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, One of America’s Favorite Grocers
Will Open Annandale Store


ALDI Grocery Store, Annandale Shopping Center on Columbia Pike at Gallows RoadALDI, one of America’s favorite grocery stores*, will offer the community a fresh shopping experience as it opens its store in Annandale. The new store will be anything but ordinary.  ALDI has a unique style when it comes to grocery shopping, and by doing things a little differently, will help deliver big savings to Annandale shoppers.  To be conveniently located in the Annandale Shopping Center on Columbia Pike at Gallows Road, ALDI will be a welcome addition to Annandale retail.  Further details (grand opening and hiring) will be available in the months ahead on the Annandale Chamber of Commerce website.

ALDI is an easy-to-shop grocery store that offers the best weekly must-haves like fresh meat and produce, bread, dairy, and household items, all while helping customers save up to 50 percent** on their grocery bills.

“We’re eager to open our store in Annandale,” said Jeff Baehr, Frederick division vice president for ALDI.  “We look forward to showing the Annandale community the significant benefits that can come from shopping at ALDI, both for their wallets and lifestyles.”

At ALDI, satisfaction is guaranteed.To help shoppers save money, ALDI stores are 90 percent exclusive brands – with a few national brands mixed in. ALDI will bring Annandale shoppers a wide range of groceries, such as organic produce, USDA Choice beef, the liveGfreeTM gluten-free product line and the SimplyNature line of products free from over 125 artificial ingredients and preservatives. All ALDI exclusive brand food products are free of certified synthetic colors, partially hydrogenated oils and added MSG. Trying new things at ALDI is risk-free because of the Double Guarantee: If for any reason a customer doesn’t like an ALDI exclusive brand food item, ALDI will replace the product and refund the customer’s money.

At ALDI, shoppers don’t pay for bells, whistles, smoke or mirrors.  ALDI chooses to saveGood Riddance to Bad Ingredients at ALDI

Premium quality groceries at the lowest possible prices make for a combination shoppers love. That’s why ALDI is one of the fastest growing retailers in the US – with 31 stores in the state of Virginia. In fact, by the end of 2018, there will be nearly 2,000 ALDI stores from coast to coast making grocery shopping simple and enjoyable for 45 million customers each month.


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Fresh Fruits at the ALDI market


Creative Work Spaces

Stephanie Dewald According to a 2013 U.S. Workplace Survey by Gensler, a global design firm that partners with clients to develop smarter workplaces, only one in four U.S. workers are in optimal workplace environments. The rest are struggling to work effectively, resulting in lost productivity, innovation, and worker engagement. This telling figure reinforces that design matters in the workplace and that it has a positive effect on the company’s competitiveness, employee satisfaction, and ultimately its bottom line.

Workplace design has changed dramatically over the past few decades. So gone are many of the traditional work spaces that are closed off and offices that serve one particular department. They are being replaced by glass walls, open space work areas, game rooms, relaxation spots, and even a reduction in the number of coffee stations to encourage face-to-face interaction and engagement with different departments.

I would have never believed that workspace design had that big of an impact on employee satisfaction, performance and company profits, but I’ve learned firsthand that it does. Across the country businesses are working with innovative design firms to reimagine their workspace to ensure that it’s pleasant, engaging and supportive of the work that needs to be done. Businesses are really embracing this concept because surveys prove that employees who are happy and work in a refreshing and engaging atmosphere are more likely to perform better. So, there are actual returns on investment for businesses by changing the office environment.  But moving a few desks around, painting walls bright yellow or taking them down all together isn’t for every business. You wouldn’t design a space for sales or graphic design departments the same way you would for an accounting firm. In workplace design, the type of business matters greatly as do company goals.


