Annandale News and Local Issues


Plan NOW for Metro Blue & Yellow Line Closures summer 2019
County Budget and Real Estate Assessments 

The Jewish Community Center of Annandale Contibutes Vital Programs & Services
Meet the Artisan Dan Burke
Sharon Bulova Not Running for Re-Election
Smashing the Myth
Meet the Artisan Robin Milburn
Meet the Artisan Karen Bowes
Your Tax Dollars at Work: Where does it all go?
Fairfax County Real Estate Assessments
Banquet Hall and Elder Care Center to Be Built on Ravensworth
The Best and Worst Businesses to Open in 2018
VDOT Snowplows Sport Original Designs by Falls Church Academy Students
Annandale Mathnasium to Open in Annandale Shopping Center
Rail Boosts State Revenue
Final Plan for the Braddock Road Revitalization Project
Teacher Pay Raise in the FY 2018 School Budget

Round and Round You'll Go: Pilot Roundabout Planned for Ravensworth Road
Neighbors Serving Neighbors: ACCA Celebrates 50 Years of Service to Annandale
Sully Plantation Celebrates the National Cherry Blossom Festival
Sully Historic Plantation
Emergency Critical Pet Care
Fairfax County Celebrates 275th Anniversary on June 17, 2017.
Fairfax County Committed to Respecting All Residents and Celebrating Diversity 
Commercial Parking Restrictions
As the Leaves Fall So Can Your Energy Bills
Voting in Fairfax County
J Rides for the Active Elderly
Your Tax Dollars at Work
School is Out and Vacations are In
Bicycle Lanes Are Coming to Annandale
The New Face of Dentistry
Expansion of High Speed Passenger Rail Service

Virginia's New Industry:  Mead Anyone?
Artisans United
Annandale's Adopted Daughter
Thirty-Three Years & Three Generations:  AnnSandra

Are You or Someone You Know Grieving the Loss of a Loved One?
Scouting for Food
National Night Out on Tuesday, August 2, 2016
Getting Married?  Ten Things to Know About Your Fiance's Finances


Barbara Byron to lead Fairfax County's consolidated planning and zoning agency.
What is Happening in Other Revitalization Districts?
Made in Fairfax County
Banquet Hall and Elder Care Center coming to Ravensworth Road
Annandale's Commercial Core
Innovation Housing for the Homeless
Updated Zoning Rules for Commercial Vehicles
Columbia Crossroads Development Will Help to Revitalize Bailey's Crossroads
Beautify Annandale---New Regulations and Restrictions on Donation Drop Boxes

Proposed Changes to Braddock Road
Commercial Vehicle Parking Ban
Can Annandale Become a Walkable Community?
Report Street Light Outages

Northern Virginia's Diversified Economy
Heritage Mall Redevelopment
A Green Community: Why Small Streams Matter
A Green Community: The State of Our Streams
It Takes a Community to Build a Business
Annandale Ranked 4th Best Town in Virginia
Quiet Citizens Can Define Community

Virginia's Infrastructure Report Card
VA Population Slows to Decades' Low
Donation Boxes Swamp Annandale
New Residential Parking Restrictions
Food Trucks may Take the Landscape by Storm

The Annandale Comprehensive Plan:  Not Always So Comprehensive

Future Housing Needs for Fairfax County

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Historic Smithfield Plantation
Fincastle, VA
What Great Grandma Knew IV
What a Difference a Century Makes: 1919
The Death of George Washington
The History of Commercial Aviation in Washington DC
Sully Historic Plantation
What a Difference a Century Makes: 1917
The History of Electricity in Virginia
Fort Myer Prepares for War: 1916
What a Difference a Century Can Make:  1916
Civil War Nurses:  Mansion House General Hospital
German Prisoners of War in Fairfax County:  1945
Ravensworth Plantation:  1796
Ossian Hall:  1783
Annandale's Historic Commercial District
Seven Acres of Heaven
Period Splendor-The Arnold Estate
Normandy, the Defining Moment of the 20th Century
The Annandale Dreadnaughts
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Value Your Power this Winter by Saving Energy at Home
Make Saving Energy at School Your Goal
Save Energy and Stay Cool this Summer
The Best and Worst Businesses to Open in 2018
How Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Compare with Traditional Incandescent
Choosing the Right Thermostat for Energy Savings
BB&T Bank: Community Bank since 1872
Smart Technology is Making Saving Energy Easier and More Affordable
On the Energy Front
PNC Financial Services
How Do You Select a Mobile Carrier?
The First Meeting with Your Mentor
When Companies Give, We All Win

