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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Business Networking with
Michael Guerrero and guest
who will conduct a formal networking session beginning at NOON.  The topic of this session will be emailed to you with your reservation confirmation.  Expand your professional address book along with your business base. 



Where:   Juke Box Diner - 7039 John Marr Drive (at the corner of John Marr & Columbia Pk.)
When:    NOON - 1:30 PM
Cost:      $20 Chamber members; $25 Non-Members, payable at the door
Details: Please RSVP by no later than Wednesday, February 9th with reservations to


Annual Native Seedling Sale

Persimmon:  Fragrant white spring flowers. Slow growing, typically 20-40 feet, up to 75 ft. Distinctive bark and fall color. Edible orange fruits on female plants in fall. Sun to partial shade. The annual seedling sale makes low-cost bare-root native shrub and tree seedlings available to Northern Virginia residents. Seedling packages go on sale in February and are available for pickup in late April or early May.   Consider adding native trees and shrubs to your community today!

The Shrub and Small Tree Package features 10 seedlings for $16.95. The Tree Package includes 6 seedlings sold for $11.95.

A full, nonrefundable payment must accompany your order by Wednesday, April 20, or until supplies run out.

You will receive a confirmation receipt with a map to the pickup site at the Packard Center in Annandale. The Packard Center is located in the Annandale Community Park off Hummer Road.   Read More..........


Saturday, February 13
Stuff the Bus Campaign at Annandale Giant

The county-wide "Stuff the Bus" campaign to collect food donations for needy families will be at the Annandale Giant on Saturday, Feb. 13. A Fastran Bus will be parked in the parking lot and shoppers will be encouraged to purchase extra items to donate to the ACCA Food Pantry. Joe Carter, Giant store manager, has agreed to prepare pre-packaged $5 and $10 bags of food for customers to purchase based on ACCA's needs.

Volunteers are needed to staff a table inside the store between 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. in 2-hour (minimum) shifts. Volunteers are also needed to unload the bus at the Food Pantry beginning at 4:45 p.m. Both are great opportunities for students who need community service hours.

To volunteer, please contact Mary Lee Di Spirito, at 703-256-9513 or email Please indicate the hours you are available.

What a Difference a Century Makes:  1916

Preparedness Marches paraded in many US cities in 1916, including Washington pictured here. The cause  had opponents from radical circles claiming that war would encourage many a business to profit off the carnage.  Other opponents objected because they

believed that WWI should be left a battle between capitalists and emperors, not the working man.  This war was a European struggle and should not be fought with American blood.  Those with the preparedness movement saw American involvement as inevitable and wanted the country’s industrial strength to turn toward a war footing sooner so American soldiers would be best armed and supplied.  They also wanted to encourage the American public to prepare.

The Suffrage Movement continued to headline the news with more and more rallies and protests, especially in Washington against President Wilson’s opposition. By 1916, suffragettes encouraged more women to seek training in industrial settings preparing for their role in WWI and to seek higher educations.  Many found a home at George Washington University.  
Read More.......Local History: What a Difference a Century Makes: 1916

Our Once Bountiful American Chestnut Tree

Once abundant, the bountiful American chestnut tree grew across the eastern U.S. for centuries until a fungus from Japan nearly wiped out almost every tree standing.  Before 1900, the AThe American Chestnut grew to 100 feet tall and 10 or more feet in diameter.merican chestnut thrived from the coasts of Maine to Georgia, west to Alabama and up to the Illinois plains. It grew to 100 feet tall and 10 or more feet in diameter!  This wonderful tree once dominated forests in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia due to its rapid growth and huge annual seed crop. But as with the passenger pigeon and the bison, this once dominant specie is for all practical purposes no more, due to humans. 

Our chestnut was a marvelous, treasured tree. Its straight grain, vigor, and very high rot resistance made the wood unsurpassed for splitting and building most of the early American barns, houses, telephone poles, fencing, piers, caskets and more. Lighter than oak but just as strong, it was a primary source of tannin used to treat/cure leather. Even today, its insect and weather resistance and attractive grain make aged chestnut wood a prime choice in refashioning taverns and restaurants.   Read More.......