A Green Community:  The State of Our Streams
By:  John Paul Miller

John Paul Miller, Water Resources PlannerAnnandale is named for a Scottish town along the mouth of the Annan River and features a tree prominently on its flag, so it should come as no surprise that it takes great pride in being a green community. First time visitors quickly note the thick, mature stands of forest that shade local neighborhoods and provide ample recreation amongst the twenty-six parks contained within its boundaries.

The Accotink Creek and Holmes Run stream valleys comprise the backbone of these forest parcels and serve as precious urban green space for both road-weary residents and wildlife. While these well-trodden green corridors may appear widely appreciated and valued, the waterways that sustain them remain in a substantially degraded condition.

Accotink Creek and Holmes Run are both listed.....READ MORE


Bicycle Lanes Are Coming to Annandale
Driver and Pedalist re-training will be necessary.

2016 Bike Lanes in Annandale.  Eventually, Annandale Road, Hummer Road, and Gallows will also be partitioned for bike lanes.Starting this summer, bicycle lanes are coming to Annandale.  The first roads to be repaved and striped are Ravensworth, Heritage, Patriot Dr., portions of John Marr, the southern portion of Markham/McWhorter, and Evergreen.  Incidentally, Evergreen was scheduled to be repaved last year, and then fell off the schedule without explanation, despite numerous attempts to find out why.  Now we know.

In the years ahead, Little River Turnpike, Braddock, Annandale Road, Gallows Road, Maple Place, Hummer Road, the remainder of John Marr & Markham along with a few other inter-neighborhood arteries are slated for the same treatment. Unfortunately, neither the Commonwealth, nor Fairfax County can afford to build proper bike trails, and let’s face it, they have left it too long, having built-out to their full easements years ago in most of the inner suburbs.  The build-out did create a far better flow of commuter traffic and has provided many traffic calming measures, but that is about to change, as bike lanes are to join motorists along the secondary routes.  It is unfortunate that bicycle trails can not be built as found in Bethesda, and many revitalized suburban communities, as they are the safest passage for bicyclists, and known to encourage use.  But, that ship has sailed. 

How will room be found for bike lanes?  Many roads will lose one lane of motor traffic in each direction while having a shared center turn lane inserted.  (See illustration of John Marr Drive) Others will see the width of each lane shrink from 14 feet  to 11 feet, as on Ravensworth Road; and, others will be designated as shared lanes for use by both bicycles and automobiles.  To give you a visual, the average recycling trash truck is 10 feet in width, so there will be very little room for error in an 11’ wide lane, nor will visibility around them exist.  Driver & Pedalist re-training will be necessary.   READ MORE.....

(If you are uncomfortable with bike lanes, think they are dangerous, hinder overburdened roadways, or have any comment or question, please go to and fill out a comment card.)


The New Face of Dentistry
Millennium Business Model Contributes to Patient Care

Dr. Mark Egbert and Dr. Harshit Aggarwal at the Center for Dentofacial Aesthetics, AnnandaleWith the advent of water fluoridation in 1945, dentistry came into a new age of prevention, followed by mass education on dental hygiene.  Today, power toothbrushes, power scalers, dental microscopes, sealants, bonding, composites, implants, soft tissue lasers, and digital radiography are but some of the latest tools and techniques utilized to provide a far heathier national dentition.  

Modern Dentistry remains dedicated to eliminating disease and alleviating pain, but it is also concerned with the patient’s self image.  From the baby boomer generation through the millennium, all anticipate retaining their teeth for life, unlike past generations where dentures were often as inevitable as reading glasses.  And since there is a strong understanding that oral health affects body health,  more Americans than ever are seeking comprehensive dental care on a regular basis.

In Annandale, The Center for Dentofacial Aesthetics represents the new face of dentistry.



Annandale Real Estate: Crunching Numbers, Reading Tea Leaves

Annandale Real Estate

When you are in the real estate business, you look at economic indicators to see both the present and the future.  Mind you, the wind can always shift and blow your data out the window, but if you keep an eye on things you usually are not caught unaware.

