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Native Plant Sale 2019
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Wild Plum Tree This year's seedling sale features shrubs and trees that are tolerant of deer browse. While no plant is completely deer-proof, these seedlings are less susceptible. They help clean our water and air, prevent soil erosion, provide valuable habitat, and add beauty and resilience to your landscape. Enjoy!

Orders are being taken online with a credit card, debit card or e-check. Orders for 2019 seedling packages are now available.  Just follow this link to our online seedling sale store.  

This year's seedling sale features shrubs and trees that serve as valuable food sources for wildlife and delicious treats for us! These berries, fruits, and nuts are sure to bring new life to your garden! They also help clean our water and air, prevent soil erosion, provide valuable habitat, and add beauty and resilience to your landscape. Enjoy!    READ MORE
Congratulations to the Lafayette Village HOA 

Food DriveOver the Martin Luther King Holiday Weekend, the residents of the Lafayette Village Homeowners Association donated 350 pounds of staple foods to Annandale's food pantry at ACCA. 

Each year, this homeowners association (and master volunteer John Alexander in particular) of 294 townhomes and 21 detached homes holds a food drive and every year their residents generously donate.  All the Annandale homeowner associations are encouraged to mount annual food drives within your homeowner/community associations.  With so many neighborhoods offering their collections the Annandale food pantry would never go bare

For more information:
ACCA (Food Pantry)
7200 Columbia Pike
Annandale, VA 22003

Always needed items:
Cooking Oils
Detergents and soaps
Pasta and pasta sauce
Canned fruit, vegetables
Canned Meats (chili, stew, corned beef, tuna, salmon, chicken, etc.)
Canned soup
Bags dried beans and other grains
Bags of dried rice
Peanut butter
Milk products (powdered milk, boxed puddings and cheese spreads.
Canned formula and boxed baby cereal
Dried Cereal and Oatmeal

Saturday, April 27, 2019
OPEN HOUSE:  Kenwood Summer Day Camp &
Kenwood School 
Open House at Kenwood Summer Day Camp and Kenwood School

Kenwood Summer Day Camo

What's in a Name?

The Origins of the Street Name, John Marr Drive

Marr Incorporated Builders Developers, Annandale, VAAll too often when history is being reported, let alone printed, facts are assumed when no explanation for an event or experience can be documented.  What is the "most logical" is proposed to fill in the blank as is often done with gaps in family or community history.  After a time in the public lore, the assumption becomes fact in the minds of many. Years ago a very affable new resident went in search of Annandale history and had his conclusions printed in a local circular. Whenever facts did not emerge, assumptions were inserted.  Many ridiculous stories appeared and since they appeared in print, without any editorial fact checking, many readers took them to be gospel. Many erroneous stories have been told about the Annandale United Methodist Church during the Civil War.  The stories are bold and far more exciting than the truth.  None-the-less, they are fabricated stories.

Another example is the origin of the street name, John Marr Drive in Annandale.  The "assumption" proposed and now often believed to be fact is that it was named for a John Quincy Marr who Wikipedia tells us," was a Virginia militia company captain and the first Confederate soldier killed by a Union soldier in combat during the American Civil War.  Marr was killed at the Battle of Fairfax Court House, Virginia on June 1, 1861.”  Marr grew up in Warrenton and is not reported to have come any closer to Annandale than Fairfax Courthouse.

Instead, it is possible that the road was named for a local resident whose company, Marr, Incorporated, was in the building, developing, and real estate business.  Let’s be clear, this is proposed as the origin of the name, not yet a confirmed fact.  READ MORE

What a Difference a Century Makes:  1919

World Leaders at the Paris Peace Talks 1919

President: Woodrow Wilson
Vice President: Thomas R. Marshall
Virginia Governor:  Henry Carter Stuart
Chief Justice Supreme Court:  Edward Douglass White
Speaker of the House:  Champ Clark (D-Missouri) until March, then Frederick H. Gillett (R-Massachusetts
VA Senators: Thomas Martin  & Claude Swanson

BORN:  J.D. Salinger, Andy Rooney, Jack Palance, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Nat King Cole DIED:  Theodore Roosevelt, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Frick
Married:  Franklin Roosevelt to Eleanor, in NYC.


