Beanetics Coffee Roasters
The Evolution of a Better Coffee


When Beanetics Coffee Roasters opened its doors in February 2007, Annandale residents joined communities such as Seattle and San Francisco with their own coffee micro-roaster.  Beyond the prestige of having freshly roasted coffee in our community, having our own micro-roaster means that we can enjoy the full experience of drinking wonderful coffee – a naturally smooth taste, without bitterness.

Coffee Roaster at Beanetics Coffee RoastersEvery day it is estimated that Americans consume 300 million cups of coffee.  But few of these coffee drinkers ask the most important question about their coffee: when was it roasted.  Who would buy a bottle of wine without first seeing what its “vintage year” was?  Just as vintage is to wine, the roast date is to coffee.


One simple word - chemistry.  The coffee bean is a complex agricultural product.  Immediately after being roasted the coffee bean begins to exhaust carbon dioxide in a process called degassing.  As time goes on, this chemical change continues causing the flavor and aroma to degrade. This process is accelerated by the introduction of oxygen.  We can slow this process by using high oxygen barrier packaging with a one-way valve to let CO2 escape, - eventually though the coffee will noticeably degrade, with its vibrant flavor diminished.

The best way to extend the flavor of coffee is to keep it in whole bean form (reducing the surface area exposed to oxygen) and to store it in oxygen barrier packaging in a cool dry place.  Contrary to some advice, freezing will not slow the chemical changes in roasted coffee - instead it will introduce ice crystals that will affect flavor.

Now you now why Beanetics uses expensive packaging and prints the roast date on each bag.  And you know why coffee you buy at Beanetics tastes so incredibly good – at Beanetics, we only serve recently roasted high quality specialty coffee.  So come and experience what many others have already found - enjoy a cup or buy a bag of coffee – even the best coffee is less expensive than a bad bottle of wine!

Beanetics also stocks any number of coffee related gift items from travel cups to French Presses.  Fresh Bagels and pastry are available with your early morning cupper, iced coffee, and a selection of equally imaginative teas.  Visit Beanetics, have a cup of Cro Magnon (coffee names at Beanetics come with a great sense of humor), and put together a coffee gift basket for a friend.  There is not a better cup of coffee in the Washington area.

Beanetics Coffee Roasters
7028 Columbia Pike
Annandale, VA  22003
Located in the Annandale Shopping Center


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