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Summer Day Camps in Annandale

 Creating Good Citizens, Good Manners, and Good Values

In addition to year-round instruction, Lee's Hapmudo Martial Arts Studio runs an exceptional summer camp.Lee’s Hapmudo Martial Arts Studio has been a fixture in Annandale for decades providing classes for adults as well as children.  Located in the Annandale Shopping Center on Columbia Pike, Grand Master Lee believes that the study of Martial Arts is a method of living as well as an art.  He wants his students to study the philosophies of Martial Arts through which they will master good manners and the values needed to achieve happiness in everyday life and to become true friends and good citizens.  Frequently, the students display their community commitment with energetic demonstrations at events such as the Spring Bed Race and other Annandale and Metropolitan area events.  Master Lee practices what he teaches, regularly giving back to the community; he exemplifies the term, "good citizen."

Lee’s Hapmudo offers various styles of training in Hapkido, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Jujitsu, Aidido, Kendo, and Judo.  In his many years of teaching, Grand Master Lee has helped his students overcome and improve problems such as asthma, chronic back pain, and addiction.  Students are taught to develop self-discipline and self control. Perhaps his proudest achievement is the number of children he has helped with learning disabilities and other scholastic behavior problems.

Classes are offered during the day and in the evenings along with summer camps.  An excellent after school program offers homework assistance and transportation from school.  Discounts are also provided for law enforcement, military personnel, and families.

7036 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA  22003   
(In the Annandale Shopping Center - Columbia Pike at Gallows Road) 


Kenwood Summer Camp

At Kenwood Summer Day Camp the children not only go on exciting trips everyday but also have a wide variety of activities to keep them entertained while they are at camp. When the campers arrive in the morning they are greeted by our friendly camp counselors and immediately go join their friends on our large, wooded playground. Our playground equipment is top notch but you will likely say goodbye to your child as they are running to join the basketball or kickball game in progress on the blacktop. As the day warms up the campers go in groups to one of our 5 themed rooms to cool off and play

  • Game Room - board games, air hockey and foosball tables, and a Wii with a projector
  • Art Room - weekly arts & crafts projects to make and take home
  • Lounge - bean bag chairs, oversized pillows to relax on, books and magazines to read
  • Video Game Room - jam packed with televisions with play stations and lots of games to choose from
  • Gym - basketball, volleyball, or relay races are played in a nice, air conditioned environment

The campers can also participate in camp-wide games such as flag football, outdoor laser tag, capture the flag, and karaoke contests. In the afternoons free sports clinics are held in a variety of sports from baseball to football and soccer in our open meadow or gym.


4955 Sunset Lane, Annandale, VA  22003

Camp Griffin

Camp Griffin at Westminster
Camp Griffin at Westminster School, conveniently located on Gallows Road in Annandale, is dedicated to providing superior quality summer programs, rich with a variety of experiences, for children ages 3 to 14.  

The Explorers Program captures the curiosity and creativity of children ages 3 to 5.  Weekly theme-based camps spark the imaginations of the campers while cultivating key steps in a child’s overall growth, such as problem solving skills, social interaction, and independence.

In the Junior Griffin Program, children entering grades 1-4 have the opportunity to choose from more than 40 enrichment and travel programs, including sports, science, technology, art, music, cooking, and much more!  Specialty sports and adventure camps are also available.

In the Senior Griffin Program, children entering grades 5-8 will experience the best of the metro-Washington, D.C. area through diverse field trips and unique specialty programs. 

On Fridays, of our campers enjoy swimming and water games at Broyhill Crest pool, which is a short five-minute walk from campus. Facilities include a wading pool for the Explorers and diving boards for the more experienced swimmers. Trained counselors and life guards oversee the water play to ensure the safety of the campers.