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Annandale REAL ESTATE: Brighter Days and Greater Opportunities for Annandale

VA Tech Campus Potomac Yards, conceptual rendering by VA TechAs everyone has heard, Amazon will move about 50% of its second headquarters operation to Crystal City.  The average salary of those Amazon employees is reported to be $150,000 per year, with the first 400 folks starting next year.

The estimated number of jobs created directly by Amazon is 25,000 with a total estimate of direct and indirect jobs created at 62,000.  Those are eye-popping numbers, but what do they mean for Annandale and its residents.

Although I’m certain that the highest paid employees at Amazon will likely opt for houses in Arlington or D.C., there are a high number of employees that will not pay the price tag necessary to locate that close to the new headquarters.  So what is the next, most logical spot for those people.

Well, they could choose the tony atmosphere of Old Town Alexandria, but given the cost of that housing it will still require a hefty salary or an inheritance from Aunt Mildred.  So, if you cross over 395 you wind up in Annandale country and that is where I expect plenty of Amazon employees to land in the next five years.


The Renaissance Memory Care Community
of Annandale

The Renaissance is a newly built specialty care assisted living community designed to help seniors with Alzheimer's and other types of Dementia.  It is an innovative memory care community currently being built on Braddock Road in Annandale and is the result of years of design research aimed at best serving residents and their families affected by Alzheimer’s and related memory disorders.  

Renaissance of Annandale, a Premier Memory Care Community, provides a secure, attentive, homelike atmosphere while offering a full range of helpful services to those looking for a senior living community.  The Renaissance looks forward to serving the greatest generation with honor, respect, faith and integrity with a focus to provide each resident with a "Purpose Filled Day".

The Renaissance provides a stimulating and safe environment with 24-hour nursing and personal care, innovative technology and design, so that the needs of each individual resident are regularly addressed and active in a safe environment where they receive the support needed with grooming, medications, and round-the-clock access to a caring staff.

The Renaissance team recognizes the many challenges that come with the many faces of dementia and are here to offer a support system and peace of mind to their residents and their families. 

We are delighted to be a part of the Annandale Chamber of Commerce and looking forward to being involved and a resource in Senior Housing for the Annandale community. As your neighbor, we invite you in to visit and learn what makes us unique.   Our memory care facilities help each resident exercise their minds to make every day meaningful.

Opening March 2019
7112 Braddock Road  (Next to Leewoods Nursing Home)
Annandale, VA  22003
703-256-7232   .

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VIEW ON NATURE:  Nevermore

A group of ravens is known as an unkindness_ treachery or a conspiracyOf all the birds of Virginia, ravens are the most revered, mysterious, and interesting.  The northern raven is a large, pure-black bird standing 25 inches tall and weighing over 2.5 pounds with an impressive 4+ foot wingspan.  Ravens can live to 40 years in captivity and 21 years in the wild, which is a very long bird lifespan. Young birds may travel in flocks called a “conspiracy” or an “unkindness”, attributed to their stressful behavior in juvenile conglomerations until pairing off and mating for life.

Raven’s vocal repertoire is amazing - 33 different categories of vocalization!  I’m always amazed at their gurgling croaks, shrill and rasping calls, and rapid series of loud, un-birdlike wood knocking sounds that echo along the cliffs on Skyline Drive where ravens thrive. In captivity, they can be taught to speak like parrots which floored me when I heard one speak in a deep voice.  They are also amazing mimickers of other birds and animals and even manmade sounds such as engines, flushing toilets, musical instrument.



Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott 
Just 15 Hassle Free Minutes from Annandale

Fairfield Inn and Suites at LandmarkTravel with confidence to the newly renovated Fairfield Inn & Suites Alexandria Landmark - a hotel with outstanding service for an easy and comfortable stay at an exceptional value.

The renovation and comprehensive make-over is now complete and the staff at the Fairfield Inn is ready to welcome you to their thoughtfully designed guest rooms and suites with plenty of room to work and relax. Guest rooms are stocked with a microwave, mini-fridge, and coffee/tea maker.  Suites are available with living and sleeping areas especially convenient for families and visiting workers who need a temporary home away from home

Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel will keep you connected during your stay and their fitness center will help you stay on track. Spread out in their vibrant lobby with spaces to gather, relax and work. You are invited to jump-start each day with their free guest breakfast served at IHOP conveniently located in the stunning new lobby and open 24 hours a day. Guests also enjoy free shuttle service to the Mark Center and Van Dorn Metro Station, so they will have no trouble exploring the many things to do in Washington and Northern VA.



