The 2019 Annandale Parade
Saturday, October 26, 2019 from 10:00 AM to Noon along Columbia Pike in Annandale.   The Annual Parade has been an Annandale tradition since 1950.  It promotes community involvement and neighborhood camaraderie while celebrating the rich diversity of Annandale.

Mark your calendar, participate or bring the family to view this Annandale Tradition.  Children are invited to wear their Halloween Costumes, to cheer the participants, and to marvel at the  exhibits.

Join the fun and watch the parade anywhere along Columbia Pike. Registration forms for the 2019 parade will be available in June 2019.

Parade Route


Mathnasium in the Annandale Shopping Center

Navy Federal Credit Union

Hope Lutheran Church Batmobile

Civil Air Cadets

Code Red Dance Team

Kenwood School

The Stomping Eagles Step Dance Team

The Griffin Academy

Hapmudo Martial Arts Studio

Blu's Dance Studio

1975 Hahn Fire Truck owned by the McCuin Family 

The Moms Club of Annandale

 IGlobal University, Annandale, VA

Queen of Apostles School

Spiderman Car

Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale Campus

Burke and Herbert Bank, Annandale, VA

 Griffin Academy of Westminster School

Kenwood School and Grasshopper Green, Annandale, VA

Knights of Columbus Color Gurad


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The Annandale Parade
Saturday, October 26, 2019
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The popular Annandale Parade will be held on Saturday, October 26, 2019, beginning at 10:00 am.  Marching along Columbia Pike from the historic white church and the Annandale Shopping Center near Gallows Road, all the way to the Bowling Alley-Safeway, thousands of participants from Clowns, Storybook Characters, and Marching Bands to Antique & Military Cars, Fire Trucks, Civic Organizations, Scouts, and beautifully costumed International Dancers will parade before the residents of Greater Annandale.  Sponsored by the Annandale Chamber of Commerce, this sixty-eight-year-old tradition only gets bigger and better every year. Register early, before all spaces are taken.  Entry forms are available in the right column of this page along with the parade route and the chamber's email address for more information at 

2019 Annandale Parade

 The 2019 Annandale Parade Grand Marshal

Rev. Clarence Brown, former senior pastor at the Annandale United Methodist Church has been namedRev. Clarence Brown the Grand Marshal for the 2018 Annandale. Parade.  Rev. Brown won the hearts of his congregation as well as the hearts of the greater community with his commitment to so many local events and charities.

A man of great stature, warmth and humor, Brown offered inspiration through personal example and quiet persuasion.

“After ten years, I will miss Annandale very much along with the many deep friendships forged.  My time here has been a joy.” Brown commented on the deep commitment exercised by the business as well as the residential community in Annandale to make a difference  whether it is beautifying the community, supporting the most vulnerable, educating our youth, fighting bigotry, or simply enjoying the fellowship of our neighbors.

Brown began his new ministry at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church (Yorktown, VA) in July.   Annandale has been privileged with his ten year posting which is an unusually long assignment but will miss him just the same.

Before coming to AUM, Brown served in the Norfolk District, after seven years of leadership as the District Superintendent. He has also served as District Superintendent of the Charlottesville District, and as Senior Pastor of St. Paul's UMC in Chesapeake.  He began is career as associate pastor of Central United Methodist Church in Atlanta.

Earlier in his ministry, Brown served in Flintcastle, VA, just north of Blacksburg when it was still a rural community.  Now that area has become home to many of the Tech Titans working in the bursting computer industry at VA Tech and in Industrial Parks near-bye.

Brown has known his wife, Jarun “Jaie” Brown, since they were children in Queens, N.Y. They went to separate colleges, then reconnected in 1975 and married a year later.  Dr. Brown's wife Jaie, a former marketing executive at McDonald's, has a Master's degree in Social Work from Norfolk State University. The Browns have two adult sons, Jordan and Collin, and three wonderful grandchildren, Elijah, Zoe and Israel.

“I have rarely been in a place where the people are so generous and where the community comes together – the business, police, government, nonprofits, and faith communities – to work together to make life better for everyone,” he says.

Brown also expressed gratitude “for my time with the Annandale Chamber of Commerce,  and the things we accomplished, including a fantastic parade each year which celebrates the rich diversity of Annandale.

Brown has been succeeded at AUM by Jason Micheli, the associate pastor from Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Alexandria.

Sponsors of the 2019 Annandale Parade

PNC Financial Services

Trust Commercial Properties

Annandale Shopping Center

Burke & Herbert Bank, Annandale Road, Annandale, VA

ServPro of Annandale

Falls Church High School

Hapmudo Martial Arts School, Annandale, VA

Artisans United

The Annandale Parade Marches to Success

The Griffin AcademyThe 2017 Annandale Parade marched through the Annandale business district to large crowds and sunshine on Saturday, October 28th.  More than sixty local groups participated, along with a number of large & imaginative floats.

Featured prominently at the celebration was Boy Scout Troop & Cub Pack 150 who have headed the parade since the beginning of this treasured community event.  Bolivian Dance Groups, the Marching Atoms,  Code Red Dance Team from AHS, the Stomping Eagles Step Dancing Team,  and the Route 66 PT Cruisers provided the variety that spectators have grown to anticipate.  Most importantly, many school children, scouts,  the American Heritage Girls, Civil Air Cadets,  local businesses,  including banks, medical practices, insurance agencies, community organizations, Mathnasium, driving schools,  and church groups beamed with enthusiasm bringing smiles to everyone.

Annandale Parade Lithograph

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