3819 Gallows Road Annandale, VA 22003

Camp Website

Camp Brochure 2018

For more information,
contact Ms. Kari Mock—Camp Director

Fairfax County Real Estate Assessments
Both Assessments & Tax Rate Increase Once Again

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors announced the County Executive’s proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2019 is based on a tax rate of $1.155 per $100 of assessed value. $1.13 is Fairfax County’s current FY2018 tax rate. When the Board adopts a final budget in early May it can set the tax rate lower, but not higher, than what was advertised.  The proposed General Fund budget is $4.29 billion, a $192.32 million (or 4.69 percent) increase over the current FY 2018 Adopted Budget.   Including other appropriated funds such as federal and state grants, the total proposed budget is $8.42 billion.  (Last year the budget increased revenue by $88.2 million, or 2.2%, over the FY 2017 Budget. 

This budget includes a general fund transfers to Fairfax County Public Schools total $2.26 billion as requested by the School Board after accounting for an anticipated increase in state revenues.   This is 4.38% or $95.10 million, increase over the current FY 2018 school budget. 

Some of the key issues impacting the county budget:  

Artisans United 
Treasured Gifts for Men, Women, Children and Infant Gifts

Knitware for childrenArtisans United, Inc., which officially began in 1988, is a non-profit organization serving as a network of and for artists.  Currently comprised of members of various Guilds and independent local artists and crafts-people, its primary purpose is to preserve, promote, and develop the disciplines of visual arts and crafts.  The organization provides an intellectual and creative forum for the exchange of ideas, experiences, and materials among its members.  Opportunities for growth and development are provided in a climate of mutual respect for the different disciplines with encouragement given to all members.

Artisans United, Inc. is tasked with taking arts out into the community.  To fulfill this mission, we have participated in craft demonstrations, classes, talks, and exhibits both at the GalleTurned wood bowls, shakers and household accessoriesry and in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and libraries.  In addition, we have taken part in the Annandale Fall Festival and have worked with the Cub Scouts and the Lifetime Learning Institute (which is connected with the Northern Virginia Community College). And, we also promote a ‘Christmas in July’ event, inviting the public to join us in making holiday ornaments to be shared with the residents of the Katherine Hanley Shelter in Fairfax County

As a community resource, Artisans United, Inc. operates The Craft Gallery of Artisans United which is located just inside the front door of the Fred M. Packard Center in the Annandale Community Park off Hummer Road.  Here the artists’ creations are on display and may be purchase.  READ MORE

Artisans United Craft Gallery
4022 Hummer Road
Annandale, VA  22003 
10 am-4 pm Mon-Sat.
Nov. & Dec:  Sun. 1-4 pm

Banquet Hall and Elder Care Center
Ravensworth Road will be the site of this new dual use building.

Banquet Hall Ravensworth RoadRecently, a plan to convert the Kids Choice center on Ravensworth Road to a dual use occupancy was endorsed by county officials.  This is an interesting concept in maximizing the use of a single structure.  Together a banquet hall with the capacity limited to no more than 150 individuals and an elder day care center has been  initially approved for a capacity of 200.  In two years time, if traffic circulation and parking problems have not arisen, the owners can apply to increase that elder care capacity to 275 individuals. 

The property is owned by Helen and Young Bae who also own the Han Gang restaurant next door.  They intend to hire elder care professionals or even lease to a chain care service who will run the facility.

Many difficult issues had to be overcome before any approvals were granted.  Annandale’s Revitalization Committee voted not to approve the application until these issues were resolved.  Both the Mason District Land Use Committee and the County Planning Commission echoed concerns over traffic circulation, lack of parking, and the building’s initial and first revised exterior that did not attune in anyway to the Annandale Design Guidelines.  Instead, the original proposal showed a building constructed almost entirely of a stucco like cladding, and resembling a light industrial warehouse. 

