Gallows Road 
 Will be repaved in September 2018

Heritage Drive lost one auto traffic lane when bike lanes were added.Weather permitting, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is expected to start repaving Gallows Road between Columbia Pike and Annandale Road in September according to a press release from the office of Mason District Supervisor Penny Gross.

Fairfax County Deptartment of Transportation (FCDOT) will implement new pavement markings to accommodate a center turn line, bicycle lanes, and a painted median at the intersection of Gallows Road at Columbia Pike, states a notice from Mason Supervisor Penny Gross.

The number of lanes will stay the same but will become narrower, as that segment of Gallows is 60 feet wide. Parallel parking lanes will remain at the curb.

Before the milling and repaving work starts, VDOT’s contractor will post “no parking” signs along Gallows Road. During construction, drivers might experience a temporary change in the traffic pattern along Gallows. The work crews are expected to arrive around 8 a.m. and leave about 4 p.m.

This project is part of VDOT’s summer paving program in Northern Virginia. Some roads in Annandale have already been repaved, such as Heritage and Hummer and more are scheduled for repaving in the next few years.  Unfortunately, all Annandale secondary roads with the exception of a few blocks on Columbia Pike and Little River, and all residential streets are currently rated by VDOT as VERY POOR, the lowest rating.   VDOT would not comment on how roads are selected for repaving.  Asking if the number of complaints, frequency of pothole repairs, or dangerous conditions played a role; there was still no comment forthcoming. 

VDOT is responsible for repaving roadways in Virginia.

FCDOT is responsible for repairing roadways in Fairfax County.  In spite of complaints about potholes, FCDOT does respond quickly and makes a valiant effort to keep up with complaints and road safety.  Unfortunately, most roads need to be repaved, not just repaired and that is out of the hands of FCDOT.

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