Value Your Power this Winter by Saving Energy at Home

Andy FarmerEach year, it seems as though winter comes to Virginia earlier than it did the year before. At the end of last year, several areas in the state received unexpected snow before Thanksgiving. In Richmond and other areas in the South, a heavy winter storm dropped a foot of snow well before the official start of winter on Dec. 21.

To stave off colder temperatures during inclement weather, many people tend to crank up their thermostats to their homes warm. Doing this may make your home more comfortable, but it also increases your energy use and can lead to higher electricity bills.

Not sure how to prepare your home for winter? Follow Virginia Energy Sense’s suggestions and tips listed below to curb unnecessary energy use during the winter:

Winter Energy Saving Tips

Programmable thermostats – You can save energy and keep your costs in check by keeping your thermostat at 68 degrees Fahrenheit while you are at home. A smart thermostat learns your behavior and it lets you control your home’s temperature from your smartphone.

Swap in LEDs – If you use traditional incandescent lightbulbs, you may want to reconsider. Switch them out for LEDs that will use up to 75% less energy and last several times longer!

Turn on your fans – Since hot air rises, run your ceiling fans in reverse to circulate it back to floor level.

Don’t block the heat – Clean warm-air registers, baseboard heaters, and radiators. Make sure they are not blocked by furniture, carpeting, or drapes.


 Jewish Community Center
Has Been Contributing Vital Programs and Services to the Annandale Community for 38 Years.

The new Smith-Kogod Cultural Arts Center  What’s Happening at the J?

Have you passed by Little River Turnpike at Guinea Road lately? If yes, perhaps you’ve seen the skeletal structure of the soon-to-be Smith-Kogod Cultural Arts Center at the Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia (JCCNV, the J). The renovation of what was the original JCCNV building is just a small indication of the construction taking place to better serve the community. Every day, the J welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds to its Fairfax campus (8900 Little River Turnpike) and its satellite locations throughout Northern Virginia.

Helping people feel their very best, the J offers group classes for people at all fitness levels throughout the week and has personal trainers on staff for those who prefer one-on-one workouts. Exercise classes offered include yoga, Pilates, cardio cycling, SUP Yoga (stand-up paddle board), FUNctional fitness, and more. In addition to its “land” classes, the J’s Aquatics Center offers year-round water aerobics and competitive swimming programs for all ages and abilities. Our heated, six-lane, 25-meter swimming pool has a graduated depth from 3.5’ to 8’ and includes a permanent access ramp for use by individuals in wheelchairs, small children, and others with special needs. Recent improvements include anti-
slip flooring and a new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system that greatly improved air quality on the pool deck. Additionally, the recently renovated men’s and women’s locker rooms now include wet and dry areas, private showers, saunas.

Watch in 2019 for a brand new 3,800+ square foot fitness center to open on the west end of the building. The new space will be more than....READ MORE


Professor Dan Burke in his workshopDan Burke came to woodworking after a career in academics and research.  He received a doctorate in microbiology from Purdue University and then spent over 20 years as a researcher and teacher in molecular biology at several universities (University of Illinois, Mercer University and Seton Hall University), serving as Chairman of Biology at the latter two institutions.  He then spent seven years working on educational reform in K-12 math and science at the National Science Foundation as Senior Staff Associate for Education System Reform. In this position, he worked with the Superintendents of the 25 largest urban school districts in the country and a number of consortia of high-poverty rural school districts.  After leaving NSF, Dan started the educational research group at the Center for Naval Analysis Corporation.  He retired from CNAC but went back to work at the request of New York University to serve as Director of the Doctoral Program in Computational Biology.

Dan has published a number of papers in biology research journals and articles on curriculum development, teacher professional development, and the use of computer modeling to better understand the function of school systems.  He has been awarded a number of grants in both molecular biology and education research.

His career as a woodworker began when he and his wife, Susan, moved to Annandale in 1996. They wanted a built-in bookcase for their new home so, at the suggestion of his wife, he took a basic woodworking course at the Woodworkers Club in Vienna. "It was fun, and showed me I could build the bookcase.  After building the bookcase (six months of work), he had leftover wood that was used to build a small bookcase.

Still having some "nice looking scraps” he tried his hand at making jewelry and keepsake boxes and found he really enjoyed building them.  Eventually all their family and friends had gift boxes and the house was filled with furniture he had built.  This forced him into a sort of “semi-professional” status.  “If I didn’t sell my work, I would have no place for it.”