Creative Work Spaces
Smooth Move
The Four B's to Using Media to Brand Your Business
Virginia's New Industry:  Mead Anyone?
The Heart and Soul of Annandale

Thirty-Three Years & Three Generations:  AnnSandra
Save Energy, Invest in Your Business
Eight Ways to Maximize Your Success
Energy Tips for Annandale Businesses

Why Small Business is Winning Big with Customers

VIEW ON NATURE: Secrets of the Forest
VIEW ON NATURE:  Nevermore
VIEW ON NATURE: In Plain Sight
VIEW ON NATURE: The Original Natural Foods
VIEW ON NATURE:  Our Small Friends
VIEW ON NATURE: Yesterday's Legend
VIEW ON NATURE: Beware of the Wild
VIEW ON NATURE: Virginia’s Hard-as-Nails Tribute …from Jamestown Onward
VIEW ON NATURE: The Web of Life
VIEW ON NATURE:  Our Delicate Beauties
VIEW ON NATURE:  Before Virginia
VIEW ON NATURE:  Wrong Place - Wrong Time
VIEW ON NATURE: Now and Then
Annual Native Seedling Sale
Our Once Bountiful American Chestnut Tree
Black Bears in the Area
BEAR IN MIND:  The American Black Bear in Fairfax County

Annandale Real Estate: You Can Get There from Here
Annandale Real Estate: Greater Opportunities for Annandale
Annandale Real Estate: Open and Shut
Annandale Real Estate: An Age Old Problem
Annandale Real Estate: Selecting a Vendor for you HOA
Annandale Real Estate: Watching Your Investment
Annandale Real Estate: Penny Wise Property Management
Annandale Real Estate:  It's the Economy (Mostly)
Annandale Real Estate: Let's Break for Commercial
Annandale Real Estate: Annandale Revitalization
Annandale Real Estate: Crunching Numbers, Reading Tea Leaves
Annandale Real Estate: Sometimes You Connect the Dots
Annandale Real Estate:  Relax, It's the 2016 Housing Market
Annandale Real Estate:  The Market is Strong in 2015
The Market is Simmering
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Technology Turns to Modern Interests
Why are so Few People Able to Sit Down and Compromise?
The First Choice of Our Adult Lives
The Pride of Our Nation Speak Out
Acceptance of Diversity Starts Early in Life
VDOT Snowplows Sport Original Designs by Falls Church Academy Students

Teacher Pay Raise in the FY 2018 School Budget
The Developing World of Art
Acceptance of Diversity
THE SCHOOL BELL: Battling Screen Time
Community Service
Art and Music are Necessary to Expand Our Imaginations
Funding of K-12 Education in Fairfax County
Thomas Jefferson Ranked the Top High School in America
The School Bell: County Transfers More than $2.5 Billion to the Schools for FY 2016
The Governor's Health Science Academy
Another Surplus Budget Year for Fairfax County Schools

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The approach to the front entrance of Smithfield Plantation House

Ravens mate for life, pass logic tests, and can solve puzzles.

Banquet Hall on Ravensworth Road

Elder Care Center on Ravensworth Road

Eastern Red Buds in Annandale, va

Osage Oranges with Stick Insect

Markham Place in abeyance after county became too greedy with proffers.

Falls Church Academy Students at FCHS

Sarla Kale, Director Annandale Mathnasium

Web of Life

The Governor's Health Science Academy is located at Falls Church HS.

 Located behind the Little River Center on Markham, the far right box is marked SAINT JUDE, and in very small print underneath, CLOTHING COMPANY.  Clearly, the intent is to deceive.


Parks and Open Space Concept in Annandale's Central Business District

Getting Married?  Ten things to know about your finance's finances.

Black Bears in Northern Virginia

New residential parking restriction will prohibit watercraft, boat trailers, motor homes, camping trailers, and any other trailer or semi-trailer, regardless of whether such trailer or semi-trailer is attached to another vehicle.  Violations are subject to a $75 fine and towing at owner's expense.

The Annandale Shopping Center on Columbia Pike at Gallows Road

Persimmon:  One of the Native Seedlings sold each year for Annandale Beautification.

The New Heritage Mall in Annandale, VA

Beanetics Coffee Roaster

Clarendon Metro Station, VA

 The New Face of Dentistry in Annandale, VA

Navy Torpedo Bombers over the US Capitol in 1917

Virginia Rail System

Columbia Pike Animal Hospital & Emergency Care

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