What we see in the Annandale region is a slight increase in home values over last year.  Although nationally the value of homes has risen over five percent in the past year, here in Annandale it’s closer to 1.5%.  Why?

Housing prices throughout the Country continue to bounce back against the recessionary forces of 2008-9.  But in Annandale we have fully recovered from those bleak years, therefore, housing prices in our area are only creeping up based on minimal inflationary pressure.

Unemployment remains well below the national average at around 3.5%.  When combined with the rising rate of Fairfax County sales tax receipts, and a recent bump in consumer confidence numbers, our real estate market appears steady and strong.

We do not make much of the fact that the average time on market for houses has increased to around 69 days.  Spring came late this year as did buyers entering the market (yes, weather matters).  Therefore, this is seen as an indicator of nature rather than a valid test of market strength.


School is Out, Vacations in Virginia are In

Smith Mountain Lake located southeast of the City of Roanoke and southwest of Lynchburg With school out for summer, many families will be taking time off to travel and enjoy a family vacation.  If you are looking for things to do on your vacation, there’s nothing better than choosing to visit some of the best things that Virginia has to offer. 

At Virginia Energy Sense, we are focused on ensuring that the citizens of Virginia understand how easy it is to save energy.  When we strive to save energy, we often save money, which provides us the opportunity to spend our energy savings elsewhere and taking advantage of the many things our state has to offer. 

By planning and enjoying your vacation time in Virginia, you are doing your part to support our state’s economy while also giving your family the opportunity to learn more about Virginia’s rich history and the influence Virginia had on the nation.   READ MORE


It Takes a Community to Build a Business
The Most Important Key to Our Success was to Open Our Doors in Annandale.
Beanetics Coffee Roasters in the Annandale Shopping Center

Almost a decade ago we opened our first business venture -- Beanetics Coffee Roasters -- in the heart of Annandale.  Many of our family members and friends thought we had lost our minds leaping into the world of entrepreneurship.  As we look back and think about the hundreds of choices that we made (or avoided) there is one that stands out as the most important key to our success – our decision to open our doors in Annandale.

Coffee is a ubiquitous product, enjoyed by nearly every ethnic, racial, religious, and socioeconomic group.  Our mission was to introduce a higher-end product than offered by the traditional coffee shop chains.  But if we built it and roasted it, would the customer come?  

We thought that choosing Annandale would give us a fighting chance to succeed because we believed it was a community with a pool of potential customers who would indeed come if we took the risk and made the investment.  READ MORE


Heritage Mall Redevelopment
Good Growth is Good for Annandale;  It's also Good for Your Pocketbook.

New Residential Mews at Heritage, Annandale, VARepresentatives of both the Webb Companies and Madison Homes recently unveiled their plans to build 68 townhouses behind Heritage Mall. 

Originally a mixed-use development with two hundred apartments had been planned (see Fig. 3, to the right) and approved in the 10 year old Comprehensive Plan.  The developers have now revised their vision seeking a rezoning of the 11 acre property, which currently calls for neighborhood-serving retail. Braddock Supervisor John Cook supports the rezoning, commenting on the current zoning,  “The higher density of development is no longer feasible.”  A full impact on traffic, schools, and public facilities was closely examined during the comprehensive review.  The studies were well researched and confirm that neighborhood concerns are more than adequately being addressed. 

The Planning Commission approved the project in May, and the County Board of Supervisors gave their approval for the necessary Comprehensive Plan Amendment on June 21st.

This new development will offer lush landscaping, comfortable walkability, safe lighting and storm water management; which are all long-term benefits to the larger community and being provided through proffers from the developers.


New Proffer Legislation Update:  The ramifications of this legislation are still being studied, but a letter released by Fred Selden, Director of the Department of Planning and Zoning indicated that the Annandale CBD will be exempt because it is a designated revitalization area, is covered by an approved small area plan that encompasses mass transit, includes mixed use development and allows density of 3.0 FAR and above in a portion of the area.  It is this FAR that is most noteworthy.  

