Reviving a 70 Year Old Site

By:  M. Callahan


Over the past 70 years, little has changed to the structure located at 7250 Columbia Pike.  It is best known for being home to Tom Westin’s and then the Sunset Grille.  After a devestating fire more than 30 years ago at Tom Westin’s, a 12 foot extension was added to the rear of the structure.  Otherwise, the building remains much the same.

For now, the New York Pizza Factory continues to operate under their current lease, while the other two store fronts are experiencing a full renovation. Property owners, Mohamed Uddin and Hassan Iqbal of Alexandria, will continue construction on this 5,400 square foot structure over the summer, once the county permitting process is complete. They have set an optimistic November completion date. 

Harry Lee of NBI Realty is spearheading development and will manage leasing upon completion.  The Annandale Commercial Business District Planning Committee has approved the proposed design for landscaping and exterior lighting, sending the plans onto the county for final approvals.  

As seen in the above sketch, a glass atrium will be built atop the eastern unit, flooding light to the space below.  Tenants have not been identified, but since the property enjoys C-8 zoning, anything from a retail business to a business office or a restaurant to a bakery could be accommodated. 

The Annandale Planning Committee encouraged the owners to consider a home grown version of Noodles and Company or Panera’s.  Unfortunately, Annandale does not have enough square feet of office space under lease (or even built) that would meet the minimum requirements to attract either of these chain restaurants, but a home grown version is always possible.  What Annandale needs are family friendly restaurants with quality soups, salads, and sandwiches for the lunch crowd and well prepared comfort food for families in the evenings.  

When given the opportunity, the Annandale Chamber and the Annandale Planning Committee eagerly discuss and encourage commercial property owners to acquire tenanConstruction at 7250 Columbia Pikets who will provide the products and services most requested by the Annandale community. We all know that another drug store is not needed while family friendly amenities are.  Children’s clothing and toys, women’s boutique clothing, and top drawer home accessories are all retailers everyone in the zip code desires.  According to 25 years of community surveys, a specialty grocer remains at the very top of the wish list.

Fresh Market, Ellwood Thompson’s, or Trader Joe’s would be most welcome and strongly supported by the community.   At 7000 Columbia Pike, a recently remodeled, large, and beautiful space is waiting to be occupied. See for more information.

Considering Annandale’s demographics, especially high incomes, high education levels, and high home ownership levels, this wish list should be a reality by now.  


Annandale Shopping Center:  A large, completely renovated space is available.  It would be perfect for a specialty grocer.

Carpet Roses, Crepe Myrtle Trees and Annuals landscape the Annandale Shopping Center

Roses bloom from April through mid November

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The Annandale Shopping Center is home to twenty retailers including Silverado Restaurant, Beanetics Coffee Roasters, ProMAXX Fitness, and Home Instead Senior Care.



Greater Annandale (5 mile radius)      342,076

Caucasian                                                50.40%

African American                               8.60%

Native American                                     0.50%

Asian American                                 19.60% **

Pacific Islander

Two or more Races                             3.96%

Hispanic/Latino of any Race              21.60%

**Includes Asian Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Thai, & Vietnamese. The Korean & Vietnamese populations are approximately the same at slightly less than 8% each with the Asian Indian population growing at the fastest rate, throughout the Washington Metro region.         


Fairfax County                               $103,000

Annandale                                                               $112,314


The median household income in Annandale is 65.3% greater than the Virginia average and 91.4% greater than the national average. 

MEDIAN HOME VALUE                    

Fairfax County                                                        $507,800

Annandale                                                               $489,900

Occupied Annandale Housing 98.40%


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