Artisans United Craft Gallery
4022 Hummer Road
Annandale, VA  22003 
10 am-4 pm Mon-Sat.
Nov. & Dec:  Sun. 1-4 pm

Artisans United 
Treasured Gifts for Men, Women, Children and Infants

Knitware for childrenArtisans United, Inc., which officially began in 1988, is a non-profit organization serving as a network of and for artists.  Currently comprised of members of various Guilds and independent local artists and crafts-people, its primary purpose is to preserve, promote, and develop the disciplines of visual arts and crafts.  The organization provides an intellectual and creative forum for the exchange of ideas, experiences, and materials among its members.  Opportunities for growth and development are provided in a climate of mutual respect for the different disciplines with encouragement given to all members.

Artisans United, Inc. is tasked with taking arts out into the community.  To fulfill this mission, we have participated in craft demonstrations, classes, talks, and exhibits both at the GalleTurned wood bowls, shakers and household accessoriesry and in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and libraries.  In addition, we have taken part in the Annandale Fall Festival and have worked with the Cub Scouts and the Lifetime Learning Institute (which is connected with the Northern Virginia Community College). And, we also promote a ‘Christmas in July’ event, inviting the public to join us in making holiday ornaments to be shared with the residents of the Katherine Hanley Shelter in Fairfax County

As a community resource, Artisans United, Inc. operates The Craft Gallery of Artisans United which is located just inside the front door of the Fred M. Packard Center in the Annandale Community Park off Hummer Road.  Here the artists’ creations are on display and may be purchase.  READ MORE

Artisans United Craft Gallery
4022 Hummer Road  (in the Annandale Community Park)
Annandale, VA  22003 
10 am-4 pm Mon-Sat.
Nov. & Dec:  Sun. 1-4 pm

New Zoning Adopted
for Small Scale Production

Small Scale ProductionPreviously, craft manufacturing was only allowed in industrial districts, except for craft breweries and distilleries. Now, these producers will be allowed in most commercial and mixed-use districts, from Annandale and Richmond Highway to Tysons and Reston.  The new rules define small-scale production broadly to include the entire manufacturing process from design to production to packaging.

The rules also allow these makers to offer retail sales, training and education.Small manufacturers would be limited in size to 6,000 to 10,000 square feet, depending on the zoning district where they’re located. However, most craft manufacturing businesses are less than 5,000 square feet.

The new regulations also include restrictions to ensure these small businesses are good neighbors, such as requiring production and storage to be inside to prevent noise or odor.

The zoning regulations also require these manufacturers in commercial or mixed-use districts to offer retail sales, tours, classes or other direct interaction with the public.  READ MORE

For more information about the zoning change and suggestions on where to locate a small manufacturing business, contact Elizabeth Hagg at Fairfax County's Office of Community Revitalization         

Smashing the Myth

ImmigrationThe Alexandria Workforce Development Center recently released New Americans in Alexandria, a report detailing the economic contributions and impact of immigrants in Alexandria. In addition to their financial contributions, the report details the role that the immigrant population plays in the local labor force as well as their contributions to the city's recent population growth.

The immigrant share of the Alexandria population in 2016 was 28%  while contributing $262.4 million in federal taxes and $102.2 million in state and local taxes, $150 million to Social Security and $39 million to Medicare. Time to just stop the talk about immigrants being given a free lunch.  In the city of Alexandria 12.3% of immigrants received Medicare or Medicaid, compared with 18.4% of US born residents.  Approximately 55.8% of immigrants had private healthcare coverage, while only 12.9%  had public healthcare coverage.

Several key industries in Alexandria provide jobs to immigrants.  In fact 62.2% of workers ...READ MORE

Kinneman Insurance

PNC Financial Services

PNC Bank at Bradlick Shopping Center, Annandale, VAFor more than 160 years, PNC has been committed to providing their clients with great service and powerful financial expertise to help them meet their financial goals. PNC is proud of their longstanding history of supporting not only their customers but also their communities, employees and shareholders.

PNC offers a wide range of services for all their customers, from individuals and small businesses, to corporations and government entities.  No matter how simple or complicated your needs, they're sure to have the products, knowledge and resources necessary for financial success.

