Virginia’s New Industry
Mead Anyone?


According to Silver Hand Meadery, “Scarborough Fair features delicate honey with rosemary and thyme, which combine to create perfect harmony in your glass. “

Virginia has long been known for fine micro breweries and wineries, but recently the first Meadery, opened in Tidewater.  Mead is an ancient honey-based alcoholic drink popular in the Middle Ages and served regularly at Hampton Court Palace and other homes of Henry VIII.  

The Silver Hand Meadery opened last fall in Williamsburg.  According to their literature, “Mead is one of the most historic fermented drinks found on Earth. It has the creativity of craft beer and the elegance of wine, but is in a category all its own.” Mead is created by fermenting sugars found in honey, with additional herbs, spices, and fruits added to create unique flavors. 

According to the National Honey Board, there are over 300 types of honey in the US.  Consequently, Mead comes in a variety of flavors from sweet to dry, and presented as clear to colored like a fine red wine.   The alcohol content of Silver Hand Mead is between 11 and 14 percent. 

For a winter get-away, visit Williamsburg and the Silver Hand Meadery, owned by Glenn and Sherri Lavender, beekeepers, who anticipate their first batch of Mead at the end of January.  It is rewarding to see a new industry brought to Virginia, especially one that offers such bonhomie.  Best wishes to Silver Hand for great success.

Mead available between January 29th and March 11th:

Virginia Moon $18.00/bottle 1/29/16
Scarborough Fair $20.00/bottle 2/19/16

Terres Brulees $20.00/bottle 3/11/16
All Blue $21.00/bottle 2/19/16
Dream by the Fire $24.00/bottle 1/29/16


Silver Hand Meadery
224 Monticello Ave, Suite C,
Williamsburg, VA 23185

(757) 378-2225









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