March 19 & 20, 2016
Antique Heisey Glass Show & Sale

Mark your calendars and start making your gift list for the All Heisey Antique Glass Show & Sale.  The National Heisey Collectors Club has announced that their Forty-Third annual show will take place at the Annandale Fire House on Columbia Pike.  Heisey glass is exquisitely beautiful, affordable, and made in America.   For more information and a discount admission card, please see:

Sat.   March 19, 2016: 10am-5pm
Sun.  March 20, 2016:  11am-4pm

Annandale Volunteer Fire Dept
7128 Columbia Pike
Annandale, VA  22003

parking on site

Download this discounted entry card for the 2016 show.

Saturday, March 26
Breakfast with the Easter Bunny

Magill's Famous Pizza & Buffet:  7201 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, VA  22003Bring the family for breakfast at Magill's and meet the Easter Bunny.  An annual tradition, the Easter Bunny and you can nibble your way through Magill's famous breakfast buffet, followed by photos.  9:00-11:30 am
Details TBA.



Saturday, April 30
11th Annual Jaguar 5K Run

8:00am Kids 1mi Fun Run
8:30am 5k Run/Walk

Register early.  Great sponsorship opportunities available for local businesses.  All proceeds go to benefit fitness activities including sports programs, and physical education equipment that help promote a healthy lifestyle.  for details:
Coordinator:  Jeanne Kelly  7052 Jaguar Trail, Falls Church, VA  22042

Annandale Real Estate:  Relax, It's the 2016 Market

Built for the Galanis Family on Annandale Road in the 1940's.

If you can shut out the din from the Presidential primary that keeps getting louder and more shrill, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and think about the local housing market for awhile, you will find a relaxing moment in your Annandale day.  Everything is fine and appears to be getting better.

In 2015 sales of residential property was up more than 10% over the preceding year.  The factors that contributed to this substantial increase in sales was a combination of increased inventory coming onto the market, and a noticeable uptick in consumer confidence.  Add the historically low interest rates for mortgages and banks loosening up a bit on credit, and all of the elements combined to create a healthy housing market throughout the year.  READ MORE.......

Northern Virginia Experiences the Lowest Unemployment Rate in the Commonwealth at 3.5% for 2015.

Unemployment in Virginia’s 11 metropolitan areas all clocked in under 5 percent in August, according to the Virginia Employment Commission.  Northern Virginia, as usual, had the lowest unemployment rate in August, 3.5 percent....Read More



Save Energy, Invest In Your Business
Simple Measures Can Have an Effect on Your Bottom Line

With winter approaching many businesses will soon be spending more on lighting and heating costs to maintain comfortable workplaces for their employees. However, by taking a few simple cost savings measures, business owners and leaders can reduce those bills, save some money, and perhaps reinvest those savings back into their companies.

Virginia Energy Sense (VES), a program of the State Corporation Commission (SCC), is here to help citizens and businesses across the commonwealth save energy and save on their energy bills by providing tips to reduce energy consumption. 

Over the last several months, VES has been educating citizens across the state about the impact simple measures can have on the bottom line, things like replacing furnace filters, checking for air leaks and using energy-efficient light bulbs.  Read More...........

Chamber Membership is an Effective Business Strategy

According to a recent study conducted by the Shapiro Group:  “When consumers know a small business is a member of the chamber of commerce, they are 49% more likely to think favorably of that business, and 80% more likely to purchase goods or services from the company in the future.”   For more information on benefits when joining the AnnandaleChamber of Commerce please see......... Membership Information

The full study can be viewed at:


Emergency Information

The Virginia Department of Transportation’s neighborhood-plowing website and plow-tracking program will again bJohn Marr Drive at Columbia Pikee among the tools the agency will use when this weekend's Blizzard arrives on Friday afternoon.

Snow Preparedness & Emergency Numbers

VDOT requests that before a storm, residents put all cars in their driveway, leaving the street clear for plowing, especially on cul-de-sacs.
If that is not possible, park on the ODD number side of the street.

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