Annandale of Old:  The Year was 1965

By:  M. Callahan


  • US President: Lyndon Johnson
  • Vice President: Hubert HumphreyOriginal Safeway on the corner of Maple Place and Columbia PIke.
  • VA Governor: Albertis S. Harrison, Jr
  • US Senators - VA: Harry Flood Byrd, Jr. & Absalom W. Robertson
  • Supreme Court Chief Justice:  Earl Warren
  • Speaker of the House:  John W. McCormack


  • Indian-Pakistan hostility erupts into war.
  • Pres. Johnson proclaims his vision of a the "Great Society.”
  • Rhodesia proclaims its independence from Britain
  • Gambia & the Maldives gain their independence.
  • Malcom X is assassinated on Feb. 21st.
  • Allen Ginsberg coins the term “Flower Power.”
  • The St. Louis Arch is completed.
  • Ferdinand Marcos becomes the Philippine President.
  • Mary Quant designs the miniskirt in London.
  • The first combat troops are deployed to Vietnam.
  • The Voting Rights Act is passed.
  • The Dept of Housing & Urban Development is inaugurated.


  • Pulitzer Prize: “Advise and Consent” by Allen Drury
  • Nobel Peace Prize Winner: Albert John Lutuli
  • Miss America: Lynda Mead (Natchez, MS)
  • Best Picture of the Year: The Sound of Music
  • Best Actor: Lee Marvin, Cat Ballou
  • Best Actress: Julie Christie, Darling


  • NCAA Basketball Champion: UCLA
  • Stanley Cup Winner: Montreal Canadians
  • College Football Champion: Alabama & Michigan State
  • Heisman Trophy Winner: Mike Garrett from Southern California
  • US Open Winner: Gary Player
  • Pro Football Champions: Buffalo Bills & Green Bay Packers
  • World Series Champion: Los Angeles Dodgers


  • The Beatles appear on “The Ed Sullivan Show.”
  • Batman, Hogan’s Heroes, and The Andy Griffith Show air on TV.
  • The first game at the Astrodome was played Yankees 2 v. Houston Astros 1.
  • The Great Blackout of ’65 cast 30 million people over 80k sq. miles into darkness at 5:27 pm on Nov. 9th.
  • U.S. production of soft-top convertibles peaks at 507,000 for the model year 1965.
  • The Subway fast-food chain opens its 1st shop in Bridgeport, CT.
  • Ian Fleming’s James Bond novel The Man with the Golden Gun is published.
  • Arthur Ashe wins NCAA singles & doubles titles.
  • World Population: 3,021,475,000
  • Cost of a new house: $13,600
  • Average Income: $6,469.00 per year
  • New Car: $2,614.00
  • Average Rent: $118.00 per month
  • Tuition to Harvard U.: $1,760.00 per year
  • Movie ticket: $1.25 each
  • Gasoline: $.31 per gallon
  • US Postage Stamp: $.05
  • Gallon of milk: $1.05
  • Eggs: $.35 per dozen
  • Ground Hamburger: $.42 per pound
  • Coffee: $.87 per pound
  • Life Expectancy 70.2 years

Charlie Sheen
Will Smith

Sarah Jessica Parker
J.K. Rowling

Winston Churchill
T.S. Eliot

Somerset Maugham
Adlai E. Stevenson
Stan Laurel

Annandale Retail Establishments
Special offers...

Safeway: Columbia Pike
Hormel Fully C
ooked Canned Hams: 3 pounds $2.69 & 5 pounds $4.29
Chase & Sanborn Coffee: 2 lb. $1.59
Clorox Bleach: l gal jug $0.49

Annandale Barber Shop, Annandale Center Drive:
5 free haircuts will be given away Sept. 23-24, 1965.

Annandale Record Store, Annandale Center Drive:
The Beatles album “HELP” $2.69
The Beach Boys album “SUMMER DAYS” $1.99

Sam’s Tailoring, Little River Tpk.
Wash & Wear Suits $16.50 - Dacron & Wool Suite $34.50

House of Macy, Annandale Center Drive
Beautiful human hair WIG in Pastel Blonde for $75.00

Suburban Savings & Loan Association, Columbia Pike
4% dividends offered compounded daily, plus save by the 10th
and earn from the 1st.

Rosenthal Chevrolet, Columbia Pike, Arlington
Labor Day Sale: ’62 C
orvette, auto transmission, radio & heater:

Annandale Theatre: 7039 Little River Tpk.
Continuous showing of John Wayne in El Dorado. 09/07/1967

Roth’s Americana Theatre: 7858 Heritage Drive
A Patch of Blue with Sidney Poitier. 09/07/1967



  • First day of class for completely desegregated Fairfax County Public Schools: 09/08/1965
  • Plans for the Annandale Community Park on Hummer Rd. were approved in Oct. 1965. The park boasted two  ballfields, tennis courts,basketball courts, Tot Lot, Jungle Gyms, and 38 acres of mostly wooded trails. The proposed center of attraction was an amphitheatre designed to provide seating for between 700 and 750 people and a community center.  Neither were built.

    Old Dominion Bank on the corner of Backlick Rd. and Little River Tpk.

  • Regular classes begin at No. VA Technical College (later NVCC): 09/20/1965
  • Blizzard of 1966. 12”-24” of snow followed by winds up to 50 mph creating drifts 10’ high: 01/29/1966
  • Official dedication of Reston held at Lake Anne Plaza: 05/21/1966
  • NVCC graduates its first class: 04/14/1967
  • Ground broken for Massey Building: 08/07/1967 
  • Nelson Castner’s new 2 story office building on Maple Place was completed in Nov. 1967. The Chamber has had their office in this building since January 1968.
  • The Chamber pressed for an ordinance to place overhead wiring underground presenting their plan to both the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors. Unfortunately it was not approved then and is impossibly expensive now.
  • Fairfax County ranks 2nd among counties in the state in per capita income. Falls Church leads all cities in per capita income with $4,349 followed by Alexandria and Fairfax City. 1967
  • Tyson’s Corner Mall opens: 07/25/1968



Popular predessor to Fuddrucker's, 3 Chefs specialized in Steaks, Pancakes and Fried Chicken.

Car Wash on Annandale Road near Arlington Blvd.

Annandale in 1965 looking east:  Photo courtesy of the ACC photographic archive, with all rights reserved.


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