Retail Banking
PNC provides deposit, lending, cash management and investment services to more than 6 million consumer and small business customers across 19 state and the District of Columbia.  Customers can bank whenever and wherever they want via more than 2,600 branches, online and mobile services along with 9,000 ATM machines, many of which can be used to make deposits and cash checks.     READ MORE

Trust Properties

Greg McGillicuddy, VP at Trust Properties,Commercial Real EstateTrust Properties was founded in 1994 and is committed to providing a broad range of Commercial Real Estate Services throughout the Greater Washington Metropolitan area.  Staffed by knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated career professionals, Trust Properties takes pride in delivering impeccable levels of service and exceptional results to their clients and customers.

Greg McGillicuddy is a Vice President and Principal Broker at Trust Properties.  Greg grew up in Arlington and returned here after completing his studies at Harvard and Hopkins.  Greg is one of the most knowledgeable brokers in local real estate, with more than 27 years of experience in the sales and leasing of office, retail and industrial properties and has managed more than two million square feet of properties in the Greater Metro area, including numerous properties here in Annandale.        READ MORE

Trust Properties, Commercial Real Estate


Lambros Fine Jewelry in Annandale, VASparkling, even inspiring are the jewelry designs exhibited in abundance at this charming retailer. Lambros and Jayne Magiafas, goldsmith and geologist, are a team made in Jewelers Heaven. Lambros began his goldsmith apprenticeship at the age of 12 in his native Greece while Jayne started her career in the US at the age of 16.

Lambros Goldsmiths is a family owned and operated, full service Fine Jewelry retailer.  Founded in 1987, Lambros Goldsmiths has been serving the Fine Jewelry needs of people from around the country. Nestled in our friendly town of Annandale, Lambros Goldsmiths offers uniquely handcrafted Fine Jewelry at competitive prices. READ MORE


Snow Preparedness
VDOT requests that before a storm, residents put all cars in their driveway, leaving the street clear for plowing, especially on cul-de-sacs. 
If that is not possible, park on the odd number side of the street.

The Virginia Department of Transportation’s neighborhood-plowing website and plow-tracking program will again bJohn Marr Drive at Columbia Pikee among the tools the agency will use this winter in northern Virginia.

“We have seen a great success in the website so far,” said Branco Vlacich, VDOT’s maintenance engineer for northern Virginia, at the annual snow briefing. “Even in past year’s heavy snows we saw a drastic drop in customer service calls, and we think that is because drivers and residents can get instant answers to their questions with real-time visuals of road conditions and specific progress of our snow crews.”


Tips to Prevent Frozen Water Pipes

Call ServPro 703.237.8800When cold spells set in this winter, that spells potential trouble for your water pipes. During the height of a cold snap last winter, Fairfax Water reported hundreds of frozen meters.

Here are some steps you can take to avoid frozen pipes when colder weather fills the air this winter:

  1. Always know where your main water shut off valve is located.
  2. If you haven’t already, make sure the water line to outside faucets is turned off and the line is drained. Drain each outdoor spigot after turning off the valve to prevent any remaining water from freezing and bursting the pipes. Some spigots have anti-siphon devices that must be opened to properly drain the line.
  3. If your water pipes do freeze, never try to thaw a pipe with an open flame or torch. Always be careful of the potential for electric shock in and around standing water.
  4. If you will be away from your home, keep the thermostat at a reasonable temperature to make sure all areas with water pipes are kept above freezing.
  5. Eliminate drafts. Check around the home for areas where water supply lines are located in unheated areas and take measures to prevent the flow of cold air in these areas. Both hot and cold water pipes in these areas should be insulated. Insulation supplies are available at your local home improvement or hardware store. Want to find those drafts? Then borrow a thermal camera from a library!
  6. Whenever temperatures drop into the teens, it’s suggested you leave a thin, steady stream of water running. This stream should measure out to be about a quarter gallon of water per minute.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Fairfax Water at 703-698-5800 during normal business hours or after-hours/emergency number 703-698-5613.

For water clean-up and remediation services call:
ServPro of Annandale at 703.237.8800
Fire and Water Cleanup & Restoration

SERVPRO of Annandale
When an unexpected emergency strikes, Servpro will respond 24/7 for cleanup and restoration from water, fire or storm damage.  They also handle mold mitigation and remediation,  commercial services, air ducts and HVAC cleaning, biohazard, crime scene and vandalism, odor identification and remediation of ceiling, walls, hard floors, carpet, upholstery, window treatments and blinds.   For a stress free claims process, SERVPRO can help manage the insurance paperwork and process.