Since this structure is in the middle of a county revitalization and commercial zone, a more refined building was required.  The agreed building will be largely constructed of limestone and brick rather than an insulation stucco cladding  with brick veneer.  The property owners and their attorney, Ilryong Moon, eventually agreed to make these changes following a number of hearings, and to reduce the capacity of both uses to a number that can be serviced by the relatively small parking lot.    READ MORE

The Pride of Our Nation Speak Out

By:  Grace Molinaro FCHS

 Grace Molinaro, FCHSEver since the devastating Parkland shooting rattled the nation to its core, students across the country have been asking the same questions: “Are we safe? Is our security adequate? What do I do if a shooter comes at me with an assault rifle?

The adults don’t have answers. So students, whose opinions are so often not taken seriously, are rallying to make their own voices heard. After all, they are the ones on the front lines

For many adult Americans, the Parkland shooting was yet another pedestal on which to champion their political platforms, raising cries about the Second Amendment and its various interpretations. But for students, the issue is not about politics-- is about our lives. On March 14th, Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) students joined thousands of their peers nationwide in a school walkout to honor the Parkland victims. The message was clear: More needs to be done to prevent school shooting

The adult decision-makers in Fairfax County are attempting to tackle the problem by improving security measures. The school board considered increasing the number of protection officers in every middle and high school from one officer to three and the idea resonated with many people in the school community.

“Public officials have protection,” said Jorge Gonzalez, an administrator at Falls Church High School. “In banks, there are guards. Our kids are more valuable. That’s why we have SROs officers to protect them.”But the idea has also drawn criticism from some students, parents, and personnel as either too much or not enough.

“People have called for armed officers, security scans, metal detectors, and barbed wire fences,” exclaimed a parent of three FCPS students. “That’s not a school; that’s a prison


Annandale REAL ESTATE:  An Age Old Problem

Spring in Annandale    The Annandale residential housing market is sluggish primarily because of a lack of inventory for sale of either existing homes or new homes.  The net effect is a slowing of the number of sales and a rise in the price of homes for sale.  A modestly priced home in good condition has become enough of a rarity that competitive bids can be expected for sellers

One of the reasons for our community’s lack of inventory is likely the newly popular practice of aging-in-place.  Older homeowners are being assisted by home care workers or younger family members to remain in their house.  This is particularly true when the house is one that does not require much stair climbin

Annandale is a well established community with over 93% of the homes 30 or more years in age.  Fairfax County reports Annandale’s 2017 population at 76,029 people*, with the elder population (age 65 +) estimated to continue to grow another 7.3% over the next 15 years.   


The Best & the Worst Businesses to Start in 2018
Fifty percent of small businesses fail in the first five years.  Don’t be one of them.

Mathnasium of AnnandaleThe first small business I opened was an exhilarating experience, and exhausting.  I kept thinking that once I navigated the permitting and build-out, loaded in the stock and blasted out my first advertising campaign, the rest would be smooth sailing by comparison.  That was only partially true.

The sad truth is that only fifty percent of small businesses succeed in the first five years.  That constitutes tens of thousands of shattered dreams, life savings, exhaustive toil, and  despair.  If you are going to open a small business, educate yourself  in your chosen field, become more than knowledgeable, become an expert.   You should also develop & nurture an extensive number of contacts in your industry and then complete comprehensive market research in your geographic area.  Sweeping sales are being made though internet sites.  What participation on behalf of your business would be possible?  What are the costs and manpower requirements added to brick and mortar establishments to capture some of this market? 

Next, look at potential competition and analyze how you fit into this market.  If it is already saturated, find another field.  You could be the best mousetrap on the block, but proceeding with an over subscribed industry, or with a declining even stagnating industry, will doom you to failure.   Remember that many industries are disappearing as brick and mortar establishments.   Newspapers and gifts are not going out of fashion but their availability and delivery have changed dramatically.  READ MORE

What a Difference a Century Makes:  1918

American Soldiers returning from the Battle of Saint-Mihiel AMERICAN FORCES IN FRANCE

The American Expeditionary Force arrived in France in June 1917 joining Allied Forces in many major battles.  Many allies (then and now) criticized America for waiting so long to show-up.  Americans (then and now) believed this war was a tragic and unnecessary carnage that could have been averted if diplomatic judgement had been employed and the enormous clash of political egos were held in check.  The war saw massive shifts in geographic borders, creation of new nations and new political systems.  It also ended three empires—Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman, and Russian and removed the Kaiser from power in Germany.  Unfortunately, the peace treaty signed a few years later was so harsh in demands, especially unreachable monetary demands made on Germany, that the Second World War was inevitable....

