The 2018 Annandale Parade
Saturday, October 27, 2018 from 10:00 AM to Noon along Columbia Pike in Annandale.   The Annual Parade has been an Annandale tradition since 1950.  It promotes community involvement and neighborhood camaraderie while celebrating the rich diversity of Annandale.

Mark your calendar, participate or bring the family to view this Annandale Tradition.  Children are invited to wear their Halloween Costumes, to cheer the participants, and to marvel at the  exhibits.

Registration forms for the 2018 parade will be available on this website by June 2018.

Parade Route


Mathnasium in the Annandale Shopping Center

Navy Federal Credit Union

Hope Lutheran Church Batmobile

Civil Air Cadets

Code Red Dance Team

Kenwood School

The Stomping Eagles Step Dance Team

The Griffin AcademyHapmudo Martial Arts Studio

Blu's Dance Studio

1975 Hahn Fire Truck owned by the McCuin Family The Moms Club of Annandale

 IGlobal University, Annandale, VA

Queen of Apostles School

Spiderman Car

Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale Campus

Burke and Herbert Bank, Annandale, VA

 Griffin Academy of Westminster School

Kenwood School and Grasshopper Green, Annandale, VA


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The Annandale Parade
Saturday, October 27, 2018

Cited as one of,

The popular Annandale Parade will be held on Saturday, October 27, 2018 beginning at 10:00 am.  Marching along Columbia Pike from the historic white church and the Annandale Shopping Center near Gallows Road, all the way to the Bowling Alley-Safeway, thousands of participants from Clowns, Storybook Characters, and Marching Bands to Antique & Military Cars, Fire Trucks, Civic Organizations, Scouts, and beautifully costumed International Dancers will parade before the residents of Greater Annandale.  Sponsored by the Annandale Chamber of Commerce, this sixty-eight year old tradition only gets bigger and better every year. Register early, before all spaces are taken.

2018 Annandale Parade

Sponsors of the 2018 Annandale Parade

PNC Financial Services 

Trust Commercial Properties

Annandale Shopping Center

BB&T Bank


Keller Williams

Lambros Fine Jewelers

 Burke and Herbert Bank

NVCC, Annandale Campus

Falls Church High School

ACCA, Annandale, VA

Hapmudo Martial Arts School, Annandale, VA

American Legion Post 1976, Annandale, VA

Kinneman Insurance

Foundation Fitness, Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA

Banfield Pet Hospital, Annandale, VA

Artisans United


Grand Marshal of the 2017 Annandale Parade

An Unsung Hero of Annandale

Grand Marshal Richard OwenThe Annandale Parade has been a fixture in our community since 1950.  Showcasing businesses, schools, scouts, veterans, charitable organizations,  international dance groups, marching bands,  and those just out to enjoy the day, the Annandale Parade will once again be celebrated on Saturday, October 28th from 10:00 AM to Noon along Columbia Pike. 

The Annual Parade promotes community involvement and neighborhood camaraderie while celebrating the rich diversity of Annandale.  It’s also just a great way to  have a bit of innocent family fun.

Mark your calendar, plan to participate in the parade itself or bring the family to view this Annandale tradition.  Children are invited to wear their Halloween costumes, to cheer the participants, and to marvel at the  exhibits.

The Annandale Chamber of Commerce, sponsor of the parade, is pleased to announce that this year’s Grand Marshal is Richard Owen, Vice President of the Casey Club- Annandale Knights of Columbus and a recipient of the prestigious Jefferson Awards for Public Service.

The Jefferson Awards encourage and honor individuals for their achievements and contributions through public and community service. Richard was particularly cited to receive the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis award for “outstanding public servicefor organizing a group that has prepared over 400 meals for the needy, and for raising over $11.7 million for KOVAR, a Knights of Columbus charitable program that provides financial support to organizations that offer training and help to those with intellectual disabilities.  Past winners include Hubert Humphrey, Madeleine Albright and Henry KissinKnights of Columbus Color Guradger.  