The Annandale Comprehensive Plan: Not Always so Comprehensive

Comprehensive Planning is a term utilized by land use planners to describe a process that determines goals, in terms of community development. The outcome of comprehensive planning is the Comprehensive Plan which dictates public policy such as transportation, utilities, land use, recreation, and housing. Comprehensive plans typically encompass large geographical areas, a broad range of topics, and cover a long-term time horizon. (1) The latest plan for Annandale was enacted in 2011 and can be read in full on the chamber’s website under Our Community/Revitalization.

In general, the plan dictates how Annandale will look and function in the future, and what amenities the community can anticipate.  Annandale is a community, not a township, meaning that our government services come out of Fairfax County.  In all other important ways, Annandale is a close assemblage of people united by 329 years of history; mirroring the history of America.  Turn the looking glass to our forefathers and we march in-step with our early Gaelic settlers, following their example, we welcome any hungry or tired traveler to our communal door.  Annandale’s distinctive personality has been developed by embracing layer upon layer of rich cultural experiences.  We also have the most central & convenient location, earning us the title of, “Crossroads of Northern Virginia.” TM
Read More


Trust Properties:  A Proud New Chamber Partner

Greg McGillicuddy, VP at Trust Properties,Commercial Real EstateTrust Properties was founded in 1994 and is committed to providing a broad range of Commercial Real Estate Services throughout the Greater Washington Metropolitan area.  Staffed by knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated career professionals, Trust Properties takes pride in delivering impeccable levels of service and exceptional results to their clients and customers. 

Greg McGillicuddy is a Vice President and Principal Broker at Trust Properties.  Greg grew up in Arlington and returned here after completing his studies at Harvard.  Greg is one of the most knowledgeable brokers in local real estate, with more than 27 years of experience in the sales and leasing of office, retail and industrial properties and has managed more than two million square feet of properties in the Greater Metro area, including numerous properties here in Annandale.        READ MORE

Trust Properties, Commercial Real Estate


NVM Contractors:  A Proud Chamber Partner

NVM Paving & Concrete, Inc. is a full-service asphalt and concrete company serving DC, NVM Commercial ContractorsMaryland, and Virginia.  They have the ability to provide commercial services throughout Delaware, North Carolina, and South Carolina, in addition to offering nationwide resources.

Established in 1985, NVM has completed quality work for property owners, property managers, municipalities, homeowner associations, and general contractors for more than 25 years.  They began with the idea that ONE company should be able to provide asphalt and concrete services. Throughout the next two decades, the company followed that goal and grew into a full-service pavement company. Today the company continues to grow and is large enough to handle any size project, while continuing to provide each client with the personal attention and detail they deserve.

NVM also provides snow removal services to industrial, retail, and multi-residential housing complexes throughout DC, Maryland, and Virginia. With more than 100 pieces of equipment, their professionally trained crews specialize in snow removal operation.  Arrange snow removal services early in the year before all crews are booked at

NVM Paving & Concrete, Inc.
PO Box 1467  .  Annandale, VA 22003
Farmers Markets in Annandale
Farmers Markets in Annandale

Organized by the Fairfax County Park Authority, these Farmers' Markets offer a wide variety of freshly picked fruits, vegetables, herbs and cut flowers.  There are also fresh eggs, baked goods, fresh pasta, honey, jam, teas and cider to purchase.  Milk and cheese products, and homemade ice cream, along with a wide array of meat products, round out the edible delights offered.  If gardening is an interest, many vendors have small plants at the beginning of the season, while other vendors have larger landscape plants for those ambitious projects. Master Gardener Plant Clinic on site, at both Mason District and Wakefield Park, to answer questions about plants in your landscape.  For dates, times and locations READ MORE


Summer Concerts in the Park

Spotlight by Starlight is a free summer concert series presented by the Fairfax County Park Authority at Mason District Park.  All performances are on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday beginning at 7:30 PM.  Performances for children are held on Saturdays beginning at 10 AM. A full schedule of children programs will be available after May 1st at   In the event of inclement weather, call 703-324-SHOW after 6 p.m. for performance cancellation updates.