To maintain morale, wartime censors minimized early reports of illness and mortality in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States. However, papers were free to report the epidemic's effects in neutral Spain giving the impression that Spain was the epicenter of the flu

The 1918 flu pandemic (January 1918 – December 1920) was an unusually deadly influenza, the first of the two pandemics involving H1N1 influenza virus. It infected 100 million people around the world, including remote Pacific islands and the Arctic, and resulted in the deaths of 50 (three to five percent of the world's population), making it one of the deadliest natural disasters in human history. A considerable spike occurred at the time of the pandemic, specifically the year 1918. Life expectancy in the United States alone dropped by about 12 years. Even small remote towns who quarantined themselves from the outside public found the virus invading, often from the postman.  Patient zero was most likely a soldier (s) from Fort Riley, Kansas.   Soldiers  from this Fort were among the thousands crowded onto troop ships, infecting others and still more in France from worldwide armies..


VIEW ON NATURE: Our Small Friends

Spiral-shaped bacteria (spirillum)In an earlier life, I was a research microbiologist on an Antarctic expedition.  Before then, I was an epidemiologist for the National Institutes of Health who solved the mystery of how humans are likely infected by naturally-occurring microorganisms along the Virginia and North Carolina coasts.  In those days, my passion and work involved some of Nature’s smallest creatures, bacteria.

Yes, bacteria are often associated with causing plagues, diseases, and human health problems.  But the center of my attention is also responsible for helping us live, survive and thrive

So what are bacteria? Bacteria are microscopic single-celled organisms that inhabit all environments on Earth, including in and on our own bodies in what is known as the human microbiome—all the bacteria, viruses, and fungi that live in and on us.  READ MORE

Annandale's Commercial Core
If you want to solve code compliance issues, you have to become involved. 
Stop complaining and blogging, be proactive. 

Markham Place, Annandale

Annandale’s Central Business District (CBD) is primarily comprised of small lots, often only a quarter to a third of an acre.  In order to assemble a site sufficient for a useful revitalization project, adjacent property owners must agree to consolidate their lots. Four and a half to five acres is ideal

The Comprehensive Plan for the Annandale CBD encourages redevelopment that will increase the residential population and promotes high-quality, pedestrian-oriented development. The Plan for the Annandale CBC envisions a vibrant mix of land uses that significantly enhances the quality of life for its own and neighboring residents, while enabling businesses to prosper and actively contribute to the economic and social vitality of Annandale. The concept will result in a series of focal points within the Annandale area in which people can live, work, and walk to shopping and entertainment in a pedestrian-oriented environment.

The aim of this higher-density, mixed-use development approach is to strengthen the street edge and reinforce a sense of place. By encouraging the highest quality development, the full potential of the area can be attained while protecting and strengthening the residential communities that surround the CBD.  People in nearby residential areas will have attractive walking access to the CBD with their lives enriched by local community activities.  At least, this has been the plan but what is really happening? Unfortunately, next to nothing

We all need to remember that the comprehensive plan was written to protect the interests, and promote the needs of Annandale. As a community, we must speak out, and ensure that the projects we all want, move forward.  To that end, joining Annandale’s Revitalization Committee is a useful first step.  As a member you will be assigned to one of the working sub-committees to help with efforts such as Code Compliance or Beautification.  Both help to maintain the appearance and developmental appeal of our business district.  This is vital if Annandale is to be considered by quality developers or retailers

What is Happening?
There are a few properties that seem to be in limbo. The first is Markham Place to be built on the site of the current bowling alley. This was our biggest project, one that would kick start real revitalization. The plan called for a beautiful high rise apartment building with quality finishes geared to attract millennials back to Annandale. The mix was mostly studio and one bedroom units with a few two bedrooms.  Consequently, it aimed to attract singles and young couples, anticipating no more than a dozen children which would not compromise local school density. 

