Moon Gate Project

	Picture6Photos are from the Park_s Inspiration Board being used for this project. FCPA

Green Spring celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2020. The construction of a Moon Gate Garden is a fitting way to celebrate Green Spring’s milestone 50th anniversary and to look ahead to the next 50 years. The project will include a mix of traditional and modern design concepts to draw visitors into this new Asian-inspired garden.

Moon gates originated in ancient Asian gardens. Guests who passed through them were symbolically granted an auspicious welcome and good fortune. In garden design, they provide enticing passageways or window views from one space into another, piquing c	Picture6Photos are from the Park_s Inspiration Board being used for this project. FCPA IIuriosity about what lies beyond. At Green Spring Gardens, a moon gate feature will be situated at the apex of a site line established by trailblazing garden designer Beatrix Farrand, with views to the ponds below. Farrand created an iconic moon gate feature for Abbie Rockefeller’s garden in Maine. Inspired by her work there, we are creating this feature to honor her and complement her boxwood design at Green Spring.

Green Spring’s Moon Gate Garden project will provide sanctuary and inspiration for 200,000 annual visitors. It will be a stunning backdrop for photography and events and will serve as a symbolic connection between the past and the future.


Photos are from the Park’s Inspiration Board being used for this project.   Fairfax County Park Authority


Green Spring Gardens 
4603 Green Spring Road – Alexandria, Virginia 22312 
(Entrance just across from Pinecrest Golf Course off Braddock Road behind the Pinecrest Shopping Center)
Phone: (703) 642-5173 – TTY: (703) 803-3354

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