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Illegal Commercial Parking Floods Annandale Once Again

No Parking Sign on Access Road

When will active and ongoing enforcement be enacted to rid Annandale of this motorized invasion?  Commercial vehicles are again flooding the  streets of Annandale, perhaps worse than ever before.  Now that many of the residential main drags have been lined with a parking lane, illegal commercial vehicles have taken to parking there, as if their own personal parking lots.  Dump trucks, food trucks, flat bed trucks, landscaping trailers, company branded vehicles, moving trucks, and car carriers can be regularly found on Hummer Road, Gallows, Ravensworth, Sleepy Hollow, Daniels Avenue and Annandale Road, not to mention some of the narrower neighborhood streets.   Peaceful neighborhoods, some with tight existing parking issues for their residents, are swamped with these huge unsightly vehicles. Residential living has been turned into a nightmare with a scarred visual landscape leading to dangerous pedestrian conditions. 

At the foot of the closed Kmart store along the Little River access road has become an ongoing parking spot for one or more car carrier trucks who can be seen multiple times each month in spite of the clearly displayed NO PARKING signs posted all along that access road.  It is amazing that they have not already been ticketed for such blatant violations with clearly posted signage.  This abusive behavior has been occurring multiple times each month for all of 2019. Yes for more than 12 months without consequence.  How can the police turn a blind eye to such an obvious violation? 

Trucks Illegally Parking at Kmart throughout all of 2019

Another ongoing offense to the residents of Annandale are the multiple trucks parking all over the Kmart lot.  Now that the store is closed, the property owner does not seem to

monitor the use of the property.  For years, that property was known for a rapid and ruthless towing policy, now nothing.  Over the Thanksgiving five day weekend, as many as nine (9) large trucks cumulatively parked in the old Kmart lot on John Marr Drive.  By Christmas there were even more.  It was also observed that any number of drivers were performing routine engine maintenance.  Afterwards, bottles and cans of automotive fluids were found strewn about the lot. 

Why should the residents of Annandale be subjected to this environmental and visual abuse? Don’t cite unfunded mandates.  County officials and staff have a responsibility to enforce all statutes without prompting by the citizenry as if county employees are still Kindergarten students requiring daily supervision. 

Make your concerns known as often as necessary until there is a remedy.  To eradicate this epidemic the community will have to unify their efforts.  Don’t leave it up to someone else; be proactive. It will not go away with a single complaint. 

To have illegally parked commercial vehicles removed from residential streets YOU will have to file a complaint with the traffic division of the Fairfax County Police Dept.  703-691-2131. Once filed, you will find them quite responsive.   IF you can not get through, contact the Public Affairs Bureau at (703) 246-2253, Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and the office of Supervisor Gross at 703-256-7272 or Commercial vehicles on private property such as Kmart contact the Dept. of Code Compliance at:
and your supervisor’s office. 


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Overnight Parking at Kmart for months on end.

No Parking Clearly Posted

Residential Street

Daniels Ave

Illegal Commercial Parking



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