The New Face of Dentistry

Millennium Business Model Contributes to Patient Care 

With the advent of water fluoridation in 1945, dentistry came into a new age of prevention, followed by mass education on dental hygiene.  Today, power toothbrushes, power scalers, dental microscopes, sealants, bonding, composites, implants, soft tissue lasers, and digital radiography are but some of the latest tools and techniques utilized to provide a far healthier national dentition.  

Modern Dentistry remains dedicated to eliminating disease and alleviating pain, but it is also concerned with the patient’s self image.  From the baby boomer generation through the millennium, all anticipate retaining their teeth for life, unlike past generations where dentures were often as inevitable as reading glasses.  And since there is a strong understanding that oral health affects body health,  more Americans than ever are seeking comprehensive dental care on a regular basis.

In Annandale, The Center for Dentofacial Aesthetics represents the new face of dentistry.  Senior practitioner, Dr. Mark Egber has teamed with three specialists to provide comprehensive dental care within one office.  Dr. Egber has been practicing family dentistry with an emphasis on creating beautiful smiles in Annandale for over thirty years.  A graduate of the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, he remains current in the latest technology through many hours of continuing education and membership in professional organizations. 

Joining the Center are Dr. Harshit Aggarwal, Board Certified and a Fellow of the International College of Dentists.  Besides his advanced restorative training (crowns, bridges, dentures),  Dr. Aggarwal is also trained in Maxillofacial Prosthetics  which includes replacement of facial structures like the eyes, ears and nose.

Dr. Eddy Phisuthikul is Board Certified in Periodontology, treating diseases of the gums as well as an Implant Surgeon.  Dr. Anna Sidor,  Endodontist,  performs root canal treatments, micro-surgery, and revascularization procedures which allow for continued growth and maturation of immature teeth.

Harshit, Eddy, and Anna all met at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine; went on to complete post graduate work in their respective specialties; and, came together once again in Annandale.  Asked, “Why Annandale?”    Their response echoes  many others,  "Annandale is the most central location in all of Northern Virginia, only minutes from every major highway.  Referred patients can easily find us and not travel long to do so."

With the variety of dentistry practiced at this office, treatment can be faster, often with consultations given upon discovery of some difficulty rather than outsourcing while the patient waits weeks just for the initial specialist consultation.  Because of this team approach, a very precise and streamlined treatment plan can be established saving the patient any number of appointments.

Tucked in an alcove along a hall of modern operatories is an impressive piece of equipment.  The advanced 3D CBCT imager produces high definition 3D diagnostic images for  precision treatment, while delivering far less radiation.  Accurate & efficient, these images are far more comprehensive than anything seen in the past.

Dr. Phisuthikul mentioned that besides 3D imaging, a Piezo machine is now used in his procedures which cuts hard, and only hard tissue.  Utilizing ultrasound high-frequency microvibrations the Piezo incises with incredible accuracy.  In addition, with the cavitation effect there is an almost blood-free surgical site.

Another new-age piece of equipment is the dental microscope.  Dr. Anna Sidor often uses this imposing diagnostic tool as it provides a bright & magnified view into the roots of the teeth allowing for a detailed diagnosis and exact therapy, particularly in her field of Endodontics. This 18X microscope ensures better potential for tooth preservation since a spectrum of medical treatments can only be performed when using it.

The Center for Dentofacial Aesthetics is a friendly, approachable, comfortable, and professional office where ten or more second languages are spoken from Korean, Spanish, Hindi, to Thai, Polish, Yiddish, & Farsi. The practice embraces diversity and provides great convenience for the patient. They also support the community in many practical and professional ways as well as showed their great sense of humor while participating in Annandale’s Hospital Bed Race. Realizing that many individuals do not have dental insurance, or what they do have, does not cover very much, this practice is devising their own insurance coverage. (More on that in a future edition of ENDEAVOR.)

If you are looking for Family Dental Care or Specialty Care, this practice is highly recommended.  With their team of board certified specialists, impressive clinical experience, and dedication to patient education, you will have the opportunity to make a well informed decision on any treatment option presented. 

Conveniently located at 7617 Little River Turnpike (One block east of Hummer Road), Suite 900 with more than ample parking surrounding the building. 

Business Hours: 
Mondays through Thursdays:  9 am to 5 pm
Fridays: 9 am to 3 pm
Alternate Saturdays:  8 am to Noon

7617 Little River Turnpike, Suite 900.
Annandale, VA  22003



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Dr. Mark Egbert, General Dentistry & Dr. Harshit Aggarwal, General Dentistry and Prosthodontics

Dr. Eddy Phisuthikul, Periodontics

 Dr. Anna Sidor, Endodontics


 7630 Little River Turnpike, #115, Annandale, VA


The Dental Devils at the Annandale Bed Race


(Copyright © 2012 Annandale Chamber of Commerce. All rights reserved.  (Photographs & images, on this page, and on this website, are not available for use by other publications, blogs, individuals, websites, or social media sites.)


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