The Premier Fitness Training in Annandale

Foundation Fitness, 7232 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA (across from Walgreen's) Foundation Fitness is a private gym in Annandale where a wide variety of health and fitness related services are offered. These services include One-on-One Training, Group Training, Nutritional Counseling and Massage Therapy customized to each and every client's individual needs.

Foundation Fitness also offers fitness training for children and seniors tailored specifically to their needs.

One of the things that separates Foundation Fitness from other fitness studios is their in-house nutrition coaches. While many other studios only focus on strength training and cardio, they realize that in order to make significant changes, nutrition is the single most important thing to consider. Their nutrition programs have been the foundation of success for numerous busy moms, business executives, and fitness enthusiasts of all ages.  They offer the following nutrition services that all come with a nutrition consultation and follow-up meeting to ensure you fully understand the plan:

  1. Macro plans
  2. Written meal plans
  3. Shopping lists
  4. Grocery trips
  5. Prepared meals delivered to your house

At Foundation Fitness, they believe in offering different services that contribute to overall health.  currently, Massage Therapy is offered at the Annandale location as an added benefit to their members.

7232 Columbia Pike
(across from Walgreen's)
Annandale, VA  22003     (703) 354-3488

 Winter Golf at Pinecrest
Winter Cabin fever? Warm up yourself and your golf game this winter with heated, covered and indoor practice and play opportunities!

If you want to stay warm, you may prefer Pinecrest Golf Course, Annandale, VAthe indoor studio at Pinecrest Golf Course's Valis Family Golf Learning Center. Try one of the three indoor hitting bays or bring the crew out for a private session with the TrackMan Golf Simulator Suite (five person max.), both reserved by the hour. Virtually play famous courses like St. Andrews, PGA National, The Grove or 20 more including par-3 options. Use the range feature to capture data analytics to understand and improve your swing.

Use the shoulder season to take private or semi-private TrackMan lessons led by Pinecrest Golf Academy professionals who guide and evaluate your swing. Don’t miss special events like Friday Golf, Fitness and Fun, February 1 or March 1 at 5:30 p.m. which includes TrackMan and a yoga fitness session to help posture and breathing followed by snacks and socializing!

For more information on our facilities visit online at


Chamber Membership is an Effective Business Strategy

According to a recent study conducted by the Shapiro Group: 

“When consumers know a small business is a member of the chamber of commerce, they are 49% more likely to think favorably of that business, and 80% more likely to purchase goods or services from the company in the future.” 
  For more information on benefits when joining the Annandale Chamber of Commerce please see......

Membership Information.

More News and Local Issues


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Lambros Fine Jewelry, Annandale, VA

Pat Sawhney, ReMax 100

PNC Bank

Kenwood School

Trust Commercial Properties, Greg McGillicuddy

Burke & Herbert Bank, Annandale, VA

Magill's Restaurant, 7201 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, VA

Annandale Shopping Center

Artisans United

Homeless Shelters
in Northern Virginia
through Fredericksburg (Fairfax, Loudoun, Culpepper, Arlington, Alexandria,  and Prince William Counties, plus Manassas & Manassas Park,  can be found at:

Families with children who need shelter must contact Coordinated Services Planning at (703) 222-0880 between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm to gain access. After business hours, families with children in need of shelter should go directly to the nearest family shelter.

The Annandale American Legion Post 1976 is recruiting new members.  Veterans and family members welcome to join.  Party hall rental is free for The American Legionall members.  Call 703-408-9123 and ask for Diane Ramsey.

4206 Daniels Ave, Annandale, VA 22003

(behind the Bank of America building on Columbia Pike)

The Annandale Volunteer Fire Dept. host BINGO every Monday and Annandale Volunteer Fire Dept.Thursday with doors opening at 4:30pm – Early Birds start at 6:45pm – Regular Sessions starts 7:45pm

  • 42” LCD TV monitors display next ball to be called.
  • Must be 14 yrs of age to play bingo at AVFD.
  • ATM machine available.
  • Bingo Hotline is 703-941-1328
  •  Non-smoking inside format

 7128 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA  22003
Ample parking on site.

Youth Sports in Annandale
is best represented by:

Annandale Boys & Girls Club

Lee's Hapmudo Martial Arts Studio

Annandale Boys & Girls Club Youth Sports

Hapmudo Summer Camp


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