For years, Richard has also gathered a team of his fellow Knights and neighbors to pick-up multiple vehicles full of donated bread and baked goods from a commercial bakery in Woodbridge and deliver these weekly donations to a number of shelters, ACCA, and local food pantries in both Annandale and Bailey’s.  He has also collected and carted donated books, videos, television sets, playing cards and board games to VA hospitals and other veteran organizations annually.

Richard has volunteered regularly at the Annandale Parade, the Fall Festival, the Bed Race, Annandale’s National Night Out and promoted charitable causes and volunteerism in our community.  A quiet spoken, thoughtful gentleman, Richard brings joy to every activity.   

The Chamber is honored to have Mr. Owen as this year’s Grand Marshal and treasure him as a member of the Annandale Community.  While we honor Richard, the Chamber would also like to herald the Knights of Columbus for their ongoing dedication to community service, their many charitable endeavors, and the volunteer hours given annually by their membership.  Most people have no idea the depth of their giving as this is an organization that exemplifies the truth that charity asks for no recognition.  This once, we hope they will accept our community’s gratitude and praise.

 Knights of Columbus, Annandale, VA



Lambros Fine Jewelry 

PNC Financial Services

Trust Commercial Properties

Annandale Shopping Center

 BB&T Bank Annandale, VA

Grover Insurance Agency


The 2017 Annandale Parade Marches to Success

The Griffin Academy

The 2017 Annandale Parade marched through the Annandale business district to large crowds and sunshine on Saturday, October 28th.  More than sixty local groups participated, along with a number of large & imaginative floats. 
Featured prominently at the celebration was Boy Scout Troop & Cub Pack 150 who have headed the parade since the beginning of this treasured community event.  Bolivian Dance Groups, the Marching Atoms,  Code Red Dance Team from AHS, the Stomping Eagles Step Dancing Team,  and the Route 66 PT Cruisers provided the variety spectators have grown to anticipate.  Most importantly, many school children, scouts,  the American Heritage Girls, Civil Air Cadets,  local businesses,  including banks, medical practices, insurance agencies, Community Organizations, Mathnasium, Driving Schools,  and church groups beamed with enthusiasm bringing smiles to everyone. 

The Chamber thanks all the participants, the volunteers, the marshals, the Mason District Police, and the Annandale Volunteer Fire Dept. for  their participation which made this parade another great success.  We also thank the Annandale United Methodist Church & Pastor Clarence Brown who generously provided the parade staging site, as well as the Annandale Shopping Center and the Masonic Lodge who provided parking.  Your community support is deeply appreciated.  The Annandale Parade was first established in 1950 as a means to bring the community together and celebrate our diversity while showcasing local schools, organizations, and businesses.The Stomping Eagles Step Dance Team



2017 Parade Awards

Best Costume
Fraternidad Folklorica Y Cultural Ruphay USA—First Place
Sambos de Corazon USA—Second Place
Morenda Transpeco USA—Third Place
Grasshopper Green & Kenwood School-Fourth Place
Hapmudo Martial Arts Studio-Fifth Place


Best Dance
The Stomping Eagles of Thomas Edison HS—First Place
 Morenda Transpeco USA—Second Place
Fraternidad Folklorica Y Cultural Salay USA—Third Place
Blu's Dance Studio-Fourth Place
Code Red Step Dance Team from AHS--Fifth Place

Best Musical
The Marching Atoms of Annandale High School


Best Overall Display & Enthusiasm
Grasshopper Green & Kenwood School—First Place
Route 66 PT Cruisers—Second Place
The Stomping Eagles of Thomas Edison HS --Third Place
Hope Lutheran Church-- Fourth Place tied with
Annandale Toastmasters—Fourth Place
Code Red Step Dance Team from AHS--Fifth Place

Honorable Mention for Overall Display & Enthusiasm
The Griffin Academy
Burke & Herbert Bank
Sleepy Hollow Preschool
Navy Federal Credit Union
Civil Air Patrol / AF Auxiliary
Hapmudo Martial Arts Studio
Girl Scout Council of the National Capital Area
The Marching Atoms of Annandale High School


Congratulations to these groups, and to all who participated
in the 2017 Annandale Parade


Annandale Parade Lithograph

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