The Police Beat
Thwarting Auto Thefts

Fairfax County Police Dept.

At the forefront of tackling auto theft crimes across Fairfax County is FCPD’s Auto Crimes Enforcement (ACE) Unit, specializing in investigating and thwarting auto theft organizations, street level auto thefts, and other vehicle-related crimes.

Who is the “ACE” Unit?

Staffed by two supervisors and six detectives, the ACE Unit is dedicated to addressing criminal activities linked to vehicles. The unit's primarily focuses on incidents involving stolen cars, as these often correlate with serious crimes. FCPD proactively established the ACE Unit to bolster efforts against this criminal element, aiming to enhance community safety and curb the rising instances of vehicle-related offenses. Since its inception in April 2022, the ACE Unit has been instrumental in investigating, preventing, and combatting various aspects of criminality associated with automobiles, contributing significantly to the overall proactive, and data-informed strategy of FCPD.

How Does ACE Operate?

As a team of proactive and dynamic officers, ACE detectives spring into action in response to stolen vehicle reports, and they are on the scene when a suspect is apprehended. With tenacity and a commitment to justice, these detectives not only conduct thorough interviews with suspects but also employ cutting-edge investigative techniques. They navigate the twists and turns of criminal investigations, chasing down leads with determination. Collaborating seamlessly with other law enforcement agencies, ACE detectives leverage the latest technology and innovative methods to turn the tide against car-related crimes.

Resources and Technology at Work:

ACE utilizes an array of cutting-edge technologies to adeptly track and recover stolen vehicles. This arsenal includes state-of-the-art License Plate Readers, and strong partnerships with local car dealerships. When suspected fraudulent activity arises, these robust relationships with car dealerships take center stage, with dealerships directly contacting ACE detectives. This preemptive and technology-driven strategy highlights ACE's dedication to staying ahead in combating vehicle-related crimes while emphasizing invaluable community connections.



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