In fact, a project such as this would hugely benefit the schools as the new property assessment would  increase by $50-60 million.  The schools would receive 50-53% of that sum year, after year, after year; far more than the cost to educate the children in this building.  READ MORE

Time to Start Your Fitness Training
Fitness training offered for Children and Seniors

Foundation Fitness, 7232 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA (across from Walgreen's) Foundation Fitness is a private gym in Annandale where a wide variety of health and fitness related services are offered. These services include One-on-One Training, Group Training, Nutritional Counseling and Massage Therapy customized to each and every client's individual needs.

Foundation Fitness also offers fitness training for children and seniors tailored specifically to their needs.

One of the things that separates Foundation Fitness from other fitness studios is their in-house nutrition coaches. While many other studios only focus on strength training and cardio, they realize that in order to make significant changes, nutrition is the single most important thing to consider. Their nutrition programs have been the foundation of success for numerous busy moms, business executives, and fitness enthusiasts of all ages.  They offer the following nutrition services that all come with a nutrition consultation and follow-up meeting to ensure you fully understand the plan:

  1. Macro plans
  2. Written meal plans
  3. Shopping lists
  4. Grocery trips
  5. Prepared meals delivered to your house

At Foundation Fitness, they believe in offering different services that contribute to overall health.  currently, Massage Therapy is offered at the Annandale location as an added benefit to their members.

7232 Columbia Pike
(across from Walgreen's)
Annandale, VA  22003     (703) 354-3488

PNC Financial Services

PNC Bank at Bradlick Shopping Center, Annandale, VAFor more than 160 years, PNC has been committed to providing their clients with great service and powerful financial expertise to help them meet their financial goals. PNC is proud of their longstanding history of supporting not only their customers but also their communities, employees and shareholders.

PNC offers a wide range of services for all their customers, from individuals and small businesses, to corporations and government entities.  No matter how simple or complicated your needs, they're sure to have the products, knowledge and resources necessary for financial success.

Retail Banking
PNC provides deposit, lending, cash management and investment services to more than 6 million consumer and small business customers across 19 state and the District of Columbia.  Customers can bank whenever and wherever they want via more than 2,600 branches, online and mobile services along with 9,000 ATM machines, many of which can be used to make deposits and cash checks.     READ MORE

Trust Properties

Greg McGillicuddy, VP at Trust Properties,Commercial Real EstateTrust Properties was founded in 1994 and is committed to providing a broad range of Commercial Real Estate Services throughout the Greater Washington Metropolitan area.  Staffed by knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated career professionals, Trust Properties takes pride in delivering impeccable levels of service and exceptional results to their clients and customers.

Greg McGillicuddy is a Vice President and Principal Broker at Trust Properties.  Greg grew up in Arlington and returned here after completing his studies at Harvard and Hopkins.  Greg is one of the most knowledgeable brokers in local real estate, with more than 27 years of experience in the sales and leasing of office, retail and industrial properties and has managed more than two million square feet of properties in the Greater Metro area, including numerous properties here in Annandale.        READ MORE

Trust Properties, Commercial Real Estate


Lambros Fine Jewelry in Annandale, VASparkling, even inspiring are the jewelry designs exhibited in abundance at this charming retailer. Lambros and Jayne Magiafas, goldsmith and geologist, are a team made in Jewelers Heaven. Lambros began his goldsmith apprenticeship at the age of 12 in his native Greece while Jayne started her career in the US at the age of 16.

