4270 John Marr Drive
Annandale, Va 22003

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Baseball field in what is now the Giant Food Parking Lot.  Originally used by the Annandale Dreadnaughts Adult Team, the Little League initially used this field while other fields were being sourced and developed
 up until Giant Food was built in the early 1960’s. (photo c. 1930’s)


Baseball field behind what would soon become the original Safeway Grocery Store across from Cannon Park (photo c. 1946-1948 

Pitcher for Suburban Savings & Loan, Doug Wendt
Championship Game at Smith Field where Pinecrest Shopping Center now stands.


 Current Mason District Little League


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