Mason District Park:  6621 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA  22003
703-941-1730  ~


At Last, High Speed Passenger Rail to Richmond
High Speed Passenger Rail

Over the past two hundred years, trains have dramatically changed both industry and the settlement of nations.  From steam trains to the modern Bullet Trains, millions of passengers, and ton upon ton of freight have been carried to all corners of the earth.  The development of many civilizations can even be mapped by train routes.  Just look at the journey from the east coast of the US to the west. It used to take up to two months, but with the dawn of train travel, it could be accomplished in a few days.

Today, urban environments depend on underground systems to carry millions of commuters each day.  Over 40% of worldwide goods are carried by train between communities and countries.  There is also a well-deserved romanticism associated with train travel.  The simple mention of the Flying Scotsman, The Yankee Clipper, the Spirit of the Outback, or the Himalayan Queen conjures images of fine dining, amazing scenery, masterful engineering feats, and leisurely travel.

Let’s face it, however necessary automobile travel to points south of Washington may be, it is stressful.    READ MORE


Artisans United, Annandale VA
Your Year-Round Craft Show & Gift Shop

Infant Gifts handmade at Artisans UnitedArtisans United, Inc., (AU) was officially established in 1988.  As a creative forum where craftspeople may exchange ideas, experiences, and materials, AU offers instruction in the visual arts and crafts and provides public service programs for groups and institutions.  AU serves as a community resource through its demonstrations, displays, and classes. We are pleased to share our love of crafts with the public, school groups, social clubs, scouting groups, and with those who are just interesting in learning something new and fun. 

Today this non-profit organization consists of individual crafts people and members of the following local Guilds:  Northern Virginia Carvers, Potomac Polymer Clay Guild, Capital Area Woodturners, Potomac Fiber Arts Guild, Waterford Weavers, Northern Virginia Handcrafters Guild, National Capital Art Glass Guild, Quilters Unlimited, High Country Basketry Guild, and Knitting Artists of Northern Virginia.  Each of these Guilds seeks to promote its craft and attract new members, and in many instances they reach out into the community to do good.  For example, the Capital Area Woodturners make canes for the Wounded Warriors project; the Knitting Artists of Northern Virginia make items for homeless women in the area; and the High Country Basketry Guild is participating in a program with the Vanderbilt Hospital for Children in Nashville by making Angel Baskets.  READ MORE

Chamber Membership is an Effective Business Strategy

According to a recent study conducted by the Shapiro Group: 

“When consumers know a small business is a member of the chamber of commerce, they are 49% more likely to think favorably of that business, and 80% more likely to purchase goods or services from the company in the future.” 
  For more information on benefits when joining the AnnandaleChamber of Commerce please see......

Membership Information.

The full study can be viewed at:


More News and Local Issues

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The American LegionThe Annandale American Legion Post 1976 is recruiting new members.  Veterans and family members welcome to join.  Party hall rental is free for all members.  Call 703-408-9123 and ask for Diane Ramsey.

4206 Daniels Ave, Annandale, VA 22003
(behind the Bank of America building on Columbia Pike)

Annandale Volunteer Fire Dept.The Annandale Volunteer Fire Dept. host BINGO every Monday and Thursday with doors opening at 4:30pm – Early Birds start at 6:45pm – Regular Sessions starts 7:45pm.

  • 42” LCD TV monitors display next ball to be called.
  • Must be 14 yrs of age to play bingo at AVFD.
  • ATM machine available.
  • Bingo Hotline is 703-941-1328
  •  Non-smoking inside format

 7128 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA  22003
Ample parking on site. 


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