Lambros Goldsmiths is a family owned and operated, full service Fine Jewelry retailer.  Founded in 1987, Lambros Goldsmiths has been serving the Fine Jewelry needs of people from around the country. Nestled in our friendly town of Annandale, Lambros Goldsmiths offers uniquely handcrafted Fine Jewelry at competitive prices. READ MORE

Wineries, Distilleries, and Breweries
New Zoning Rules

Wineries, Distilleries, and Breweries
Fairfax County recently announced that new zoning rules are in place that limit farm wineries, distilleries and breweries from expanding without county oversight in residential areas that allow agriculture.  The action brings the county’s zoning rules in line with changes in state law.

The state code requires wineries, breweries and distilleries on land zoned “residential conservation” to get a special exception from the county if they plan to expand their buildings or erect new ones. This means that local officials will be able to impose development conditions State law also bans new farm wineries, breweries or distilleries from setting up shop on a certain type of zoned land (“RC”) unless they have pending applications for alcohol licenses submitted before July 1, 2016.

The move was a reaction to concerns over impacts on surrounding neighborhoods, including traffic and the environment. State lawmakers acted last year following controversy over a proposed brewery in Clifton called Loudmout.

The special exception requirement also applies to the proposed wineries, breweries, and distilleries that were grandfathered in under state.

Our zoning officials believe there are up to five such new wineries or breweries that would be allowed to open on land zoned “residential conservation.” These businesses would need to apply for a special exception in order to open, allowing the county to impose development conditions

The county’s two licensed wineries have plans to open both new wineries and breweries. Paradise Springs is interested in creating a new winery and brewery called Silent Road at its existing site. Similarly, the Winery at Bull Run plans to start a new winery and brewery, Stonebridge, on an adjacent property.


Chamber Membership is an Effective Business Strategy

According to a recent study conducted by the Shapiro Group: 

“When consumers know a small business is a member of the chamber of commerce, they are 49% more likely to think favorably of that business, and 80% more likely to purchase goods or services from the company in the future.” 
  For more information on benefits when joining the Annandale Chamber of Commerce please see......

Membership Information.

More News and Local Issues


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Lambros Fine Jewelry, Annandale, VA

Un Steele at Long and Foster


Trust Commercial Properties

PNC Bank

Kenwood School


Magill's Restaurant, 7201 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, VA

Westminster School,The Griffin Academy & Summer Camp

Annandale Shopping Center

Artisans United

Juke Box Diner Ice Cream Specials

The Annandale American Legion Post 1976
is recruiting new members.  Veterans and family members welcome to join.  Party hall rental is free for The American Legionall members.  Call 703-408-9123 and ask for Diane Ramsey.
4206 Daniels Ave, Annandale, VA 22003

(behind the Bank of America building on Columbia Pike)

Annandale Volunteer Fire Dept.The Annandale Volunteer Fire Dept. host BINGO every Monday and Thursday with doors opening at 4:30pm – Early Birds start at 6:45pm – Regular Sessions starts 7:45pm.

  • 42” LCD TV monitors display next ball to be called.
  • Must be 14 yrs of age to play bingo at AVFD.
  • ATM machine available.
  • Bingo Hotline is 703-941-1328
  •  Non-smoking inside format

 7128 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA  22003
Ample parking on site.

Youth Sports in Annandale
is best represented by:

Annandale Boys & Girls Club

Lee's Hapmudo Martial Arts Studio


Annandale Boys & Girls Club Youth Sports

Hapmudo Summer Camp


Homeless Shelters and Hypothermia Prevention Shelters:  703-324-9492
Fairfax-Falls Church emergency hypothermia shelters are open under a "no turn-away" status from now until March 31, 2018 at all emergency shelters based on freezing temperatures. 

A list of Homeless Shelters in Northern Virginia through Fredericksburg (Fairfax, Loudoun, Culpepper, Arlington, Alexandria, and Prince William Counties, plus Manassas & Manassas Park,  can be found at:


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