Business Preparedness Checklist
How ready is your business to weather a disaster?
As reported in the January issue of the ENDEAVOR News Magazine, this checklist can be very helpful in preparing for a disaster.  It can also remind you of steps you could still take.

Emergency ChecklistA recent survey revealed that 74% of American small businesses do not have a disaster plan, 84% do not have adequate insurance, and 71% lack a back-up generator.  According to FEMA, 40 percent of small businesses never reopen after a disaster and another 25 percent, that do reopen, fail within a year. It is important for the business itself, their employees, and the community to get back into business as soon as possible.  In this current difficulty, the most important item on any checklist is to protect the health and safety of your employees and customers.


  • Assembled a “team” of individuals within the business who know key operations and can provide important perspectives when planning for and responding to disasters.
  • Assigned someone to lead business disaster planning efforts for your business.
  • Organized all your critical documents and information so they are easily accessible when needed most.
  • Identified and prioritized which business operations are critical so you know what to recover first, second, etc.
  • Developed continuity or emergency procedures so you can continue to provide products or services after a disaster.
  • Make accessible all important data or files for decision-making if you were unable to access your facility, e.g. after a fire.
  • Maintain updated emergency contact information for employees, vendors, suppliers, customers, and other key contacts?


  • Trained employees to assist when an emergency occurs?
  • Maintained emergency supplies for your businesses to address immediate needs.
  • Encouraged employees to be prepared at home?
  • Regularly backed-up your data?
  • Taken steps to safeguard against potential damage to your equipment, buildings or facilities?
  • Protected inventory/storage from theft, loss or damage? Maintained procedures to communicate   with employees after they are sent home, suppliers, vendors, customers, and the public?
  • Established partnerships with other businesses, government and/or community organizations that can serve as resources when the next crisis arrives. If YES, also store your data back-ups offsite, test it regularly and update it at least annually.

Information provided by the US Chamber Foundation, Shell, and FEMA.

Disaster Loan Assistance Now Available through the U.S. Small Business Administration

Visit the Small Business Administration's site at:

  to create an account, and follow the steps for the application.

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