Downsizing Can Be the Right Size

By:  Scott Pearson, Pearson Realty

One of the challenges when moving to a smaller home is dealing with your possessions.  Furniture that fit to a tee in a four bedroom home will not fit into a two bedroom condominium.  This is when the hard choices have to be made.

The truth is that we become attached to our furniture & possessions.  Grandpa’s old rocker, nestled next to the fireplace, is a treasured piece of family history.  That four-poster bed that we would snuggle into at night beneath mounds of quilts certainly holds memories.  And, the hutch that became the cat’s perch becomes a keeper.

But, if you have reached the point where you can’t or don’t want to perform all of the maintenance that living in a larger home and yard can mean, then maybe it’s time to downsize.  That’s not a tragedy.  Rather, it’s just a new stage in life that allows you to spend more time doing what you want, without having to rake leaves, paint shutters, or dust & polish ten rooms.

To plan for the move, advanced preparation is necessary.  Unless you are going to buy all new furniture, carefully measure every room of the new, smaller abode.  And remember, just because a piece of furniture will physically fit in a room, doesn’t mean that it should.  While planning, make sure you leave room to walk comfortably through each room without knocking your shins.

Take out some graph paper and draw each room to scale.  Sketch in pieces of furniture, and see what fits.  Take into account door sizes and ceiling heights.  With only a few hours of work, you have laid out the plan for a smooth transition.

But what about the things that don’t fit in your new home?  If they are family heirlooms, now is the time to offer them to the next generation.  If it is just stuff; sell it at a garage sale, or donate it to Treasure Trove, Goodwill, or ACCA.  Some charities will even offer a pick-up service.  And, if you are like many people, some of your stuff can, and should be pitched.

Annandale has an aging population, (but soon to be supplemented with the building of the Markham Street Revitalization Project).  Many of our residents have lived in their homes for more than 30 years, with some neighborhoods still populated with many of the original owners.  The cama

raderie established between neighbors over so many years, provides for a strong community.  But, it also means that many Annandale residents will be right sizing soon.

If you are one of the right sizers, or if you are assisting someone with their move, take the time to plan carefully. 

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